Install and Configure DSP Manager on Any ROM

DSP Manager is a fantastic application which can be used to achieve vibrating bass even with your stock headphones.

DSP Manager is like the HTC Beats sound enhancer, but taken to a whole new level. Sadly, this awesome application is not available in the Google Play store and you will need to put in a little bit more effort in order to get it working for your phone. Why? Because it’s part of CyanogenMod and will not work on stock ROMs by default.

However, in this article, I’ll show you how you can install the app on vanilla Android and HTC Sense, which should help you get it running on your own device regardless of which ROM you’re running – as long as you have root access.

DSP Manager

Vanilla Android Installation

First, you need to download the app from XDA Forums.

Now, just put the APK file in your system/app folder. You need to have root access and can use Root Browser to copy the APK file to the system/app folder from your SD card or internal storage.  

After that, you need to change the permissions to rw-r-r. You can do this with Root Browser as well. Select the APK file in that app, tap Permissions, then tick the boxes as shown in this screenshot:

Permissions for DSP Manager’s APK file

Restart your phone and you should see the DSP Manager app in your app drawer.

HTC Sense Installation

As before, you need to download the app from XDA Forums.

For HTC sense ROMS, this method won’t work. In order to use all the features of DSP Manager, you need to delete all the lib files from the folder system/libs/soundfx. It is totally safe and these files are only for HTC music enhancing.

Then, you need to download the entire ROM for your device from the CyanogenMod website. Once you are done, extract the APK file from the system/app folder of the ROM on your computer using zip software such as WinRar. Copy this APK file  to the system/app folder of your sense ROM using Root Browser.

You also need to extract all the lib files from the system/libs/soundfx folder of the ROM to your computer using WinRar, and then copy to the system/libs/soundfx folder on your device.

Once you have copied all of these files, you need to change the permissions of each file to rw-r-r using Root Browser. For each file, tap Permissions, then tick the options like this:

Permissions for DSP Manager lib files

Restart your phone after placing all the files and you will see the DSP Manager app in your app drawer.

Once you have DSP Manager on your phone, you can open it by going to the Sound Effects folder in the Android Music app. (Please note that it will only work with the default Android Music app.)

Which Options Should I Set?

Even once you’ve got DSP Manager working on your phone, it’s still hard to get the settings right for the best possible sound. We’ll go through the options in turn.

First, you will find the Dynamic Compression option. You shouldn’t use this if you listen to modern music, as modern music is over-compressed in recording due to technological improvements in sound recording. Using dynamic compression will do nothing but distort the sound.

However, if you are a fan of music from the ’70s and ’80s, then this setting can be quite handy as these songs have not been compressed. (Do note that most remastered albums are over-compressed with sound editing so you shouldn’t use this for those.) A moderate level will be perfect and you will notice a significant increase in the sound; also, the sound is likely to get a bit more crisp.

Now to Bass Boost. Bass Boost is probably the fan favourite setting and is one of the major reasons why most people want this app on their phones. There are three levels: Slight, Moderate and Extreme. Basically, setting the bass doesn’t only depend upon the bass that you want, but it also depends on the type of headphones that you own. If you have high quality headphones such as Beats by Dr Dre, then Extreme bass will not distort the sound and yet you will be able to get beefier bass. However, if you select the Extreme option with stock or average headphones, then you will get nothing but distortion.

Now to the equalizer. Well, to be honest, the default presets are not bad at all. They have options for Rock, Further Bass and Treble.

The Rock preset in DSP Manager

You can also go for custom equalizer settings. If you raise the bars from left to right, along with moderate Bass Boost, you will get a very crisp sound along with heavy bass. Also, the highs and the treble will not be lost and the vocals will be clear. You can also play around with the bars in order to get the sound that you are looking for based on your preferences and the type of headphones that you own.

Lastly, there is the option for a “virtual room” effect, which offers several options, including Studio and Live Stage, which you can select between depending on the type of sound which you are looking for.

  • nynativ

    I did as you said above. After the reboot, DSPManager was in my app tray. I was able to open it once but now every time I try and open it, I get the ‘Unfortunately DSPManager has stopped.

    I have a Toro Nexus running Vicious Jellybean 4.1.1

    • nynativ

      Ok, un-installed Volume+ and DSPManager seems to be working great!! Thanks for the write up!

  • Yasir

    Sure no problem. Glad its working for you. After all, I tried really hard to understand how it works but in the end got it :)

  • neosushi68

    Oh my god, this is the bomb. It works flaweless ! I also uninstalled the paid app equilizer, because i believe this one even sounds a thousand times better :)
    Thank you so much for the WriteUP

  • Yasir

    Glad that ya’ll are enjoying it :) have fun.

  • Oscar Dwyer

    I have the epic touch 4g from sprint and i just installed the apk. Pack regularly and it works great. It makes my phone alot better with sound. I downloaded it and opened and installed and it works great.

  • pawan mittal

    not working in samsung galaxy note…..can you make it for galaxy note please.

    • Jitamanyu

      Im running cm10 preview 5 and it works flawlessly on my note

  • Yasir

    Have you followed all the instructions? Are you using a custom rom with root access?

  • Abraham Munguia

    Hi there.
    Do you have any idea of how can I flush to a file the sound emited by the dsp manager?
    Something like the write to disk of winamp.

    Thanks in advance. Regards.

  • Joe

    BRAVO! Works flawless with every ROM I’ve tried!

  • Andy Mitchell

    This app is a great example of why people “root” their phones. Other none rooted equalizers are just essays in comparison to DSP and not very good ones either. It is working beautifully on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus with GIGABREAD PLUS ROM. Many thanks.

  • Hamid

    This app is amazing… i have CyanogenMod on my galaxy 5 and the sound is much much much better than before.. and i have to change my earphone.. it cant handle the sound anymore… just on half volume.. This is Great…

  • neurophone

    Worked perfectly on my stock and rooted 4.1.1 GSM Galaxy Nexus. Thanks for the instructions and links!

    Unfortunately it doesn’t integrate with Play Music app as it does in CM10. So if I go to EQ settings from within the Play Music app, it’s still the standard EQ settings and not the DSP manager. Not a big deal, but FYI people.

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  • Pol NRG

    Hi, amazing tutorial !! thanks a million!!! I have just a question…
    How to know which kind of ROM have my LG Optimus Hub? Do you can help me?

  • Pepe

    I installed in Samsung Galaxy Mini which has poor sound quality. It works but I would need more volume. Is there any app I could install to increase volume? Volume+, Vodoo do not work.

  • Pepe

    Why the permissions to read phone ID, net, etc?

  • Shah

    Hey Asalamalikum bro

    I followed your directions , i tried it on my galaxy note rooted at&t version it freezes:/

  • Joel

    Great! My Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 now is a best sound machine! Thanks for the post

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  • Tshepomk

    I just Extracted using CM10 copied DSP Manager Apk, followed your steps and it works, on AOKP. thanx

  • Hector

    what if i wanted to remove all sound effects just revert to stock is that possible by just removing the sound effects folder?

  • technoturk

    thank you for the nice tutorial.

    its working on my rooted samsung galaxy s3 :)

  • Webfoot5

    I have a rooted LG Thrive. I was able to place the apk file in the system/app directory, and I was able to change the permissions as instructed, but on restart I cannot find DSP anywhere on my phone. (The file is still in the directory, and the changed permissions still show)


  • Mel

    Talking about HTC Sense. there is HTC Sense 4 lockscreen. it needs no permissions and is safe to install. More details are at

  • z0mb1edad

    Did this on my Asus Prime TF201 and works great!
    Renamed the org lib files and copied over, copied the apk and rebooted all is well and Awesome Beats is just as promised! Awesome!
    Thanks for the tut!

  • cl4rd

    force close ! cant open it… y?? im using samsung galaxy y with jellybean 4.1.1

    • AhMeD AzAiZeH

      go to /system/app/ and delete all apps that work like DSP manager ( i deleted “volume+” )

  • Reinaldo

    worked with no root at all. Using XPERIA PRO MK16A

  • William

    Got it installed on a rooted Galaxy S3 but it does not appear to be working, not getting any sound difference.

    • William

      Scratch that, didn’t realize I had to enable it under Menu>Sound>Music Effects… found that on XDA Developers

      • William

        Well, even though I enabled it it still doesn’t seem to make a difference. bummer

        • alan oswald

          Thanks for that info to enable to be default. i have used DSP with CM and it is much better than using on a ROM that doesn’t have it in the ROM originally. Still better than any other EQ.

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  • Ricky

    great !! it works excelent,,, although i downloaded the apk from the xda forum main page, thanks.

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  • narender

    dear sir i have samsung galaxy y and i want to instal dsp manager on my phone ….

  • suby

    wow!!!!! super audio effects in my galaxy s pluse..thx a lot

  • ankur

    hi. i flashed my samsung tab 10.1 wid CM 10.1. aftr ths i am getting very low volume while playing videos in browser.also while using bluetooth headset, i am getting very bad harsh noise. can u pls help wid ths.

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  • GodSponge

    Installed on my rooted HTC Thunderbolt running LiquidICS Works great.

    Was having problems with speaker volume for the ringer. This works perfectly to fix that, and the DSP for my headset is AMAZING. I get great sound even from 10 dollar earbuds.

  • jean15paul

    DSP Manager is awesome. I don’t know if it’s different on Sense, but I’m using it native to CyanogenMod and it works with any music player that plays local files (Google Music, Apollo, etc), but not with streaming services (Pandora, TuneIn, etc).

    Also, I think the help file within DSP manager (overflow menu > Help) gives really good descriptions of the various options. Better than those provided here. No offense, but your description of Dynamic Range Compression is not right.

    Thanks for the article. I’m glad to know I can keep DSP Manager if I go to a different ROM.

  • jean15paul

    … also, you lose points for referring to Beats by Dre as “high quality” headphones. :)

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  • David

    Just did it on my HTC One Xl. The DSP Manager App has appeared. I can open it. But there is no sound difference at all. Help?

  • Anonymous00001

    Instead of Root Explorer which cost money, install ES File Explorer which is free and also can browse and change system files.

  • Adrian Brown

    Should read “If you have average but hugely overpriced headphones such as Beats by Dr Dre, then Extreme bass will distort the sound.”

    • Memphis May [S]unjay

      I just put it to slight bass and it sounds perfect with my Beats.

  • Warren Brady

    Running AOKP, makes the sound quieter when enabled…Galaxy S 3

  • Isaac Chang

    Unfortunately DSPManager has stopped


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