Do You Still Use the Amazon Appstore?

Earlier this week, Amazon announced that they were expanding the availability of their Appstore to 200 more countries, which brings them to an almost worldwide audience. Earlier, if you lived in an unsupported country, you had to resort to a few tricks to install the Appstore on your device, so thankfully, this will no longer be the case.

However, having used the Appstore for a while when it was first launched — especially because of the daily free app offer — I admit that it has lost its appeal and it’s been ages since I’ve even bothered to install it on any of my devices. The main reason is that any app purchased through it requires the Appstore to be installed on your device to even work. That verification process annoyed me enough that I simply let go of Amazon’s Appstore, purchased the free apps that I had gotten through it and that I needed from Google’s Play Store, and never looked back.

Apart from owning a Kindle device, I see very few reasons one would use the Appstore, but I might be wrong. What about you? Do you use the Appstore on your non-Kindle devices?

  • [email protected]

    I just use it for the free app of the day!

  • Alvin B.

    I’m with you, the hassle of the App Store isn’t worth the quality of the free apps it provides. The few I found interesting I either didn’t need the paid version of to begin with, or I went to buy on Google Play.

    Not only is the hassle of having to make sure you keep the app store itself installed part of the problem, but there are other issues. For instance, the App Store UI itself is pretty horrible. It is difficult to navigate, and installing apps is tedious. Updates for apps are extremely rare. Even when a developer DOES take the time to update their app on Amazon, it is often months behind the Play store in versions, as they tend to “forget” to update Amazon. Worse, some developers simply QUIT updating the Amazon reason for no known reason. Some quit because they are mad about the costs of the Free App program, where they get paid nothing (Amazon doesn’t compensate developers of these apps in any way), and they still have to shoulder the burden of server and support costs. Some pull their apps completely, leaving users with no option but to go get the app on the Play Store anyway.

    If I had a Kindle, I’d be pissed.

  • Jessica

    Yes, but because I have quite a large investment into it (I pretty much own the entire store, lol). I could care less about updates. I bought the app and it was useable then, and it is still usable now. In the case of DoubleTwist, I contacted support, and they gave me a license key to unlock the AirSync that was included in the Amazon version they had prior to pulling it.

    I get a lot of gift certificates to Amazon all the time, so it’s a no-brainer. I’d rather spend them there than pull out my actual hard cash over at Google Play.

  • JMal 1

    Tried it A Few Times Way Back, But Never Liked Anything About It: The UI, The apps I Was Finding. PlayStore Has Been My Mainstay

  • Dennyd

    The verification process became a real problem for me since I do not have wireless coverage at work. Couple times I could not open my cal app to view an appointment and had to go back to the regular cal app. I finally gave up on it and stuck with just the Play store.

  • mathew

    I used it alongside the Play store, until one afternoon I found my battery unexpectedly drained, and found the Amazon App Store was responsible. At that point I wiped it, and bought the apps I was still using all the time on Google Play.

  • LadyDi

    I use it to after a major phone update/upgrade or a system wipe to put back the FAotD that I tried, liked and still use today. One such is PrintShare which was $$$. I like the setup and simplicity of the app, ease of use and UI. I never check AAS for their freebies anymore as they got very boring over time. My cloud is sitting there just in case I want any of these FAotD apps back again.

    PS – did you know there is/was a website that built a forum for each and every FAotD?

  • Steve

    The UI was pretty bad, updates were a pain -when they happened at all- and (at the time), it felt like 99% of the FAotD were garbage games that I’d uninstall after 5 minutes. Considering how good the PlayStore has become recently, there’s little chance I’ll ever go back to the amazon store.

  • Dave B

    I forgot it existed until I saw this story. I didn’t see anything in their store that Google didn’t have. Where app store was difficult to use and it used wait too much battery. Getting an app was not worth navigating through their system.

  • Brian Wray

    I have a few Kindle devices, but on my non-kindle devices, I still use it for the FAOTD. l have found the PlayStore to be better, but every so often the FAOTD is decent enough to still keep it around.

  • mary

    i use it because i look at the free app of the day. I’ve gotten free versions of some of the Audubon apps, and can reference them from my phone if i am out.

  • BKPhil


    Recently, they went though several months where you had to sign in to the app every few hours, which was annoying (and the solution took months to arrive)… UGH

    Battery life questions have always plagued it – nothing definitive, but hmmm. UGH.

    Updates to apps are rare, and the process is g l a c i a l … I can update 20 Google Play apps in three clicks and 5 mins… each single Amazon App Store app takes five clicks and 15 minutes to finish. UGH.

    I still have it installed (to support a few existing apps), but haven’t bought anything in over a year, and don’t even pretend to look at the free app of the day anymore. Done done done.

    And my Kindle…? Oh, that spent about two hours on their horrible UI before getting profoundly rooted and modded into a great little vanilla Android beauty.

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