Weekly Poll: Would You Buy a Non-Nexus Stock Android Device?

I don’t know any Android enthusiasts who prefer HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, or any other third-party UI over stock Android and Holo. Most people I know either buy Nexus, or root their device and install CyanogenMod. But then, I’m in an unusual position, surrounded as I am by Android tech writers — perhaps that’s not the case for everyone.

Still, I have to wonder why manufacturers continue to insist on using these skins. I know, I know, it helps with branding and to differentiate their Androids from all the other Androids – but with the dozens of devices out there, I’m surprised that the only top-of-the-line stock devices (hardware-wise) are in the Nexus line.

So this week’s question is a simple one: if a manufacturer did make a decent device running stock Android, without it being a Nexus device, would you consider buying it? Yes or no only — elaborate in the comments if you like.

  • http://www.dsaif.tk Saif

    Maybe I’d buy Acer’s

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  • Sigilist

    Yes. I am tired of companies who think they know what’s better for everyone… or so they say as an excuse.

  • Jimmy Johansen

    I don’t understand why a stock Android phone would not be a Nexus. Without that point explained I can’t vote yes or no.

    • http://michaeljameswilliams.com/ Michael James Williams

      Well, Nexus is a specific brand of stock Android phones, produced by Google. I’m talking about a device that was manufactured by HTC or Samsung or whoever, running stock Android, but without Google’s involvement.

  • Nick

    Well Asus has already done it with their Transformer tablets. Pure stock Android, with only a few Asus apps thrown in (and they’re pretty minimal and mostly useful too). I don’t think companies need input from Google to make stock Android devices – they need Google to keep their custom skins *out*. So yeah, I’d totally buy a non-Nexus phone if it was stock.

    On the other hand, as much as I hate some skins the OEMs put on (TouchWiz being particularly annoying) I actually find HTC Sense pretty good. They put in features that actually enhance the functionality, like a T9 dialer – so if you like how Sense looks, then it’s not bad at all.

    But yeah, stock any day. Nexus or not.

  • http://www.pobox.com/~meta/ mathew

    It depends. Asus I’d probably trust. For many manufacturers I think I’d wait and see how they handled updates first.

  • Andri

    No. Without Google involvement, the update would still be late. And having the latest Android version is the second reason (after stock Android experience) I’d buy Nexus.

    • http://michaeljameswilliams.com/ Michael James Williams

      Good point.

  • http://twitter.com/khaled Khaled

    I wouldn’t buy a nexus device from anywhere other than google! I bought a “yakjujp” Galaxy Nexus and 2 weeks ago they released 4.0.4 for it! I am still waiting for Jellybean.

  • http://fb.com/dannsf DannSF

    I’d definitely buy it.
    Although I’m a huge fan of HTC Sense, I do think that ever since ICS was released, stock android looks so much better. It actually looks good.

    The reason I’d buy has to do with the design of the phone itself. Although all google phones are pretty and all, I just can’t help but look at HTC designs and not like it (please consider HTC ChaCha out of this conversation though).

    Not only so, we’d all get android updates in time. Fragmentation would slowly become a thing of the past and apps would be able to evolve in a more rapid pace.

    However, as you have said, it’s all about branding, and also money. Therefore I don’t think the big guys would actually go forward with an idea like this.

  • Rick Nice

    Android will be the number OS soon