Weekly Poll: What Size of Android Tablet Do You Prefer?

Yesterday, Rita El Khoury wrote a great piece explaining why she thinks 7″ is a wise choice for Google’s flagship tablet — and why a 7″ tablet is a totally different product from a 10″ tablet. Based on my own tablet experiences, I’m inclined to agree.

It feels like there are now four distinct, common sizes for Android devices: the 3″-4″ phone, the 10″ tablet (including tablets with keyboard docks, like the Transformer range), the 7″ tablet (like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire), and the 5″ phone-tablet hybrid (like the Galaxy Note). Each size has its own benefits and weaknesses.

Which do you prefer? Personally, the Nexus 7 feels about right; it’s small enough to carry around with me, but large enough to be worth using instead of my phone in some cases.

  • Denny

    I was playing with the Samsung 8.9″ tablet. I liked it much more than the 7″ and 10″; it was a good compromise between portability and screen size.

  • Leonick

    For Android? 7″ works pretty well as even unscaled phone apps work pretty well on them which isn’t as easily said for a 10″ where no tablet apps are generally quite horrible.

  • Mikemick

    7 inches doesn’t interest me. I have an HTC X One, and like so many, we are approaching 5 inches in size with our phones. I like the size of my iPad, but would really like to try out a 12 inch tablet.