Episodes: Track Your Favorite TV Shows

I imagine my arrival at the pearly gates will be a grumpy one. Not because I’ll be displeased at my own demise; with advances in modern medicine I’ll probably dodge coffins past 100 and be mighty proud of myself for achieving such a span. I’ll be ticked off because I’m missing my favourite shows while St. Peter (or whoever mans the post) and I have the obligatory chat. You see the idiot box and I are good old pals, even if we get on each other’s nerves once in a while.

Keeping track of what shows you want to watch, and their various series, seasons and episodes, can get annoying. ‘What episode is this?’, ‘When’s the finale?’ and ‘What time does ‘House’ start at?’ are questions that pass through my mind regularly. If only there was one of those new-fangled apps I hear so much about…

And lo, the powers that be created Episodes: an Android app that keeps track of the shows you watch and how they’re progressing. Joe Casabona talked about Episodes before, when comparing it to three other TV apps; in this article, we’re going to focus entirely on just the one.

Episodes, created by Nadav Fima takes on the hefty task of corralling the vast realm of TV shows onto you mobile phone. Of the thousands of shows available, you search for and select those you watch or intend to.


I’ll put this bluntly as possible, mostly because it mirrors how bluntly and blatantly obvious it became almost instantly that Episodes wasn’t going to work for me: I instantly disliked Episodes. Why? Because I live in Ireland, which I’ll admit as a small nation wouldn’t be on the top of my list to support when developing an app, but a warning would have been nice before I shelled out the cash.

Good show selection but poor European support

Good show selection but poor European support

I watch The Simpsons. As many people do across the world. The app had support for the show complete with episode guides and plenty of images. But the only times available were for the FOX channel in the US. I was sorely disappointed. I tried in vain to find any show relating to countries such as France, Ireland and Germany. The UK is supported a little, but only with shows which are primarily British. Foreign shows run into the same brick wall as above.

So from here on out I’ll continue to review this app from the point of somebody that lives in the States. If you call some other land your home then look elsewhere. Or emigrate.

Neat 'Show' screen and episodes list

Neat 'Show' screen and episodes list

Now that I was on East Coast time (at least in my mind anyway) the app started to work the way I had expected. Every show I could think of (and regional ones I had to research to really put the app to the test) were supported. This is due to TV Rage supplying the app with listings and show information. They do great work, I must say, and integrate well with the app.

Navigation is easy given the small number of menus (in a good way) and the pull to refresh is a nice addition that was made in a recent update. You can mark particular episodes as ‘Watched’ so you always know how far you are into a series. Adding a show is as easy as pressing the search icon in the top right hand corner, entering the name of a show, selecting the appropriate result, and then adding it to your shows.

Force closes

Force closes

It can be a little buggy at times and I got a couple of force closes whilst searching for and adding shows. Bummer.


Episodes looks okay. The colour scheme is mostly grey with dashes of red here and there, as you can see. The pages of individual shows I quite like, as they’re full of graphics and images. The home screen (the list of your shows) is a little bland in my opinion and could do with sprucing up. After all, the app concerns watching TV, not reading the Sunday business section.

Neat but maybe a little bland

Neat but maybe a little bland

I do like how the list on the home screen allows quite large spaces for each show to display additional information and not make selecting a show like picking a lock. The menu along the bottom of the screen when checking out an individual show is also well done, easy to use, looks good and keeps out of the way by being quite skinny.


Scan to Download

Scan to Download

So what do I think of Episodes as an app? It’s a tough one. The new found New Yorker in me quite likes it. He thinks it has heaps of potential, especially with the likes of TV Rage giving support. Irish me isn’t letting the minimal compatibility with Europe slide that easily however. An Android Market warning would have been nice. Episodes would definitely work its way into my ‘use every day’ batch of apps if they updated it with support for Europe.

It is useful, though — particularly if you’re a fan of watching series as opposed to just dropping in front of the TV and seeing what’s on right there and then. It’s easy to use and better than your average TV guide app.

I’d recommend this app as it currently stands to TV fans in the US and would gladly write up a further review should they decide to support other locations more thoroughly. My overall point is that it works well and don’t let my initial disappointment persuade you otherwise. Episodes helps you organise your TV shows and even acts as an impromptu fan’s guide (reading up on old episodes of TV shows). It’s well worth the $0.99 price tag and the small amount of time it takes to set it up with your favorite shows; ready to keep you posted at all times.


Episdoes is an application which lets you keep track of your favourite TV shows. You can mark episodes as watched, check out summaries, ratings and be notified of missed episodes. Unfortunately, it only has minimal international support.

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  • http://nadavfima.com Nadav Fima

    Hi there,
    This is Episodes’ developer.

    Unfortunately, I cannot include international scheduling for the shows, as TVRage only supports the original airdate/airtime of the show. (TheTVDB is the same…)
    For American shows, it’s usually eastern time, for British shows it’s GMT 0 and etc.

    I hate it too. I do NOT live in the States. I work with what I’ve got :-)

    Regarding the Force Closes – most of them were fixed (I’m talking about version 1.6.1 and 1.6.2).
    Unfortunately, as Google have some trouble with their Market Developer Console, I can’t upload 1.6.2 yet.

    1.6 does give a bit of a refresh to the UI, and so will the upcoming 1.7.

    Best Regards,
    Nadav Fima.

    • http://www.deansherwin.com Dean Sherwin

      Thanks for filling us in!

      A mention of lack of EU support in the Android market would go a long way for you in terms of customer satisfaction levels.

      Good luck with future versions all the same.


    • Android user

      Hi, maybe im here too late because it’s old post but your app is great and i can’t use it :/. There are a bug – when i start your app and add some of my shows that i like everythink is okay but when i quit app and want to launch it again it won’t launch. It just give notification like “Episodes for android are refreshing data” or something like that. Please fix it :(. I have HTC Desire with Android 2.3.3.

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  • Luna

    Ребята , подскажите , кто знает или сталкивался.

    Есть желание приобрести колечко с бриллиантом массой от карата, но знаю , что это стоит очень дорого и мне не по карману.

    Но слышала , что существуют облагороженные бриллианты, которые ничем не отличаются от обычных, но стоят меньше в

    три раза.

    Кто-нибудь вообще держал такие в руках, они правда прекрасны ?

  • http://episodesapp.com Nial Giacomelli

    Hi there,

    This is the developer of Episodes for the iPhone (http://episodesapp.com/). Looks as though your application borrows very heavily from ours.

    Would have been nice to credit your sources. We worked hard to make Episodes look nice, and it seems you worked hard to rip it off.

    Any comment?

    • http://michaeljameswilliams.com/ Michael James Williams

      Hi Nial,

      This isn’t the website of the app’s developer, it’s just a review. I would recommend messaging the developer through their site to sort this out. Thanks!

      • http://nial.me Nial Giacomelli

        Hello Michael,

        I’m aware of that, thank you. I’ve contacted the developer privately. I’m a fan of AppStorm and wanted readers to know what kind of product/developer they were dealing with.


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