Weekly Poll: Is It Time You Bought a New Android?

My main phone is an HTC Desire, which I bought over a year ago, when it had just been released. I’m impressed by how well it runs even today; aside from a few processor-intensive games, I’ve not found any apps that I’d like to run, but that my phone just can’t handle.

Admittedly I am skimming over a few things here. First, the battery life gets used up pretty quickly, which perhaps isn’t the case on newer models (or newer batteries). Second, I’m not running the version of Android that came with the phone (HTC Sense); I rooted it and am now running CyanogenMod 7.

If I hadn’t rooted, I would have got frustrated with the Desire a long time ago, thanks to its tiny internal storage. As I covered in this article, many apps take up space in the Dalvik cache, which is on the internal storage, even if the apps themselves are stored on the SD card. Even with relatively few apps installed, I was always running out of space, meaning I couldn’t sync emails or install new apps. Fortunately, with CyanogenMod 7 I also installed DarkTremor SD, which lets a portion of the SD card act as an extension of the internal storage. I now have effectively 210MB of internal storage left unused — the Desire only has 148MB total out of the box!

So, I’m very happy with my Android, even though it’s old enough to have been superseded by the Desire HD and the Desire Z, and I see no need to upgrade it yet. What about you?

  • Jordan

    It was time for me a month or so back.

    Currently, I have a G2x. Top-of-the-line.

    But, I want the new G-Slate, I think it could be useful in college.

  • Cl

    i have a htc magic and it’s unable to run any lastest game that i know of … but i am enlisting soon =\ would not be changing it for prolly another 2 years, or prolly get a tablet

  • http://twitter.com/brendan_o Brendan O’Neil

    Currently rocking an OG Droid with CM7 and could really use an upgrade. Bought it week 1, has served me well, looking forward to either the GSII or Bionic in the next month though!

  • LaToya

    My phone is the LG Ally. I really hate the fact that it only has 150mb of internal storage. I could root it but it seems so confusing (in comparison to jailbreaking and because I have a mac) and I don’t think there’s a way to use Cyanogen on my phone :(

  • Gabriel

    Galaxy S with CM7 nightly. Might upgrade to a Lg 3D or the recently hinted at Xperia Play Duo.

  • Meiji

    Galaxy S with the default rom. I bought it just about 2-3 months ago, but I totally want the Galaxy S II !! So, I’m selling this one and buying the other. The new Galaxy is already on stores here but I haven’t seen it yet, when I do, you can bet I’m buying it =P ..

    Before this I had an Xperia X10 and wanted the Xperia Arc, but when I put my hands in the Galaxy S, I immediatelly fell in love! I think I discovered I’m a Samsung fan..

  • klickreflex

    I’m in the exact same situation, except that it’s the MIUI rom that powers my good old HTC Desire 😉

  • Tim

    I’m a Desire owner, I’ve also rooted and switched to CM7 and it’s so nice to have space to install more apps!

    I don’t think the technology has come on far enough to warrant purchasing a new phone yet, having said that, the sensation comes pretty close. I actually wrote a list of all the things I wanted from my next phone quite a while ago and the sensation matches almost everything on the list, bar the fingerprint scanner and 4g (which would be useless in the UK anyway).

  • Adam

    My HTC Hero still has life left in it thanks to a CM7 ROM by elelinux. I love trying out apps, so I’ve been using custom ROMs since nearly day 1 and partitioning my sd card with an ext2 partition really boosted available “internal” space. But I’ll be ready to upgrade in 9 months when my T-Mobile UK contact allows it. Looking at Samsung Galaxy series.

  • http://www.eldoren.com Gordon Currie

    I bought my HTC Desire when it first came out. Upgraded to Android 2.2 and it worked great. About 2-3 months ago it started crashing and yesterday would not reboot for any reason. On Google there is a MILLION posts about the same problem. Its been sent out to get fixed (6-8 weeks here in Canada). I have a backup of all data. But waiting that long is not workable.

    So today i bought the HTC Desire HD and will start using that.