A few months ago, I wrote a round-up article detailing several utilities to help you make the most out of Dropbox on your Android. At the time the article was written, the only synchronization application I mentioned was Titanium Media Sync, which allowed continuous sync from the device to Dropbox folders, but unfortunately was limited to one-shot sync in the opposite direction. All similar utilities were limited by the same pitfall.

Today, things are different. Enter Dropsync, a client that finally brings a decent solution to this problem. (more…)

You can’t talk about automating your Android without mentioning Tasker, which basically allows you to fully automate your Android device based on your every whim.

Once Tasker is mentioned in conversation, there is usually discussion about how utterly powerful and flexible it is. Shortly after this, there is further discussion about how all this power resides in an app that is not all that user-friendly. There is some truth to this.

Tasker is insanely useful and configurable, but it can get overwhelming. However, I believe that anyone can understand and use Tasker without getting a second degree. We’ve previously covered the basic concepts and features of Tasker, so this post will go into detail on how to make Tasker work for you. (more…)

When I wrote my roundup of Android Twitter clients, there was a clear trend in the comments that I had neglected twicca, by Japanese developer Tetsuya Aoyama. I wasn’t really aware of twicca beforehand – I had seen it pop up on the Market from time to time but I had never really taken the time to download it and have a look at it for myself.

Since then, I’ve downloaded twicca and given it a good try – and I have to say, the results were pretty impressive, especially for an independent Twitter client. Let’s have a good look at twicca in a bit more detail. (more…)

Accepting credit card payments in your small business can be a huge hassle. However, with the average customer becoming less and less likely to have enough cash or a check handy, it is a necessary addition to any business. Square makes it easy, by allowing you to take credit card payments directly through your phone. And want to know the best part? The card reader and the app are both free!

Learn how Square will help expand your business, and allow you to reach a wider spectrum of customers, either in your store or on the go. (more…)

Over the last few years, mobile phones have very quickly moved from being a low-end casual gaming platform to challenging the console markets and threatening to overtake the top handheld gaming devices like the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. From the most basic of puzzle games like Sudoku and tic-tac-toe, to high-end action games like N.O.V.A 2 HD, the Android Market is full of options that cater to everyone’s tastes.

One style of games that spans pretty much every genre in the market is physics-based games. These are games where the environment and elements interact in a simulated real-life manner with mass, density and gravity all impacting the outcome of the gamer’s actions. The inherent touch-based interface of most new mobile games and the built-in accelerometers – which are pretty much a necessity in most phones these days – add to the overall experience in these games.

Let’s take a look at some of the best physics-based games on the Android Market. These belong to various genres and I’ve tried to bring about as much variety in these as possible while focusing on gameplay, ratings and popularity. (more…)

The Worms game series, with its turn-based 2D gameplay and hyper-destructive warfare, is amongst the most famous and popular ever created on PC or console; most people have played it at some point in their lives. But how well does the sixteen-year-old series adapt to small screens and touch controls? Read on for the full review!

Hey folks! I’m Jordan McNamara, the Community Manager for Envato and I wanted to share some exciting news with you about the Envato Marketplaces.

The 12th of September was an exciting day for me as a member of our thriving Marketplace community. I along with everyone here at Envato HQ watched eagerly as the global Marketplace member count steadily grew higher and higher and higher… We were close, very close to the 1,000,000 member milestone. With every page refresh the count grew higher and I began to reflect on just how staggering having 1,000,000 members really is and on just what a fantastic community everyone has helped to build here.


Google does a lot of great things. But they aren’t good at paying attention to detail, at least when it comes to Android. That’s totally opposite to what Apple does, focusing and polishing the little things. Android Market and iOS App Store are great examples of this conundrum. Google’s shortcomings with the Android Market and the exponential increase in Android adoption has attracted some key players to launch their own app stores. Now, it’s the turn of the crowd favorite GetJar.

GetJar is the world’s largest free app store with over two billion downloads to date. The company distributes more than 150,000 mobile applications across a variety of operating systems including Blackberry, Java, Symbian, Mobile Web and now, Android. Interested to know how great the new app store actually is?

I take it you caught this week’s big Android announcement? If not, check out my big overview from yesterday, in which I cover the news about the next version of Android and the new flagship phone.

What did you think? I quite like the look of the Galaxy Nexus, though it doesn’t seem like a world-beater to me. I guess that’s not the point, though – if it were leaps and bounds ahead of all other handsets, it wouldn’t make a very good flagship phone. Still, that’s not a huge criticism; it’s miles better than my HTC Desire, and looks like it’ll be a solid phone for a long time coming – in short, it deserves the Nexus name.

I’m very excited for Ice Cream Sandwich, though. The new concrete features are a little gimmicky and honestly not much that we haven’t seen before through custom apps, but the subtler changes – the new interface design, the approach to gestures, the way that even more parts of Android are opened up to developers – those are great.

What do you think? Vote in the poll and leave a comment to let us know!

There is no shortage of puzzle games in the Android Market, including a whole bunch of Bejeweled wannabes. The tried and tested gameplay of matching colored objects towards a variety of objectives can be pretty addictive if done well. Unfortunately, it’s a tired formula now, and finding good games that bring a fresh perspective to the sub-genre are rare to come by.

Wiz Kid Jr is a fairly new game that tries to do exatly that: take the tried and tested formula and add some interesting twists to it. I have no clue why they decided to call it that, but it doesn’t really matter I guess. The real question is, does it succeed at maintaining the balance between complexity and accessibility well enough? (more…)

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