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  • Leland

    I am looking forward to finding out great apps for my droid, just like you guys have done for my mac!

  • j

    Quite excited to have something useful to read on my way to work. I sell these things so knowing what’s hot really helps!

  • Dodie

    App reviews… I actually want to see a lot of game reviews because I think gaming is something lacking in Android’s popularity. Plus, I get bored sometimes. :)

  • Jonah

    Looking forward to making my droid far more superior to the “other” phones out there with app reviews and goodies!

  • Jeremy

    I am very new to Android and was excited to see you guys starting up and doing what you do to include Android. I’m looking for useful apps for Android and want you guys to help me weed through the garbage and get some gems like you got me yesterday and now today.

  • gorru

    I found your first article very interesting (I’m one month old in the android world 😉 ) and I noticed a very hight quality. I’m sure that I’ll find lots of interesting articles on best apps for specific activities (I’m interested on programming, photography and music). It also would be great to read about unusual uses of android SO (there is some camera with this SO???).
    Thank’s a lot for your work! (This is not captatio benevolentia ;))

  • Puck

    First of all, great website, and helpfull tutorials.

    I’d love to see some articles about developing on Android. From basic new user ones, to those that even more experienced coders could use.

    Also any special hardwares that can be used with specific phones or Android OS applications (docks, “put-your-phone-in-a-camera”, TVs).

    Keep up the good work.

    • Michael James Williams

      Hey Puck,

      If you’re looking to develop on Android, you should check out our sister site Mobiletuts+ :)

      • Puck

        Oh I am totally in to that, the articles there are great, but I was looking for something more in debt and frequent. (:

  • Dino

    I’ve had an Android device for almost a year now, and I’m still discovering amazing apps. Apps that have been out for ages, not just new stuff.

    I always liked the way AppStorm presents apps and I’m looking forward to a concise and well selected overview of great Android apps.

  • (voythas)

    Actually I’m really looking forward to see some (really) cool apps about productivity, task managers etc and of course with pro and cons of each other.

    Would be cool if you also could review games for Android ;).

  • Casao

    I’m most looking forward to more of your stunning roundups, especially ones related to widgets and customization!

  • Joe M

    Always excited to hear about great new Android solutions.

  • Altoid

    Definitely looking forward to more articles related to great games that are available on Android. With Pop Cap and others finally coming over the the light, I hope this year will (finally) be a great one for Android gaming.

  • gilzow

    Looking forward to the same thing I’ve always enjoyed on your other networks: highlighting apps that make your device more fun, productive and entertaining.

  • Geert

    I’m looking forward to find some quality apps for my Android phone. The Market is full of apps, but not all ratings and comments seem to be sincere. So sometimes I find it hard to find good stuff. The post “100+ Absolutely Essential Android Apps & Tips” already helped a lot!

  • Jackson Gariety

    ME ME ME!!! I really need this for my business, it would make everyone so happy you wouldn’t believe it.

    I’m most looking forward to comparisons with the iPhone really, theres lots of dispute, and tons of features hat are different in both, a comparison would be WAY cool.

  • KoKyaw

    I just a bought a new Android device nexus S and since this is the first time I use android I am looking forward to see more tutorials about android phone

  • Kevin Mathewson

    I’ve been following iphone appstorm for a while and it was great. Now things get better since you’ve started the android appstorm.

    I love new stuff for my tech devices and I’m looking forward to finding new “treasures” for my Droid!

    I’m sure android appstorm will be my main goto site for info and apps for my Droid.

  • Chad Smith

    Anything and everything Android!

  • Richard

    I just got my LG Optimus, im hoping to find out how to get the best out of it, and having got it because of andriod this blog is right up my street. Also i hope that im able to get into the inner working of the phone to get the highest performance out of it.

  • David

    Hi, Good competition! Hope you get more of these for the site – good luck everyone!
    As for content on the site, I like your app round-ups and comparisons, it was interesting to see the range of different keyboard apps featured the other day. I find the Android Market a nightmare compared to the App Store, so having a reliable and reputable site to compare apps makes it easier to know what to search for and what to install.
    Although I generally dislike the ‘make your PC look like a Mac’ type sites and articles to be honest I would quite like you to do a ‘make android look more like iOS’ roundup – my SMS experience is much better since I installed GoSMS and put the iPhone theme on 😉


    David (HTC Desire.)

  • Gabriel Davison

    Im looking forward to some articles on customization and hopefully a few roundups of the best apps in certain catergorys.

  • Jacob

    I’m looking forward to see as many applications’ reviews as you can provide. I love Mac Appstorm, and Web Appstorm especially for those. It’s good to know what’s on the market, and what’s worth looking at. Cheers guys for all you do! Keep up the great job! :)

  • Faisal

    looking for Amazing apps that i won’t fine if just keep searching the MARKET ..

    looking for tricks that’ll make my Android SUPER unbelievable Phone/Tab ..

    looking for entertainment and game ..

  • ene

    Please some in-depth review of tasks capabilities for non techie!

  • Jason

    To be honest, I’m looking forward to (and hoping for) a way to really pull all the value out of my phone. I got it to help me be more efficient at nearly everything I do, and I’m still a novice. But I’ll get there…

  • narceo

    I’m looking forward to in-depth coverage of apps. I enjoyed the detail your site went into for Google Reader earlier this week and would like the same coverage for not only the most popular apps, but up and coming apps that are worthy of recognition.

    I find the trial and error of downloading recommended apps to see if they’re good to be tedious, and coverage such as the Google Reader app review is soo helpful and something that most sites don’t offer when recommending apps.

  • Dan

    Finding new awesome apps for my Android… at the same high quality as the other Envato blogs.

  • Gordon Higelmire

    Looking forward to more in-depth coverage of great apps. I found your coverage and comparison of the different keyboards and 100+ apps and tips absolutely essential reading for newbies and veterans alike.

    I like that you guys take the stress out of searching the market for apps that solve most of the things people WANT to do with their phones, but simply don’t know the app name in some cases.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • David Ankers

    Not having to plan ahead which files I need to take with me when travelling.

  • Austin

    I would really like to see a lot of posts on tips and tricks in general to get the most out of my Android experience. I would also like to see some rooted android user love on here as well!

  • Marc

    Mostly I’m hoping that this site can help shut up the pretentious iPhone users! I don’t care if someone has an iPhone, that’s a personal preference, just don’t be pretentious.

    Love my Android and would love to see it pushed to its limits.

    • Michael James Williams

      “How do you know if somebody has an iPhone?”



      • Darren Meehan

        I get “I don’t have a phone, I’ve an iPhone” A LOT!

  • Guario Rodriguez

    I take a lot of pictures and video with my Android phone. It would be great to be able to back up those memories so in the case of my phone being damaged/lost/stolen; all those memories would still be available to me.

  • Shibi Kannan

    I like the new Appstorm site. Android is becoming a growing competitor for the iPhone. But we still see a lot of useless and poorly designed apps for Android. It would be nice to pick the best apps and periodically post some app round up articles.

  • Daniel Plummer

    I’m mostly looking forward to reading reviews about homescreens and customisation, I just love tweaking my galaxy s for best performance!

  • Steven Wong

    Your roundups are awesome and i love reading them. What I would really love to read is about the different types of android phones and the functionality of them. Like which is better and why. Especially when it come to responsiveness and feel.
    I have an old HTC hero and am looking to upgrade – it gets a little slow with all my apps on them.

  • Gordon

    I love the round ups and the reviews. Wished for an iPhone, but ended with an Droid Incredible and your insights already helped with the MUST HAVE DROID APPS LIST.

    A few problems at work was coming up with corporate IT solutions and the WEBSTORM and APPLE sites really helped me there too.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Chris Wastell

    Something to use my phone for that isn’t twitter!

  • Remy Martin

    Great site and what im looking forward to is app reviews and tips that are useful. Also app roundups are always awesome.

  • Madison Reynolds

    I am looking forward to or hoping to see you guys make a app for your appstorm website

  • JD Hoss

    With the overwhelming amount of application available I’d ask for more App reviews.

  • Dan

    Looking forward to learning about new apps for my recently purchased HTC Evo.

  • William Duan

    I’m looking forward to app reviews and regular round-ups; where you compare and review the newest and most innovative apps, bringing to light some applications that your readers would never have otherwise known about. As well as android applications that are not yet available in the Android Market (apps still in beta, etc.).

  • Lawrence Taur

    I’m looking forward to more app reviews, tips and tricks,

    also more ways to tackle bugs which i’m facing on my nexus s.

  • David Knaack

    Just do it like web.appstorm.

  • Enrique

    I’m looking forward to app reviews, phone’s reviews, and more roundups, and “app lists”

  • Seán McCormack

    i’m looking forward to more tweaks and tipps on how to get the most out of my android system.

  • Ivan

    Hoping to see some tuts using cross platform frameworks for mobile development.

  • Idan

    Sounds Awesome!

  • simon

    Just propose quality apps!

  • Alex Vel

    I want to see reviews for great apps and games. Especially paid apps that are difficult to evaluate with the dreaded 15 minute refund window.

    I would also like to see guides/articles/reviews about various topics on android such as rooting, custom rom (video) reviews, customization programs etc…

  • wyeko

    I’m getting my first android these days so timing is perfect. Looking forward to see app reviews in the way other appstorm blogs does it.

  • eb

    I love my Droid phone and Im looking forward to a website that gives the Apps for these devices the attention it deserves! Reviews of Apps and Tips and Tricks. Cant wait.

  • Dalibor Vasiljevic

    Guys, I really hope so you will continue tradition of AppStorm and become one of the best resources for Android apps and information on Internet. Keep up the good work, we are supporting you.

    Thanks for doing this for us.

  • Darren

    I really enjoy the roundups, its a good way to find the best options out there, really enjoyed the Keyboard App roundup.

  • Adam

    Anything that makes my Android experience more efficient and/or comprehensive would be great to see. I want to know about apps that let me expand my Android experience into new territories as well as apps/tips that make it easier to interact with what is already there.

  • AKLP

    Something old, Something new, Something from the Jurassic peroid

  • Randy

    The thing that I am looking forward to most is the app reviews. I used to have an iPhone but switched to the android in December and I am looking forward to seeing reviews about great things for the android.

  • James Hrisho

    I look forward to not just amazing android and web apps for android not just lists of top apps but heavy reviews of the newest and most exciting apps

  • Bill Deignan

    I’m looking forward to having a place to check to keep up to date on the newest things for my HTC Evo. I like the way appstorm is written and look forward to reading the android section.

  • Jeroen Vertriest

    With the app market packed with cool, fresh apps and android slowly becoming superior to the IPhone, android.appstorm should have been here a lot earlier.

  • joell lapitan

    more free apps and reviews.. and also freebies…

  • Noel

    I’m looking forward to what I’ve come to expect from your sister sites. More power!

  • Sam

    I’m looking forward for some security applications on Android.AppStorm.

    Please count me for the SpiderOak giveaway.

    Thanks, Sam

  • Patrick Sweeney

    I’m looking forward to the same quality I’ve learned to expect on all Envato sites: really high quality content.

  • LTQ

    Looking forward to more reviews, tips and anything else you guys want to write about frankly. It would be nice if there were more regular updates but I understand you’re only just getting going. Keep up the good work!

  • john d

    I want to see some good free games for seniors.

    Please count me for the 100GB premium SpiderOak Licenses. It will help me retain my PC backup.

    john d

  • Andrew

    I’ll be looking for Amazing apps that i won’t find if just keep searching the Market.

  • Vivicidal

    Seeing everything to do with Android.

  • Jake Smith

    Can’t wait to get some more tips for my new LG Ally!

  • Kyle.

    I’m looking forward to getting new development ideas from the best android apps already out there!

  • geng

    I’m an UI designer. I’m always looking for beautifully designed apps on android.apstorm

  • Gabriel

    I’m looking forward to finding the many ways I can change the look and feel of my phone.

  • GT

    thanking you for the giveaway. i like to see free alternates to popular paid applications.

    Please count me in this 100GB Premium SpiderOak License.

    Mr. G.T.

  • Scott H

    In depth app reviews!

  • Moamen

    I just want to get the most out of my android device.

    Your website is helping me achieve that.

  • AlienX2

    I’ll be looking forward to use SpiderOak…

    Im join this contest for chance to win SpiderOak :)


  • Jeff

    I’d love to see more hard to find / specialty apps review. Let say you have a big screen and you want to wirte code ON your droid phone, what apps are available to you ?

  • Slav

    I hope to see Android becoming a complete could based platform, apps like these really are pushing it!

  • Drew Pearce

    I’m looking forward to a deluge of great apps for my phone, just like you guys already do for my Mac.

  • Lawrence Taur

    WoohooO! Thanx a lot guys!