Weekly Poll: Do You Use a Case, Cover or Screen Protector?

When I got my first Android phone, I went all-out on protecting it: I used a Case-Mate Barely There case, and a decent screen protector. For a short while, I even used a little pouch to carry it around in!

Today, I don’t bother with any of that. I stopped keeping any keys or spare change in the same pocket as my phone and the screen hasn’t got scratched yet. I also (fortunately) have not dropped it – at least, not hard enough to break anything.

I’m considering getting a cover for my Nexus 7, though, as I can see myself wanting to just stuff it in my bag. It’s rumoured that the tablet will support an iPad-style smart cover – although I’m not sure the evidence in the video that started the rumour is particularly compelling.

What about you? Vote in the poll to let us know what you use (you can select more than one option), and leave any horror stories where you wish you had been using a cover in the comments.

  • Sigilist

    I use book style flip open cover and an electrostatic stylus (sometimes) with my Galaxy Tab 7. Gave up on the screen protectors, as with case those aren’t necessary any more. I think the needs between a table and phone may be a little different for some. And you practice of habit now with a phone is probably what a lot of people do to avoid the extra cost (and sometimes bulk).

  • Colin Simone

    I’ve always kept a full coverage TPU case of some sort on my devices as well as a screen protector too. I rarely drop my phones but if I didn’t have a case or screen protector it would be my luck that I would drop it in no time. My SGS3 is my prize possession so I will make sure it’s fully covered. I usually use a Diztronic TPU and a Zagg HD to protect my phones but I’ve found that the longer the Zagg HD sits on the display the more pitted it ends up looking so for now, I’m using an SGP Ultra Nano Clear dry install screen protector and I love it! Regardless of all the protection I always make sure not to put my phone in my pocket with keys or change which also helps to keep it looking brand new.

  • Jimmy Johansen

    I use a thin TPU case for my Galaxy S3 and a screen protector. Why wouldn’t I?

  • Alessandro L

    I’ve got an original flip cover for my Galaxy Note and it is amazing, thin, functionanl and elegant. It makes it look like a little agenda more than a tile sized phone. http://www.androider.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Samsung-Galaxy-Note-FlipCover.jpg

    • http://michaeljameswilliams.com/ Michael James Williams