Did You Get Gifted an Android Device or Accessory?

This Holiday season, Android and iOS device activations were quite impressive. Over 17 million devices were apparently gifted and opened on Christmas day for both operating systems, making for record numbers and surpassing 2011 by a few leaps and bounds.

Personally, my family and friends aren’t the most tech-aware people so they can’t be trusted with gadget gifting — don’t tell them I said that! That’s why I usually prefer to get some money to buy the gadgets that I actually need. Having a Galaxy S3, Optimus 4X and 7″ Iconia A100, I knew I shouldn’t indulge in new phones or tablets this Christmas. But being a big Android geek, there was another category of Android devices that I really wanted to add to my arsenal — TV sticks or boxes!

After much research on similarly cheap and featured products, I eventually landed on the iMito MX1, a 4.1 Jelly Bean unit, with 1.6GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, WiFi and Bluetooth. The iMito MX1 offers direct HDMI output, a microSD card slot, a full USB port and some more connectivity options. I’ve been using it for a couple of days and, as my Twitter followers would testify, I have been very satisfied with the purchase. A very Merry Christmas indeed.

  • Octavia

    What does this device or accessory do??

    • Tareque Hasan

      Hellows, I have use to HTC sensational xl with beats audio xe315 android 4.0.3 device. but I feel on the problem downloaded havey pain to device few a day. Google Play from not downloaded and update apps. please advice me on problams to solves . [ I think so Deactivate Google DashBorad and Download manager.] but not a sure. kindle give me this device or accessory .

  • http://about.me/DanielEaton Daniel Eaton

    I find myself in the same boat. I have an Android phone and ebook reader already, and got the MK808B Android Stick for the TV. Even though I have a Roku, i love having the option of having my Android apps and streaming things to the Android stick.

    • http://bit.ly/khouryrt Rita El Khoury

      Yes, for the price and the functions, these sticks really can’t be beaten.

  • manuel cuevas

    Hi, how is the TV stick when playing 720p 1080p, and playing video from another PC?

    • http://bit.ly/khouryrt Rita El Khoury

      So far I’ve had a good experience with 720p video. Haven’t tried 1080p (as I don’t have any video encoded like that yet) nor from other PCs, but I plan on checking both soon.

  • thatdroidguy

    I gave my kids tablets (2 nexus 7 and 2 galaxy wifi tab2 ) they love them. I see you have an Iconia A100……is it possible to repair the glass on them?

    • http://bit.ly/khouryrt Rita El Khoury

      You’ll have to check with your local repair and sales shops. As far as I know, they are replaceable, but it depends on warranty and prices.

  • Stephen Meech

    Do you mean “Were you given….?”.