What Messaging Platform Do You Use?

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of chatter about Google taking a step to unify their different messaging platforms into one. The rumors started solidifying last week, with screenshots and what seems to be a codename / final name: Babel. At the same time, we’ve also heard news that Google might be lining up to buy the popular messaging client Whatsapp, which was later denied by a spokesperson for the company. Then of course we saw the launch of Facebook Home along with its Messenger Chat Heads.

This whole “rush” towards messaging has us wondering about the platforms that you use to communicate with your friends and family. Are you still reliant on SMS? Have you moved towards traditional IM solutions like Google Talk or Facebook Messenger, or are you using the new solutions like Whatsapp, LiveProfile, and others? Or do you rely on a mix of services to connect with different people?

  • http://fuh-q.com Serra

    I prefer to use Trillian, even though I only use it for google talk. It’s a great app that syncs everywhere with pro, which is only $12 a year.

  • http://kverke.com Josh Gunderson

    Been using Trillian Pro for years.

    Most of my contacts are in gTalk or Facebook anymore though.

  • Lucas

    How bout an option for Google voice?

  • Mia

    I use Trillian too – mostly since my friends are scattered across different services, mostly Skype and Facebook (and msn before that disappeared).

  • Jesse

    One my phone I still use the stock SMS app as I don’t believe Facebook should have access to my phonebook. On my PC I will use FB occasionally but mostly MSN messenger/skype.

  • didocade

    chomp app

  • angelfayce30

    I loooooove Cubie! Regular SMS is annoying! Cubie is way better than What’s App

  • SiD Vish

    Im usin viber which seems ok (or was) untill my s2 went thru a firware update bit uptill then its been sound, thx :-)

  • Judy

    Looks like I’m behind the times I use

  • Trey

    I use GoSMS pro, which is awesome if you like to customize your SMS app! I LOVE ChatON but it’s not as popular yet. I am an Apple HATER BUT they have a leg up over Google when it comes to integrating between devices. i really wish the Android platform would offer an easier integration method between my tablet and phone.

  • mike

    I used to use what’s app and had gotten all my friends and family on it also… But won’t use it anymore. It seems totally unfair to only charge Android users an annual fee and ios users a one time fee… There are tons of other apps out there that are completely free.

    • Shawn

      It’s only a dollar a year, for a wonderful app that works with any type of phone or provider. And i love group chats. You probably spend more on coffee…. I love Whatsapp, and so do my family and friends.