Weekly Poll: Which Home Screen Launcher Are You Using?

This week, Alex Pascal looked at some of the Home Screen Launchers available for Android. These let you completely redesign your device’s user interface, almost making it feel brand new!

Last month, we saw that the majority of readers had changed their keyboard from the default. This time, we’re interested in seeing how many of you have changed your launchers. My guess is it’ll be a lower percentage — let’s see.

Let us know what you use by voting in the poll, and leave a comment to share why you switched.

  • http://www.hambrook.co.nz Rick

    The main reason I changed was to customise the shortcuts at the bottom, mostly to use DolphinHD instead of the integrated browser.

  • http://www.hambrook.co.nz Rick

    But one more feature quickly became a must-have… the gesture support. Being able to drag any of the “quick launch” icons up for a secondary response is fantastic. Lets me drag “contacts” up to get the dialer, etc. Email dragged up becomes SMS inbox… Essentially ten shortcuts on the space of five by pairing them up logically. Keeps the rest of the screen relatively clear (and more importantly, tidy).

    Just trying out Go Launcher Ex and it has this too.. awesome.

  • Eric J

    Launcher pro plus, but i did use zeam for a while and i was very happy with the minimalist zeam.

  • http://ashish.bogawat.com Ashish Bogawat

    I’m too used to the app folders in Go Launcher Ex to give anything else a try.

  • Cintra

    I was using the ‘Android 2.3 Launcher’ but dropped it during a tightening up on app permissions, and the hope Gingerbread will soon appear for my Nexus One…

  • http://www.blackleafmedia.com/ Patrick Sweeney

    LauncherPro is just nice, clean and fast.

  • http://www.hambrook.co.nz Rick

    @Ashish try out SimiFolder… a perfect little widget that lets you organise apps etc into folders. VERY customisable, and the best feature is that you just scroll through a list of apps and tick which ones you want… you don’t have to add->select->confirm etc like some other similar widgets.

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