Would You Buy the Galaxy S4 If It Ran Tizen?

We don’t usually like to indulge in rumors on Android.Appstorm, especially the “very out-there” kind, but this particular rumor has been spreading lately and it got everyone a little intrigued to say the least.

SamMobile, a notable source of everything Samsung, has shared a tip that the next flagship device from the Korean manufacturer will have the GT-I9500 product code. Given that previous information had Samsung’s first Tizen device as the GT-I9500, everyone went in a frenzy deducing that the Galaxy S4 would run Tizen, the open-source MeeGo successor OS that Samsung is developing with Intel.

Now, to be honest with you, I’m rather amused by wild predictions like that making the rounds of every tech and phone website. First, no matter how much we speculate, there’s really no way to know for sure. Second, and most importantly, do you believe Samsung would cut off Android on its flagship for an untested and unsupported OS, jeopardizing its current standing as lead smartphone manufacturer? I don’t think so. Well, to be honest, I’m only 99% certain.

Everyone knows that Samsung plans to detach itself from Google’s reign over Android, and start a more independent venture with Tizen and Intel. It’s even confirmed that Samsung Tizen devices are coming in 2013. However, given the lack of apps — it’s all about app store numbers now, isn’t it? — for this new OS, it’d be rather silly to bet a flagship’s success over it. The S5 or S6 may run Tizen, but the S4 is a long, long shot. Just imagine the debacle if people bought it assuming they’d get all their apps, then ended up with no Whatsapp, no Instagram and no Angry Birds or Cut The Rope. There would be blood shed.

However, the rumor mill being what it is, this will continue spreading until we get an official word from Samsung or until the S4’s actual announcement. And it got us interested here. Suppose there’s an alternate universe where Samsung would seriously consider Tizen to be ready for the Galaxy S4, would you actually buy it? Or in other words, are you more interested in the Galaxy S brand than the OS, or is it all about Android for you?

  • Kim Tae-hee

    Tizen device can run EFL (Native), HTML5, Android, Flash, bada and Java Apps. What is the big deal? Tizen also more open than Android. Samsung isn’t stupid.

    • nathan

      You are kidding right? Removing the MicroSD slot from the final cut of the Galaxy Tab 8.9/10.1? People would have flooded to the device over the iPad. All to save a few pennies per device.. the over all profits they would have made due to increased user base from converting apple users and securing ‘on the fence’ consumers would have been incredible for them.

      But no. They cut the slot from the devices to save their bottom line without listening to the consumer. That is stupid.

      • romain

        Who still use micro sd? Geek but who else?

        • Greendogo

          Contrary to what Google and their handset producers want us to think, the consumer wants removable memory.

          Perhaps when some patents run out and competition kicks into a higher gear we’ll actually get some faster removable memory for smartphones that we could run the mobile OS from.

  • http://altmktg.com Russ

    Just what we need… another smartphone OS.Android is finally becoming mature. Why start over with something new and untested (and with no apps).

  • Mike

    Vote totals?

  • Matt

    Only one word….. Ubuntu!

  • Robert

    I think this would be a big strategic mistake if it happened. Android is successful because of group efforts of giants, from Google to Samsung, HTC, …, and a bunch of smaller Chinese manufacturers. It is becoming merged with the Chrome OS and is evolving into an every-HW-platform OS. There is a huge user pool and apps market. You can’t make something like that again for your new platform, that time has passed (Microsoft and Nokia are good examples with their OSes, not to mention RIM). But, I would consider Tizen if it was 100% compatible with Android and would have enough advantages to justify its use…

  • Sandra Woodson

    I WOULD NOT BUY A GALAXY NOTE OR ANY OTHER Galaxy its not the I phone not worth the money. I have the Galaxy Note that Im stuck with for the next one year eight months don’t like the phone.Sorry I upgraded.

    • HaloHeavy

      You’re not stuck with anything. Just go buy the phone you want…

  • Chris

    Couple of things Tizen has the fastest html5 benchmark and app developers will be able to use html5 code in their apps like webOS, back in may 2012 it was announced that tizen would have a Application Comparable Layer to run Android apps in a similar way that Blackberry have done so I don’t think cut the rope or angry birds will be a issue.

  • whitfield

    This seems like something that will eventually split up the non Apple OS market and leave Apple as king. Not sure this is a good idea.

  • noahc89

    Hopefully the 2 s4 models spotted will be one droid one tizen so we can try both and decided for ourselves which OS was better.

  • bando super

    So…. ehhh, I would never buy a Samsung device. Too expensive, no power, no quality materials…. and the biggest part, Samsung is the worst Company ever.
    Google Samsung for yourself.

    • HaloHeavy

      Examples? Their TV’s are pretty damn good last I heard and seems pretty evident when walking into a bestbuy and comparing video quality side by side. Anything else I’ve ever bought from samsung was top notch too…

      so… Examples. Because if they are bad, I want to see the proof.