How To Customize Everything About Your Android Device

All throughout March, our team focused on bringing you the best tutorials for personalizing your Android phone or tablet in our Customization Month. From custom ROMs to wallpapers, we took you through a ride of the best ways to personalize everything about your Android experience, gave you examples for inspiration, and showed you where to look for more sources and content.

However, since those articles are scattered across our repository of posts, and since we had published a lot of customization tutorials and round-ups before March, we decided to put them all together for you in one easy-to-navigate list. This makes it easier to bookmark, share with friends, and come back to when you want a full customization resource.

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Homescreens and Launchers

Other Customizable Items

  • anumberone

    To me, most of these just look gee wiz lame. Like AOL all over again. What I want is to be able to have my OWN custom home pages and my OWN wallpapers for different projects. So on one page, I will have a wallpaper image (say of a house drawing), which I will have folders/pdfs placed on key areas to launch for more info as needed. So far I have not found anything that allows me to do this. Maybe I’ve just been in the technology field too long but it is 2013…Can’t we get beyond share this and live wallpaper that and be able to use these devices to do useful stuff?

  • Natalia Negro


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