Viber Provides Free and Easy Calls and Messages

Viber is a fresh, new, and easy-to-use take on VoIP calling from your Android device. It allows you to call and text anyone free and clear anywhere on the globe as long as you both have the Viber app and a data or Wi-Fi connection. With more than 40 million users on both Android and iPhone, Viber remains completely free and without advertising. While VoIP from a mobile device is not a new concept and is a crowded field to be in, Viber is still able to stand out. This is because of its design, implementation, and the fact that you just can’t beat free.

Registration and Finding Your Friends

The very first thing that caught my attention with Viber is the signup process. If there is one thing I hate, it’s filling out forms and typing in passwords on a mobile device. Even on a desktop or laptop, I much prefer one-click signup options. With Viber, they’ve put some thought into the signup process, basically eliminating it entirely.

You don’t need another username and password. Viber simply allows you to use your phone number as your “identity” on their network. On the same note, you’re able to call your friends using their phone number. So, not only do you avoid having to remember yet another login, but you can easily connect with your friends on Viber without having to know anything but their phone number.

Viber Contacts

This implementation of the registration process makes it seamless for new users to start using Viber. You need no technical skills or knowledge of how it all works behind the scenes to get up and running. It also eliminates the issue of finding your friends once you’ve activated Viber as all you need is their phone number. If you have friends that are not on Viber, you can invite them in a couple of taps and they can be up and running in a matter of seconds.

Along those same lines, there is no need to import, upload, or add new Viber contacts. Viber automatically integrates with your Android contacts and tags those people in your phone book who are using Viber. I was surprised to see how many of my contacts were already using Viber when I had only just heard of it.

Making and Receiving Calls

Viber runs in the background on your device without draining your battery, so you won’t miss any call from your Viber contacts. You can optionally display a persistent notification to remind you that it’s available. When making calls, you have a few options: you can launch the Viber app from your home screen, your app drawer, or a persistent notification. From there, you can either dial a number directly or choose from your Viber contacts.

Viber Call

You can also set Viber as the default for making phone calls on your device. What’s cool about using Viber this way is that it automatically handles the situation if the person you’re calling doesn’t have Viber. In that case, the call will be placed like a regular call using your cellular provider and plan, so you don’t have to remember who actually has Viber. Of course, you definitely want to invite your friends to Viber so that you can save those plan minutes.

Sending and Receiving Messages

While you’re saving your minutes making calls with Viber, you can save your messages through Viber too. It provides a threaded conversation view that will remind you of most instant messaging applications. It’s also a lot like messaging on a certain other platform.

Threaded Messaging with Images

Each message you send can optionally include your location. Viber also includes the ability to send images by either choosing from your photo gallery or snapping a new image. As you can see in the screenshot, there is also a Free Call button that will allow you to quickly initiate a VoIP call if messaging turns out to be insufficient for the moment.

Viber Message Alert

One nice touch about the Viber messaging feature is the notifications. When you receive a new message, you are alerted by your standard Android notifications in your notification bar, but there is also a alert window that allows you to view and respond to the new message without missing a beat.

Call Quality

In my testing of Viber, call quality was excellent on both ends. According to Viber, their “cutting edge technology ensures HD sound quality that is much better than GSM or a regular phone call” and it’s pretty obvious they have something special going on there. I’ve tried numerous VoIP solutions on Android and Viber definitely comes out on top for quality in my book.

Final Thoughts

Viber is ahead of the game due to their ease of registration alone. It’s easy to sign up, painless to locate your friends, and can be integrated into your daily routine without a second thought. Viber’s free calling is going to be most useful to those frequently connected to Wi-Fi as that is where you get the most bang for your buck: no minutes or data used on your calling plan. If you’re running low on minutes and don’t use much data, you also come out on top by using Viber for voice calls.

Keep in mind, Viber also comes in handy for international calling. As long as both parties have the Viber app and an Internet connection, it doesn’t matter where on earth they happen to be standing. The call will still be free thanks to Viber. Standard text messaging and picture messaging via Viber will also be a huge benefit depending on your situation.

I found Viber reliable for the most part. I had a couple of force closes, but nothing I couldn’t chalk up to my own device as I didn’t have similar oddities on a stock Incredible 2 that I tested it on. With the easy setup, excellent call quality, and instant message notifications, there really is no reason not to give Viber a try.


Viber lets you make free phone calls and send text messages to anyone that also has the application installed.

  • Betto

    It’s not working on ICS anymore! Does not even start up. It’s a shame, it was really good on gingerbread. Hope they fix this soon enough

    • mohit nilawar

      why this app cant accept the code that u hv massage me
      so this app can not run on my cell

  • dt

    I found it to be a serious battery drain and uninstalled it, audio lag is a pain too, shame :(

  • SrTapir

    Big problems for me too.

    Not working on ICS. Found on Tango the big solution for VOIP.

  • Viber

    Hi there,
    This is a member of Viber’s development team.

    Thanks for this awesome review! WOW!
    We are always happy to receive our users’ feedback. :)

    @Betto and @SrTapir – We’re doing our best to release the ICS update ASAP, please stay tuned on FB for updates.

    @dt – What device you have?
    Please make sure that Viber is the cause for the battery drain by isolating Viber (having no other apps running) on a device with stock ROM (custom ROMs may cause this problem).
    We conduct strict testings in our labs with several devices and other than when making a call (when it is natural for the battery to be used), we did not came across any significant battery drain when Viber was simply running in the background. Furthermore, over the course of over 15 hours, on average the battery use was only 2%.
    You can find additional information on tests performed by Viber users themselves, which show similar results, at:

    If anyone has questions about Viber – feel free to ask me.

    Viber Team

    • kneex.bautista

      can i install viber on my samsung corby 2?

      • Viber

        Unfortunately Viber does not support Samsung Corby 2 :(

        For a full list of our officially supported devices, please check out the page on our HelpDesk:

      • Thomas moore

        yes you can

        • hershey

          i already install viber to my samsung corby 2 bt i can’t make a call to my friend who also have a viber. I also don’t have a viber icon in my cp… can u pls help me…

          • Lady G

            How did you install it?? Help me please…

        • Lady G


    • shadi

      dear i installed the viber on my iphone ( iphone 4) and my fiancee has another i phone 4s
      and when i tried to call her or she tried to call me there is a message appairing and said this contact does not have a viber yet ,i reinstalled for her and i installed mine but still gaves me same message (this contact does not have a viber yet )
      plz advise me what to do

    • Arela

      Is it free still if the other person your calling doesn’t have viber?

    • Roane

      I just loooove the app for its versatility and ease of use, but I’m an iPhone user & am experiencing difficulty receiving calls from a contact who has an Android. She can hear me (complete with all background noises), but I can’t hear a thing from her end.

    • A

      Hi, my galaxy note was working perfectly until a few days ago. I can make calls and people other part can hear me but I can’t hear anything. Tried to uninstall and install but No luck. Same issue. Messaging is fine. Thanks.

    • Ernie Mitchell

      After installing Viber on my Samsung Galaxy GT 15800 the battery drain was horrendous and re-charging was taking at least ten times longer than normal (not an exaggeration!). My fully charged phone was left unused overnight and seven hours later the battery was almost completely drained i.e. the low battery alert was showing. It then took six hours to re-charge whilst still switched on (my normal phone usage is quite low and thirty minutes each night is usually sufficient). Viber App has now been removed and my phone is back to normal.

      Attempts to remove the App via the Viber menu were also problematic with each attempt being blocked showing a “try again later”, message. I then used the phone settings to remove it.

      Not a good experience!

    • josephine

      I´m having problems installing viber. When I´m to enter my country and phone number a box appears saying: please make sure that your internet connection is enabled and connected, and try again. I am connected to internet! I have a Nokia N97

    • theresa mboge

      please please ive downloaed it to my nokia lumia 610 and to my sony expiria J and its only texting not calling im on all u can eat data 3g i really need your help ive called providers of my phone they say its fine to get a helpline number has its ok my phones its the viber not allowing me to call just text

    • http://.. nemo

      i cant find the perfect web to download viber for samsung corby 2, can you help me?

    • colleen

      I downloaded the app and can text but cannot make calls. I live in Gatineau Quebec and my son is in australia – he has viber also

      please help me!!!!

    • colleen

      I just emailed u – forgot to mention I downloaded on Blackberry curve – my son has an I phone

  • Nick

    Please fix for ICS…especially the Xoom. Great app when it was working.

  • hashiim

    Please add feature to indicate whether a contact is available online or not. I have mentioned this elsewhere too. It’s a deal breaker for me if it keeps ringing but the contact is nowhere near online or even has uninstalled the app!

  • rizk

    is there anyway to add feature like group chat? i’ve been using Viber since the first time on Android. and by the way, thank you

  • alfonso

    in your review you forgot to mention the annoying bug that every single time you open viber, your android start to sync everything, you cant choose the wifi sleep policy(when the screen is off) becasue viber will keep alive wifi like crazy, thos bugs have been reported a lot of times, and viber has done NOTHING about it, YES is a great app, but they have to pay attention more to the people that ARE USING IT, i dont think they deserve a 10. in the end the app still have bugs.

  • Alberti

    ICS update comin soon

  • http://beyroutliban mirma

    like viber

  • naqib

    hi sir i had a i phone that was great i was working with viber on that but now i do not have that so plz can u make it avilible for my computer that would be the greatest

  • anne

    i am plannning to buy an android phone,one of my reasons is i like to have this application..will this work without a wifi connection?is wifi connection really necessarry..a rply would be greatly appreciated..thank you

  • yen

    i love viber it saves my money for long distance…any where any time …..thanks viber

  • Kolkor

    excellent application when I will leave for blackberry?

  • Viber

    Hi guys!

    @hashiim and @rizk-Unfortunately those features are not available.
    We are always happy to hear our users ideas! Feel free to add your request here:–feature :)

    Regarding the sync issue-Viber was designed to sync all the time in order to keep your contact list up-to-date.
    Regarding WiFI issue- the Viber application works like a regular mobile phone. Viber needs to be connected to the Internet in order to send and receive calls and texts. When your Wifi is asleep, and Viber is still open, Viber makes use of the WiFi in order to establish an internet connection. However, if you turn off Wifi, Viber will not turn it back on. In other words, Viber only searches for a WiFi connection if the WiFi option is enabled on your device. Putting WiFi to sleep is not actually disabling it.

    @naqib and Kolkor- Viber for PC and BB is under development these days!We hope to have good news soon 😉

    Thank you for the good feedback!

    We are here for any further question :)

    Viber Team

    • DS

      Does the putting wi-fi to sleep apply to both parties? ie my phone and my friends phone so one can call the other and the other can receive when called?

  • http://niceoneviber ahmad


  • waadnyak.kawi


  • http://11 kaycee

    I’m confused!

  • Renu

    I have MB511 Motorole Blur phone and the viber doesn’t seem to connect more than couple of seconds. I can’t hear other person’s voice. What could be wrong?

  • Tarika

    Does Viber have a texting website

  • Bubba

    Does Viber still seem to make the call even if the person I’m calling has no internet connection?

  • Rekha

    my viber is connected but difficulti can’t make calls only messaging.internet is also connected.wifi is also connected when i call .only bell rings but no answer. This happens when i receive.After 2 bells automatically call ends.

  • Joan Ramsay

    I am new to Viber, I have an HTC Desire and I am wanting to call family in Australia. When I call them, I can hear them but they cannot hear me, The same happens if they call me. The microphone icon on the Viber screen is shown as muted but I have not done that and I cannot “unmute” it. Hope this makes sense. Many thanks
    Joan Ramsay

  • Karen

    Can i receive calls and text from another viber user even if i am not connected to the internet?

  • shopno valobasha

    i can’t hearing incoming call . please help me .

  • Mr.Maung Hla

    can i install viber on my Nokia E71

  • Sarieh

    Hey all,
    Is there any way to save all the messages from viber ( I have around 5000)+
    I have some information there that I want to keep them

  • arjun

    hey! i just installed it and it’s asking me for an internet connection to make calls and send sms , though it shouldn’t. and when i do have a connection i still can’t make any calls coz it’s getting engaged every timee..Also , on others phone it’s on written “viber” on my me..

  • dana


  • Vince

    My problem is when I call the person they can’t hear me but I can hear them!

    Do you know how to fix this problem?

  • mahsa

    I have Viber in my android and i like too much but i have a question when you turn of you phone and turn it on again you have to start the viber by clicking on it .
    how can i customize the setting for auto start up my cellphone is galaxy Y GT 5360

  • mee

    my viber works with sms pretty well. and in calls i think…
    but when it comes to a photo message, always sending failed. why?
    i have an android ICS version.

  • Autumn

    I have the new galixy 3s and love viber since my husband deployed to Korea. The only problem I have is when I am in the app and choose to take a picture to send to him the pictures don’t always save to my phone. It’s almost like it picks and chooses what it wants to save. I would suggest adding a feature to where you can touch the picture that was taken, or sent, and be able to save it manualy (so to speak). I do not want to have to take 2 pictures to make sure that I have a copy as well. Please help, if you can, so I can retrieve the pictures not saved. Thanks so much! :)

  • Ma naulu

    I have a GT-S5230 SAMSUNG.i can’t sem to download ur application,pliz help

  • Nancy

    The quality of call is awful. Most days than not I have a terrible connection when making calls via viber….

  • kim clark

    hi me and my boyfriend have installed viper , on my boyfriends contacts i am showing up as on viper, but on mine he is not showing up as on viper, i dont know why can any boady help please………………………………………………………

  • DS

    It tricky as I may on wi-fi at a hotspot, but if my friend is not, so we still can’t call each other…

  • nino

    i downloaded viber and my friends could see that i have it but i didnt see any of my contacts that had viber and didnt have the call option it was only text.i did everything right with do i get it to work cuz i finally found sth i like:(

  • fadi

    hey! i just want to know is it work in syria

  • Ppkh

    When Viber will be enhanced to capture friends’ last login time into viber? Like how whatsapp did?
    Besides, the profile photo cannot be clicked to view bigger…
    And when can send video files too?
    If the above can be enhanced, think most ppl will leave whatsapp for viber.

  • ူWin ko ko

    want to my SAMSUNG GALAXY Gio,,now! thank …

  • waqar butt

    Need download on my blackberry

  • EUL

    Hello there, I’ve read the posts about how we can’t install the app for corby 2, but is there any other way to do it? like maybe installing it using other softwares (like TKFE) or any other similar softwares? thanks in advance 😉

  • http://Myanmar Zin Nwe

    My Phone is HUAWEI Android T8620 . For this Phone I want viber

  • liza

    if phone is switched off for a few days, will it still receive and hold new tests until switched on again.. thanks

  • tg

    I dont have text plan but i have unlimited data plan. so if i text using viber, is it gonna be free? even internationally?

  • http://whatsthatmean theresa

    well i want to say ive viber on both my mobile 3g networks its allowing me to text and to not call out ive a sony experia J and ive the nokia lumia 610 windows phone something is wrong here driving me mad

  • theresa mboge

    my viber is not working on my nokia 610 only for texting and the same has on my sony experia J only texting can someone help me please

  • Anni

    Messages my friend receives from others are showing up in my Viber even though they are not my contacts. How can I disable this?

  • Marylle

    hi… I accidentally deactivate my viber accnt then when i activate it again i cant receive any code via sms and also a call.. i tried to uninstall it and install it again same thing.. what will i do now ?? please help! :(

  • http://pop4pop pop


  • http://help lucy

    hey can some one send me the viber link my ? my number is 07977093402

  • etienne

    I don’t want Viber running all the time in background, I want to decide when to use it.
    Viber is automatically launched at startup, there should be an option to avoid this.

    I tried to use a killer app without success.
    I know I can quit viber manually after boot, but I don’t want to do this at every restart.

    So I will uninstall viber.

  • samantha douglas

    Hi I have Viber on my HTC Desire C and it is very temperamental, on most occasional of using Viber it wont let me call out saying Viber service is currently unavailable or blocked, please try later. I will try another time and it will work, at this current moment it isnt working, please help.

  • Sammy Kariui

    I’ve installed viber in my samsung galaxy ace but the setup process is not completing. After i enter my number the next step doesn’t go through. Please advice.

  • princess me

    I have a HTC desire phone. After the last viber update, whenever a contact of mine who is also on viber sends me a text, I get both a text and a viber message. It’s kind of annoying, how can I stop this? I only need the message once! :)

    Thank you!!!!

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  • win971993

    is viber is also available for my samsung corby 2?

  • Pat

    Just downloaded onto Samsung Note 2, now have 2 Viber icons on screen. Also received a 4-digit code, but not clear where to enter it. Used messaging and seems to work fine.

  • osama


  • gelareh

    i used to have viber but i accidently uninstalled it and when i reinstall i don’t get the code.what should i do?

  • Ghig

    I use a Note 2 and I just installed the Viber App. For some reason, I see two Viber shortcut icons on my App page? Also I did receive my confirmation code as a text message but I don’t see the Viber window where I can enter the code. Is this normal? Thanks.

  • disqus_XsbMBYYv96

    viber is being blocked, i don’t know if its because of my mobile which is a galaxy ace, whatapps and all other apps work but viber won’t , why?

  • khine

    Why i can’t hear the voice when they answer my call,but they can hear very clearly from myanmar by using viber call,i called from phone is Lumia 610 7.8.

  • Ellie Norman

    So viber calls doesn’t use up my minutes? Or do they?

  • lori

    do my calls and messages go to my icloud as well

  • lori

    also if I download viber on my iphone does it automatically go to my ipad and if my husband has a ipad and iphone will it go right to their phone as well