Share Your Love of Food With These Apps

One of our basic necessities in life is food. And in this digital age, many people have sought to share the meals they’re eating across social networking apps such as Instagram. Personally, I can’t go one day on Instagram without seeing someone tag #foodporn on one of their uploaded pictures.

However, there are apps dedicated to food and nothing but food. In this article, I’m going to look at three different applications that will help you chronicle your culinary journeys and share your love of beautiful food. The apps concerned are Foodspotting, Evernote Food and Burpple. Read on to find out which one of these is for you.

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Foodspotting is the first-released and most popular of all three apps in this article, so it has a reputation to live up to.

Upon opening the app, it will automatically find your location. However, you need to make sure you have turned on your location settings, if not you’ll find yourself like me, staring at your device for five minutes wondering why the app is taking so long to start up.

The front page of Foodspotting is easy to follow and navigate around.

The front page of Foodspotting is easy to follow and navigate around.

Once the app has configured itself, there will be a feed of pictures from nearby restaurants. You can favourite, read reviews, and get directions to the location by tapping on each photo. You can even write reviews of individual meals for others to view.

To add your own pictures, there is a camera button at the top of the page. After settling on the right shot, by taking a new photo or choose an existing one from your library, you can pick where you spotted the dish, the name and then a brief description. On the final page you have options to add to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare or Flickr.

Foodspotting displays recipes from the local area on the front page.

Foodspotting displays recipes from the local area on the front page.

Foodspotting has a big audience already so you’re more likely to find friends and reviews on this application. However, there are a lot of other apps which follow the same structure, so you can try them out and settle on the one that’s popular in your area.

Evernote Food

Evernote has a large range of websites and apps, with the most significant being their notetaking program. However, they also have a great recipe service called Evernote Food to help you share and learn new recipes all the time.

The first thing you have to do is sign in with your existing Evernote account. If you don’t possess one already, I would highly recommend signing up since you are then able to save favourites and add your own meals to the app.

Evernote Food has my favourite interface of the three apps.

Evernote Food has my favourite interface of the three apps.

On launching the app, you’ll be brought to a main page with four different tabs: Explore Recipes, My Cookbook, Restaurants and My Meals.

Explore Recipes lets you scroll/search through thousands of dishes. Clicking on a dish will show you pictures and a recipe to match, along with options to share it with your favourite social networks. Favouriting any of these recipes will add them to your notebooks in the Evernote application.

Through Restaurants, you can find local establishments, and tapping on one will bring up a map, address, phone number and pictures taken by other users.

Adding a picture is quick and easy.

Adding a picture is quick and easy.

However, the most important part of this app is the My Meals section. Tapping on the + sign at the top of the page will bring you to a creation page. Here, you can add details and pictures about your meal for others to see.

With Evernote Food, you can share the meals you experience all over the world, show friends and family the meals you enjoyed as well as look at food in advance at a restaurant you are considering visiting. The app has an easy to follow interface and achieves its objective perfectly.


The first requirement for Burpple is signing in for an account, which you can either through Facebook or a standard email address and password.

Burpple works similarly to Twitter, with a feed of updates from other users. You can find your friends — who are already signed up for the service — quickly through your address book, Facebook or even Twitter. Once you start following people, their food pictures will appear on your feed.

Adding pictures on Burpple is just as easy.

Adding pictures on Burpple is just as easy.

At all times while using Burpple, you have a camera icon in the top corner. Tap it and you can choose to “Share your food moment” from either your camera or gallery. Add a Title, Place and a Description, and you can even add it to one of your “Boxes.” This is a great feature where you differentiate the food you add into different categories. Burpple offers some default boxes such as “Value For Money” and “Healthy” but you do have the option to create your own.

A great feature I love with Burpple is “Instagram Connect.” By activating it in the settings, you can sync your Instagram shots with Burpple. This is done by putting the #burpple hashtag in your photos, which will automatically sync your Instagram food photos to Burpple.

Burpple adopts a pink interface.

Burpple adopts a pink interface.

Burpple is a great app that is easy  and allows users to effectively add many recipes to the database. The app has some interesting extra features and works brilliantly.


Evernote Food and Foodspotting are very similar applications that work by allowing you to share food from the restaurants that you visit on your travels. Burpple, my favourite app, allows you to show your own homemade recipes and for someone who doesn’t venture out for meals often, this app will be used far more than the other two.

Do you have any favourite food sharing app? Let us know below which one that is and why.

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