Weekly Poll: Are You Using Instagram?

There are a lot of photography apps on Android. And, thanks to Instagram being iOS-exclusive for so long, many of these apps compete exclusively with it.

I must admit, I didn’t “get” Instagram until someone explained to me that it was like Twitter, except instead of having 140 characters to communicate, you have one square photograph at a time. The actual app side of it (the filters, the frames, the interface), while nice, seems to be second to that social networking aspect. That explains why Facebook paid $1 billion for it, then.

Personally, I’m not interested in joining yet another social network unless it has a really compelling reason, and while I can see why a network centered around photography would appeal to some, it doesn’t appeal to me. Without that, what remains is a selection of decent effects and an easy interface – and although these are cool, they’re not cool enough to make me embrace Instagram as the One True photo app.

So that’s why I’m not using Instagram. But I know that many people love it! What about you?

  • http://nicoeinsidler.bplaced.net/ Nico

    I would use it if I could. HTC’s Desire does not. Support instagram… bummer.

    • Asmodiel


      I don’t know who told you this, but my HTC Desire (rooted; Mildwild 4.3 CM 7) is running Instagram normally… I’m not really using it though as I recently bought a compact camera [canon s100].

      • Brian Jones

        My Desire HD has no problems with Instagram and its not even rooted, it has had a few updates since initial launch so give it another try, might work now.

  • David

    I can share photos with Facebook or Google+. Another social network is too much for me. The filters don’t do anything I can’t do in software I already have. Instagram is too late to my party ( Android).

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  • http://nicoeinsidler.bplaced.net/ Nico Einsidler

    Ok. I guess I did something wrong. Im using a European desire with cm7… but it doesn’t show up in the play store.

    • Brian Jones

      Google the Instagram.apk file, you should be able to sideload it (if you have unknown sources turned off on the applications menu). it’ll appear in your downloads folder if you’ve scanned the QR Code on site)