I am sure you have seen the recent articles in many Android blogs concerning the fragmention of Android. It’s a topic that comes up time and time again, including on this site.

In this article I’ll explain what fragmentation is, for those who aren’t quite sure, and also why Android users needn’t be concerned by it. (more…)

I expect you’ve seen DamnYouAutoCorrect before. (NSFW, in case you haven’t.) Screenshot after screenshot of embarrassing typos, all due to the auto-correct feature on the phone’s keyboard.

But why are most of the screenshots taken on iPhones?

Maybe the iPhone’s auto-correct is more prone to errors. Or mabye Android users don’t know how to take screenshots. Maybe Android users make even more typing mistakes than iPhone users, but they’re not usually very funny.

Personally, I find that I almost never make a mitsake when using the Gingerbread keyboard – or, at least, I never make a mistake that gets through to the other person. (I quite often hit “L” when I mean to hit backspace, though.) My iPhone-owning friends have told me that they often make errors because they don’t actually look at their messages before they hit Send. I guess they’re really in a hurry?

We do have a wealth of keyboards to choose from on Android, though I’m not sure whether that helps or hinders – I went through a period where I switched keyboard every few weeks, just after I’d got used to each, and that can’t have been good for my efficiency.

I’d like to know about your experiences here. Do you make a lot of mistakes? If so, are they with the stock keyboard, a hardware keyboard, or some special app? Vote in the poll and comment below to let us know!

…and we’re not talking about desserts. Read on to find out how to customise your Android 2.x handset to make it look like it’s running Android 4.0. (more…)

BlueStacks and AMD have teamed up to create an Android app player for Windows; it’s in alpha and could use some UI tune-ups but it delivers what it promises: Android apps running smoothly on Windows 7.

There’s a free and a pro version. The free version will be limited to only allow you to install 26 apps, while the pro version lets you install as many as you like. BlueStacks is first of its kind and I can only imagine what prospects it will have on touch screen Windows Devices like the upcoming Windows 8 tablets – and even the already present Windows Tablets, like the Acer Iconia W500. (more…)

With the success of Minecraft – having sold nearly 4 million copies, and having 15 million users – it’s picked up quite an amount of fans, many of whom wanted an Android version! Notch, the lead developer, obliged to this on 16th August, though to begin with the game was only available for the Xperia Play. Now it’s available on a wide range of Android phones (you can find the system requirements here).

But how well does the mouse-and-keyboard game to which many hours have been lost transfer to a small screen, touch controls, and a few minutes of play at the bus stop? (more…)

One of the greatest things about having a handheld device that’s connected to the Internet is having limitless information at your finger tips. We can look up who that guy from the movie we just saw is, or exactly when the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” came out. We can also get the latest news from the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the NY Times, and more.

One thing that was lacking was the ability to get local news. Well, search no more: News Selection gives us access to local newspapers from all around the world. If the newspaper has a website it’s likely listed here. (more…)

Mook The Comic (in 3D) is a quirky comic strip featuring an oddball alien named Mook, and his friends CLiK and Blog. The most noticeable boast from this app is that it features the ability to view the stories in either 2D or 3D, (the latter by the use of 3D glasses). The idea behind the app is that the developer/writer will produce three new strips every three weeks, each available via updates. But is Mook any good? And are Android devices the best platforms for reading comics? Read on to find out more… (more…)

My three favorite things in life are Android, football, and a steak cooked rare on a grill. Unfortunately, my phone hasn’t learned how to properly cook a steak. However, football and Android seem to have come together to give us Madden NFL 12, an app that will keep any football lover busy in between Sundays.

I am pulling out my Patriots jersey and trying out the game. Maybe this app will get me through all those commercial breaks throughout the season. (more…)

Halloween is fast approaching, bringing with it the many frivolities like trick or treating. However, being a seasonal event, there’s also a ton of great Android apps that go along with it, from the spooky to the fun. Today’s roundup is all about ghosts, zombies, vampires, and, er, pumpkins: virtual ouija boards, augmented reality ghost hunters, creepy ringtones – it’s all here! (more…)

All the buzz about Siri has got me thinking about Google Voice Actions. Remember those? Hold Search for a couple of seconds, and a dialog box will appear; you can then say something like “send text to Joe Bloggs: running late, meet you outside”, or “listen to: the Beatles”, or “note to self: pick up milk”. Here’s an article and video explaining how to Voice Actions, from August 2010.

Sam Cater talked about Iris – a proof-of-concept Android clone of Siri knocked together in a few hours – in this morning’s Opinion post. Iris is more proof (if proof were needed) that voice control is not a holy grail of technology, or even particularly hard to achieve these days. ViaVoice and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, two pieces of desktop software that allow speech transcription and voice-activated computer interaction, were first released in 1997.

It seems that this is a recurring fad; every now and then, pundits get super-excited about the potential future of this type of interface… and then all excitement fades away for another year or so. But is this because voice control is an idea that sounds better in theory than it is in practice, or have developers just not managed to do it right yet? (In which case, perhaps Siri will be the first to meet that potential.) Vote in the poll, and let us know in the comments why you do or don’t use Google Voice Actions. (Personally, I find it simpler to tap, swipe and type. Well, also, the phone has difficulties understanding my British accent.)

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