How to Use and Sync Android With Windows, Mac and iOS

If you own an Android device and you’re reading this site, chances are that you’re a tech-oriented person and your life involves other gadgets and operating systems, whether it’s a computer running Windows or Mac OS, or an iOS device — iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. While each of these platforms seems to include more proprietary services and apps with every new release, there still is — thankfully — a middle ground where it’s possible to make different devices talk to each other.

It’s this middle ground, and the tricks and apps that make use of it, that we have explored and dug deep into over the past couple of months. Over the course of two different series, we explained how you can use your Android device with a Windows or a Mac computer, as well as how you can keep it in sync with different iOS devices. Here are all the articles grouped together for easy referencing and bookmarking:

Use your Android device with a Windows or a Mac

Use your Android device alongside an iPhone, iPad or iPod


  • doug

    This link is no good.
    Android and Your PC / Mac: 46 Tools to Share Content Seamlessly

    • Matthew

      The links all seem to be working from here; want to try again?

      • doug

        Interesting. I tried a different browser and it worked! Must be my ad blocker or something like it. Did not work in Chrome, but in IE it did.

        • khouryrt

          Actually only one link was inserted incorrectly. I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Ben Rollier

    Broken links.

    • khouryrt

      One of the links was broken, I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Hrafnkell Hallmunds

    Luckily I have no Windows, MacOS or iOS devices, only Linux;)

  • Klemant

    Very insteresting articles, thank you very much !

    • khouryrt

      You’re welcome Klemant!

  • VikasIndia

    I have been using Syncmate for past few months It works perfectly. It
    supports sync with Blackberry, Android, Mac, Nokia S40 and Windows
    Phone. The AutoSync feature is really amazing. The icons and options are
    also well organized in the user interface. Read review:

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