Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam

After reading this article, you’ll be able to use your Android phone as a webcam for Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, or any other program on your computer that can use a webcam. I was frustrated that Skype didn’t allow video chat for my phone when they recently updated their app to allow this, and decided to figure out a way to do this using the existing video camera on my phone. Why buy a separate webcam if you can use the one in your pocket?

Note: only some Android phones work using this method, and some newer phones have a dedicated webcam built in.

Your phone should already support video and have either wi-fi or bluetooth. You can connect via USB cable but I wasn’t able to do it, you need to do port forwarding which is not easy to do with certain setups.

For reference, I did this using a Samsung Galaxy S phone (Captivate), so this is specific to my experience; with other phones it may be a little different. This is the beauty and beast part about Android: it has great customization but fragmentation among the different types of phones.

Getting Started

First you’ll have to choose which app you’d like to use. This isn’t as big a task as you might image, as there are only really three such apps for Android that are active and have good reviews. Each app has its good and bad things, but hopefully you can find one that works for you and your phone.

All of them work with some kind of client program on your computer so you will need to download and install that before you can get it working. This allows you to sort of trick your computer into thinking the device is a webcam which can be used in Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, and so on. I tested all of the apps in Skype and Gmail chat.

Choose Your Webcam

IP Webcam

IP Webcam

IP Webcam works only on wi-fi so you need your phone to be connected that way to use this app. The setup is pretty easy but there are a few things you needed to configure in Skype correctly to use it. I could not get it to work in Gmail chat (Google Talk) so that is a big disadvantage. Also, it currently does not support audio.

Price: Free
Requires: 1.6+
Market Link: IP Webcam
Developer: Pas


  • Go here in your web browser: (replace with the IP address that appears in the app on your phone). You will see instructions and a link to the video feed.
  • Download and install this program: (only video, no audio; but new beta version has audio, but I didn’t test it)
  • In Skype Options > Video settings, select “IP Webcam MJPG” as the source.
  • Click on the Webcam settings button under Skype Video Settings; use the raw URL option at the top and enter your video feed address – for example (replace with your IP address from the app on the phone).

You may need to change the settings in Skype if you go to another place, or your router assigns you a dynamic IP address. If you are doing this at home, try to set up a static IP for your phone so you don’t have to change the Skype video settings all the time.



DroidCam is a bit easier to install and work with compared to IP Webcam. But it seems like there are more options available in IP Webcam; with DroidCam the free version doesn’t allow you to change the video format or resolution. Droidcam works with Gmail chat and Skype. I could not get the USB option to work, as you need to forward ports on your computer (I can’t do this with my current firewall). Wi-fi and Bluetooth work fine. The audio works but its a bit choppy — not ready for prime-time yet.

Price: Free (DroidCamX upgrade available)
Requires: 2.1+
Market Link: DroidCam
Developer: Dev47Apps


  • Go to their website to get the application for your computer and install it.
  • Open the app on your computer and the app on your phone.
  • On your computer, choose which method to use (Wi-fi, USB, or Bluetooth)
  • If you’re using Wi-fi, enter the IP address that appears in the app on your phone into the DroidCam client and select audio, video, or both (only video is possible via Bluetooth)
  • Click Connect on the DroidCam client to start streaming video (if using Bluetooth, click Prepare)
  • In Skype or Gmail chat video settings select “DroidCam” as the source.

Just like the IP Webcam, you might need to change the settings in Skype if you are using the Wi-fi option.



SmartCam works via Bluetooth (with audio and video – but the audio is a little choppy) and wi-fi. You can change the resolution, unlike DroidCam, so it gets a thumbs up there.

Price: Free
Requires: 2.2+
Market Link: SmartCam
Developer: Deion


  • Go to their website to get the application for your computer and install it. (Go here for the latest Windows version.)
  • Open the application on your computer and install/open the SmartCam Android app.
  • On your computer, choose which method to use (Wi-fi, USB, or Bluetooth)
  • In the Settings menu on the SmartCam app, choose your connection type and configure your Bluetooth or Wi-fi settings (enter the local IP address of your computer as the “remote server”; the port probably won’t need to be changed)
  • In the SmartCam computer application settings select your connection type the same as you did in the phone app
  • In the phone app’s menu click the Connect Wi-fi or Bluetooth button
  • In Skype or Gmail chat video settings select “SmartCam” as the source.


Which is best? Well, for connections via Wi-fi they all worked fine, but DroidCam could do audio and was easier to set up so it comes out on top there.

For Bluetooth I had better luck with SmartCam, and this can do audio as well, which DroidCam cannot.

IP Webcam has a lot of features but was by far the largest space-eater on the phone and computer. If it was easier to set up via USB I might suggest doing it that way as you would get a more stable connection. I’m not very close to the Wi-fi router I use, so the video can be laggy and adding in audio doesn’t help.

The app I preferred was SmartCam, but DroidCam is pretty close and the paid version offers a lot of the same features. Good luck trying to get your webcam set up, it isn’t easy but it’s not very hard either — you’ll be able to do it with a little patience!

  • Trevor

    When trying this on my computer I used the IP webcam app but when I tried to choose the type of webcam I wanted to use on skype all skype would tell me is there is no webcam found on the computer so how can I get this to work

  • RJ

    i tried ip webcam which will not connect to the computer and nor will smartcam… i believe im entering the ip address correctly and everything but im confused on what to do…

  • renae walters

    I cant get my phone to work on a webcam sigt. it wont alllow me to chat on the sight

  • http://[email protected] Ernesto Zamora

    Me gusta

  • magicjukebox

    i am using ipcam on my wildfire (older version), and it worked after a bit of tinkering with skype. i was trying to set up a webcam mainly for google+ though, for the multi video chat, but it just shows up as a stubborn black blank, since there isn’t a setting page on the google+ that i can config in the raw video feed!

    someone else asked about it on their help forum a year ago already :(

    by the way, for anyone who wants to know, on skype – it lags for about 3 seconds, between audio and video. running it on very fast wifi, and an 8 year old laptop. set up time was 30-60 mins, while chatting with a friend and experimenting with sending the feed to vlc too. set up was pretty straight forward. i’m not particularly tech savvy either!

    if anyone knows of a workaround, please share?

    • Sten

      step 1: install smartcam on your pc and phone
      step 2: configure the app on your phone (resolution, wich port, etc.)
      (it’s handy to start the smartcam on your pc now)
      step 3: in your pc, go to run, type in CMD and press enter
      step 4: you will see a black screen with white letters.(the bios)
      step 5: type in ipconfig/all and then press enter
      step 6: look at the ipv4-adress, and write this down at Remote server on your smartphone
      step 7: now make sure the port configured on your smartphone is the same as the port on the settings menu of smartcam on your pc.
      step 8: on your smartphone, press connect wifi
      wait a few seconds, and you’ll see the screen on your pc.
      the smartcam program is now a video input.
      step 9: go to skype or gmail or google plus. – anywhere you want to use your ”webcam” for – and if its asking for input choose smartcam.

      That’s it
      Good luck 😉

      • Doesnt matter

        Well thanks you to i finally got it working.. Sort of. I followed all the steps you posted and it worked. but now whenever i go to a site that ‘requires’ videochat my browser crashes :l

  • ckreskay

    i tried smartcam, it wasnt very hard at all to setup and record, but on my HTC touch phone no audio was recorded, and i didnt see any mention of audio anywhere on the app or the pc

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  • pissed

    i tried all three of these spent over an hour tinkering with this crap and none of it worked, no idea why.

  • Joe King

    Just buy a webcam duh

  • metalken

    You’re the best IP webcam is awesome thank u

  • fidel rizo

    This somthing cool wi all like that alot and that all wi wor witig for thanks por it..

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  • michael davis

    Great advice. Can you send me, or anyone else, an email if you know if these phone cameras can be imbedded into a website as live videos streams? Mike. michael’at’

  • Thomas Andersson

    Worked immediately no probbs, but no option to mirror video or change orientation (due to charger cable picture is upside down, and I’d like to have phone standing, but then pic is sideways). Any way to change this?

  • KDOG

    so i downloaded droid cam. everything seem to work fine. then when the website i am trying to use it for went to allow access, Internet explorer had soem error and had to close. any idea?

  • Axel

    “Which is best? Well, for connections via Wi-fi they all worked fine, but DroidCam could do audio and was easier to set up so it comes out on top there.

    For Bluetooth I had better luck with SmartCam, and this can do audio as well, which DroidCam cannot.”
    Does this make any sense to you? I’m confused, DroidCam can or can not do audio?

  • Tomas

    It is not possible to connect smart cam with USB

  • http://Webcam/mobile BettymcGowan

    Do I need a computer to see tv christian events why can’t you help me to see wen mow what do I do? Please, Help me.

  • jasmine

    saying it cant connect to remote server. what do i do

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  • David Farrelly

    when using droidcam, when i enter the ip and click connect(wifi) it says connect failed please check ip and port, why wont it work?

    • Julian

      are you connecting to a computer with wifi built in or a tower with ethernet?

  • simachkka

    droid cam is d easyezt just download droid cam on both pc nd phone choose connect with usb n connect in the usb wire press start but before open the app on d phone first then i use ut on omegle
    chat roulleette
    skype has some issues but workd gr8 with gtalk and oovoo

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