The home launcher forms the backbone of our devices and is quite possibly the single most important application when it comes to usability. It not only defines how we interact with our phone but also invariably determines the look and feel of it. Our devices obviously come preloaded with the phone manufacturer’s favored launcher application but with Android being the platform of alternatives, the Play Store offers a plethora of replacement apps that work just as well and in fact, enhance usability in most cases.

Nova, Apex, Go Launcher and ADW are some of the more popular ones around and while all of these applications and many others offer numerous customizations, options and tweaks aiming to make our phones more intuitive and easier to use, they aren’t really too different from each other and are built up from the same design base. This is the precise reason why Action Launcher Pro, which offers a completely new and refreshing take on Android home launchers, is an important and welcome innovation.


If a survey was conducted across all Android owners regarding the one feature that they would like a significant improvement on, better battery would, quite possibly, be a runaway winner. The advent of smartphones with huge screen sizes and an ever-increasing dependency on them for various activities has led to an intense amount of load on batteries and everyone is on the lookout for ways to preserve them just that extra bit.

While there is an obvious correlation between battery backup and the amount of apps installed on your phone and their usage, there are quite a few errant apps that tend to keep running in the background even after you exit them. These apps not only put a huge burden on the battery life but also tend to hog your device’s precious resources, thereby slowing it down considerably and causing numerous problems.  A new app, Greenify aims to solve this problem in a unique and efficient way.


Social networking exploded with Facebook and most of us flocked to it like bees to a honey pot. Having an online identity became pretty much a no-brainer and the lure of catching up with all your friends and family from across the world in one place, getting updates about their life and checking out pictures of all their important events was too much to resist. It was a great idea and we loved it, adding all our long lost friends and near and distant relatives as a consequence.

The trouble, however, started amid growing concerns over security issues that we maybe letting on our private lives to more than just friends. Coupled with the realization that we may not really want our parents to check out pictures of that wild weekend party or our bosses to read that latest status update where we are cribbing about their unreal expectations, the need for a much more controlled online space opened up. Here, we present 12 apps that cater to the growing needs of a private social network.


The perfect Twitter app would only exist in a utopian world where all the users have similar requirements and the same standards of judgment. Utopia is a myth and so is the existence of a perfect Twitter app. This realization though, took a long time and numerous Twitter clients, in coming. There is not a single Twitter app worth its salt on the Play Store that I have not tried. From the well known to the obscure, I have tested them all, liked some, hated many but loved none. After much ado, I came to the conclusion of sticking to the client that comes closest to fulfilling all of my Twitter needs, which brings me to Tweetings.

Tweetings, obviously, has all the usual features of a Twitter client well in place, placing it on par with most other clients and making it perfectly capable of being used as your default app. However, there are two telling features of Tweetings that tilt the balance decisively in its favor and clinch the deal for me.


It’s Customization Month on Android.Appstorm! Throughout March, we plan to share with you all our tips, tricks, apps and resources to help you improve your phone or tablet experience and make them suit your style.

One of the biggest reasons why we tend to love Android is its open source nature which allows us to customize our phones as and how we want them to look, feel and behave. So, from being able to use custom launchers to changing the font of our phones, from playing around with a variety of widgets to numerous icon sets, we can safely say that every aspect of our Android experience is customizable.

While we can configure and customize each and every element of our phones individually, most of us also tend to like having a unified design for our device which brings me to the topic of themes. A well designed theme can not only add beauty and class to your phone but also make the whole experience of using it more consistent. Today we present some of the best themes going around which will enhance how your phone looks, giving it a beautiful makeover.


40+ Android Apps and Resources to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Such is the nature and manner of the modern life that no sooner does one occasion pass by, another comes calling right on its heels. The holiday season has just got over and the winter has not yet receded yet all of a sudden, there is a certain warmth in the air thanks to the expectant ushering in of St. Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and all of us are preparing to shower some of it on that special someone.

The hectic lives we live do not allow us much time to devote to love and relationships and as such, everyone wants to make sure that this designated day of love turns out to be perfect in its planning and execution. Here, at Andoid Appstorm we swear by the power of Android to provide effective solutions to every problem and St. Valentine’s Day celebrations are no different. As such, we present to you a variety of applications that take care of every aspect of celebrating the day and making it a memorable affair for you and your loved one. Thrown along are some wallpapers and ringtones to dress up your phone accordingly.