Which Version of Android Are You Running?

In today’s This Week In Android installment, Connor pointed out that Android 4 — including ICS, Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.2 — is now installed on more devices than Gingerbread, the previous king of Android versions.

It was bound to happen at one point, as more and more devices get released or updated with the new Android versions, and old devices stop being used. For example, I have 4 Android units, 2 of which are on ICS and 2 on Jelly Bean. There’s no more Gingerbread in my life.

But what about you? Please vote in the poll, and make sure you enter multiple selections if you have several devices.

  • Sigilist

    Really? Those are the only versions of Android anyone would be running? Looks like you cut out several years worth of devices caught in the middle. I fail to see the point of poll that is so oddly skewed.

  • gendon

    I am using JB russian xwlse, i live in Indonesia… waiting official Jb update arrive to my country.
    Gt i9100

  • Phoenyyx

    I am still waiting for jelly bean 4.2.2 on my Samsung S3.
    I also just purchased a Samsung 2 Mini with gb 2.3.6
    A bit dissapointed.

  • Dave B

    Still have 1.6 on my sony ericsson x10 mini. Their PC Companion will not updated to 2.1 even though their customer service says they have done it for every other mini. My galaxy s 2 is still on Gingerbread, which lacks nothing that I need. Every app update has reviews where people have lost all kinds of functions from updating their Android OS. 1 reviewer lost all of the sharpness and clarity and much
    the function of his camera so what is the point
    of breaking your own phone?

  • Ralph

    It does have an option for gingerbread and lower

  • Daniel

    @sigilist—It may look like there was an OS in the middle, but really there mostly weren’t any 3.x devices. Android 3.x was specific to tablets and never really caught on. With 4.0 Google went back to a unified system.

  • nokdenldr

    M u sing Sony xperia go st27i, I want to update my android version to ice cream or jelly bean, some says they have done it, but i couldn’t find any app’s or sides to do it. So please let me know if any one has any idea how to update it. It would be a great help.

    • Dave B

      Did you download Sony Ericsson PC Companion to a laptop or PC? This didn’t update my operating system, but it did update to build number. I was able to talk to Sony Ericsson customer service the few times that I attempted the update to 2.1. Give it a try and ask their technical help to walk you through the steps because what PC Companion says well not necessarily work.

  • nipul salvu

    Waiting for jb for gt19000.otherwise i will go for lumia

  • silviu

    CM 10 on xperia s. Runs like a dream

  • David

    Jellybean 4.1.1 on my Galaxy Nexus. supposed to get updated to 4.2.2 soon I guess.

    my galaxy player 4.0 still running on.gingerbread.

  • a

    I use an android, but not sure whats ice cream, gingerbread mean…gesh sounds like a menu items not a phone

  • http://SamsungGalaxytab10.1 Dii

    Im on Kernel 4.1.1 on my tab but Kernel 4.2.1 on my Sony Xperia Z fone. V appi wth both.

  • Henry

    Running an unofficial AOKP ROM with 4.1.2 jelly bean, working awesome! Can’t wait until cyanogenmod releases the current Room for my SGH-T889.

  • curlyblonderu

    No samsungs in my life. Razors do it every time.

  • melissa

    May note is on gb.. I cant upgrade it to jb…:'(

  • Carolyne

    Samsung i777 (AT&T) – still running Gingerbread, was going to go to ICS and encountered issues. Called ATT for answers to the issues (what was I thinking?!!) and they advised me not to due to “so many issues with ICS”.

  • http://androidsoftwareupgrade kalimuthu

    my android version upgrades from 2.1.1 to next level.

  • Kelly

    Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100 (non carrier specific) still running ICS. Waiting for the Jelly Bean update in New Zealand

  • Tanya

    I can’t update my Samsung Infuse to ICS or JB.

  • trilok

    Can anyone explain to me how to update andriod, n also how to know which andriod ur tab is runing, i recently bought galaxy note 10.1 in india