Google Music is out of beta! …although it’s still only available in the USA.

This week, Rita El Khoury covered the service in general, and Rahsheen Porter reviewed the Android app in detail. Be sure to check those out for the full story.

In brief, Google Music now includes a digital music store, cloud streaming ability, and Google+ integration: you can let the people in your circles listen to one free play of tracks that you share.

It’s all good news, and I’m curious to know how many of you have started using it since the announcement, or perhaps even when it was in beta. Vote in the poll and leave a comment to let us know!

Ever wondered what that Omega 3 medicine you’re taking contains, whether your Aspirin is causing you nausea, how your colleague’s arrhythmia will affect his life and productivity, or what exactly your doctor wants to do when he suggests an electrocardiogram? Sure, you could always search the internet for answers to these questions, but you will always wonder about the reliability of the information you find.

As a practicing pharmacist, owning and managing my own drug store, I know how important it is to have a great resource in the palm of my hand, and this is why I turn to Medscape, a medical reference for Android, provided by a reliable source: WebMD. (more…)

Snapr is a cool mobile photo-sharing platform. Recently included in our recent round up of the best photo-sharing apps on the Android Market, Snapr deserves a closer look.

The app lets you take and share pictures both on the Snapr platform and via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare, so it has a really strong social element to it. It’s easy to use, features a superb user interface and is completely free to download. Read on for more information about this exciting and intuitive photography app…

The smartphone industry is evolving at a breakneck pace with Android leading the way. We have come to a point where Apple is cloning a few features that are part and parcel of the green robot.

As a neutral observer and critic, I notice that iOS apps tend to be really gorgeous. Some are beyond gorgeous and it’s just way too much eye candy for a 3.5 inch canvas. But when it comes to apps from every possible domain one can imagine, unrestricted by the walled garden of an API, Android wins the contest hands down.

After the break we have compiled a list of apps that are unique to our Android ecosystem. They all work out of the box, without the need for rooting. Do read on! (more…)

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It has a been a good year for cloud storage, and music is no exception.

First, we saw the launch of Amazon Cloud Player, which gives you 5GB of cloud storage and lets you stream your music via a web browser or just about any smartphone. You can also purchase songs and have them stored for free in the cloud.

Earlier this year, we wondered whether Google was planning their own music store for Android. Details soon emerged that Google was at least looking at creating a music storage locker similar to Amazon Cloud Player. As expected, record labels seemed to be the anchor on the boat. Even as Google Music launched in beta and completely without the backing of the major labels, it was unclear how far things would go.

Now, Google Music is out of beta and open to the public. You can upload up to 20,000 songs to the cloud and stream them to your Android device or anything that has a web browser, including your home computer or laptop. Like most Google services, this all comes absolutely free. All you have to do is sign up and start uploading your tracks using Google’s Music Manager.

Besides opening the doors to the masses, there is one more thing: you can now actually buy music from Google. Music is available for purchase via the Android Music Store, now part of the Android Market on your mobile device or web browser. (more…)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried pretty much every single todo list app on the Android Market. Even the ten new ones that cropped up just last week! And yet nothing seems to work exactly the way you want, right? This was my story until very recently, when I found an answer the second time over.

For years, I scoured the web for a decent task management web app that worked the way I did, and I finally settled on Remember The Milk. As it turns out, it was the Android version that finally ended my search on the mobile. (more…)

A few months ago, during the Google I/O conference, Google peeled the wrapper off their Google Music service and made it available – as a beta – for US users. At the time, Google Music was limited to uploading your music collection to the cloud, and then streaming it to other devices.

Earlier this week, the “beta” tag was removed from Google Music and the product has been expanded to include, most importantly, a Music Store and tight integration with Google+. (more…)

A recent article on described how Apple is, in a nutshell, trying to crush Google’s ever-increasing presence in the smartphone and tablet market due to Android’s huge increase in market share over the past few years. Have a read of it (after you’ve read my thoughts, of course); it makes for good reading.

However this article made me a little angry. Now before I get ranting, I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a hater of Apple products – I own a MacBook and an iPad and I love them both. However, what I am not in love with is Apple’s corporate philosophy and the way the entire company appears to be run. It seems that Apple can’t stand anything to be better than its products, and takes every step possible to stop a rival company bringing out something new and better. (more…)

Blasted Thieves is a tower game with creative characters, crazy weapons, and addicting gameplay. You can choose between two different modes: Campaign mode, which takes you through the levels one by one unlocking features as you go along, or Casual/Endless mode which allows you to go through the levels in whatever order you like.

With three difficulty modes, you don’t have to be an experienced TD player to have fun with this. There is a free (lite) version, and the full version sells for $1.99. Let’s take a look at how the game plays… (more…)

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