Weekly Poll: Has the ICS Rollout Delay Been a Big Deal for You?

I keep seeing reports about this: ICS is only on ~3% of Android devices, despite having been released way back in October. Alongside these reports almost always comes the assumption that this is a terrible thing, and that so many Android users are being left in the dust with some obsolete dust.

But hold on. Is that true? See, my Samsung phone doesn’t have ICS yet, but it does have a stable version of Gingerbread, which is already a great mobile operating system that I’m very happy with. Aside from the more gimmicky features like a stock panoramic camera and a facial recognition unlock screen – which I can get apps for anyway – the biggest deals to me are the new UI and the hardware accelerated rendering.

But I can already customise the heck out of my phone’s UI, and chances are that when my phone gets its official upgrade the UI will still look like classic TouchWiz rather than Holo. As for hardware acceleration, that’s already built in to TouchWiz, so I’m not missing out on too much there, either.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to getting ICS at last. But I’m not greatly inconvenienced by not having it yet. What about you?

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/woody-aki Woody Aki

    My girlfriend’s HTC Sensation XL got an update about 3 days ago, whilst my Sensation hasn’t…WTF?

  • Talev

    My brother and I just got our SGS2 rollout on the Optus network and samsung has kept the same touchwiz interface grrrrrrrrrr!!! not happy about that.. although very please I can now remove almost ALL of the bloatware!


  • David

    I have a Droid 2. I am sure my phone will never see ICS. That does not bother me. My phone is stable and does what I want. I have ICS on my tablet. I don’t see enough difference to make me think I need ICS on my phone.

  • http://www.fubar69.blogspot.com Pallav

    I have Xperia Mini Pro. Will probably get ICS around may end or june. Not really bothered about the delay. GB works fine for me. As it should work.

  • Lars

    My HTC Desire wont get an update, but thats ok, since it runs stable as it is. My Samsung galaxy tab 8.9, however, is rather unstable and some core apps – like mail and browser, are either buggy or lacks in functionality. So I am definately looking forward to the ICS I have been promised a long time ago….

    • Nols

      Yep. My Desire won’t be getting ICS but I have it rooted and running CM 7.2 RC1 and unless ICS can increase my battery life significantly, I won’t be missing it.

  • http://twitter.com/garbaczd David Garbacz

    I’ve been looking at my updates for AT&T like every other day to check for the ICS update.

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  • Matt

    Is there supposed to be a place to vote on this article? My take on the subject is that I couldn’t stand waiting for update and learned how to install CM9. It’s been worth the trouble, because ICS is far more polished and consistent than any Android before it. I’ve even stopped using ADW because the home launcher they give us now is.. beautiful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/timwrightdj Tim Wright

    I’ve using the beta for the Xperia Play released by Sony. It’s not perfect, so I am eager to get the original but I’m happy to at least have a working version of it.

  • Akmal

    It sucks just because they promised end of march. Gtab8.9

  • Jamie

    I was really looking forward to ICS, but I’m actually not bothered at all now. My update is ready, but I didn’t go with it as I was waiting for the Sky Go app to be made workable on ICS. However, since I decided to have an in-depth look at Go Launcher, it’s like having a whole new operating system – the only way I could improve my S2 would be to root it, and then I’d lose Sky Go again! My phone is stable, works really well and I’ve found some great personalisation apps on the Market, so I’m going to stay exactly as I am. I’ve done lots of research, and I really can’t think what amazing benefits I’d get by upgrading to ICS that I don’t have now – and at what cost to stability? Mind you, if it had been made available to me near the release date rather than six months afterwards, I would have upgraded straight away. I don’t know if Google or Samsung set any store by mass adoption of ICS, but they really dropped the ball on this one if so.