10 Reasons You Should Try CyanogenMod 7 and 5 Tricks to Stick With It

When I first got my HTC Desire Z, I was in love, awestruck at the beautiful Sense interface and the numerous tweaks HTC had done to take the Android experience to the next level. However, as I went about installing my plethora of apps, games and widgets (over a hundred, I am a junkie), Sense started getting in the way instead of improving my experience. The home screen would restart every few hours; every tap took longer to register; screen rotation when sliding open the keyboard went on for ages; and the whole phone felt like it was struggling to get by.

CyanogenMod 7 (CM7), a Gingerbread-based stock Android ROM, had been on my radar for a while. It’s currently available for 28 devices, old and new, tablets and phones, including the Nexus One, HTC Incredible, HTC Hero, LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy S, and Nook Color. Since my Desire Z was rooted, I decided to give it a shot. Lo and behold, a breath of fresh air swooped through my phone and it felt brand new without the clunky, RAM-hungry, processor-intensive Sense layer. Two months later, I am a convert, for several reasons which I’ll recount below.

10 Reasons To Try CyanogenMod 7

1. Themes

If you’re big on personalization, then you must look at the color of the Android status bar icons, selection boxes, highlight texts, and wonder why can’t you change any of them. After all, a new wallpaper can only go so far in refreshing the look of your handset. With Theme Chooser baked into CM7, you can pick by default one of three available themes, or download any of the CM7 themes available in the Android Market. I’m personally a fan of the work of UpwardSpiral, who provides several colored free themes. I can switch through them every week, and it’s almost like I have a brand new phone every time.

Theme Chooser And Cyanbread Theme

Theme Chooser and Cyanbread Theme

2. Lockscreen Gestures

CM7 comes with several tweaks for the lockscreen — including music controls, several lock styles, unlocking with the trackball if your phone has one — but the winning feature is the gesture support. Simply wake your phone and draw a gesture on your lockscreen, and a plethora of actions are accessible: opening an application, toggling the flashlight or sound, dialing or messaging a contact, getting maps directions… It’s brilliantly simple and it’s a huge time saver.

For example, if I draw a C on my lockscreen, it opens the Camera. No longer do I need to unlock my phone, look for the Camera icon, and then tap to launch it. A “G” opens the Gallery, an “S” opens SoundHound, a circle toggles the flashlight… Basically, the sky is the limit, and I have set it to the actions that I don’t necessarily use frequently (the homescreen is for that), but that I usually need super quickly.

Lockscreen Gestures

Lockscreen Gestures

3. Eye Candy

Other than themes, there are some cool animation effects in CM7. For example, you can set the screen to play the CRT animation available on the Nexus S when it’s switching off and on. You can also set the overscroll effect to glow or bounce, so when you scroll a bit too quickly and reach the end of a list, it signals that to you. Another neat trick is allowing you to rotate the screen 180 degrees, so you can even use your phone upside down.

4. Phone Goggles

Nothing to do with Google Goggles; this is for those who know they get drunk at times, or would really like to avoid dialing someone’s number or messaging them by mistake. Goggles is for that. It’s like a second check on your outgoing calls and messages to prevent you from doing something you might regret later on.

5. Speed

I wouldn’t be a fan of CM7 if not for its speed. For all its tweaks and options, it’s amazing how fast it runs. Even with over 115 applications installed right now, and several of them running, I have 192MB free RAM, and my phone doesn’t slow down, reboot or restart the home process when I open a new application. It sounds simple, but the Desire Z only has a 800MHz processor, and it crawled under Sense. For example, opening the Applications list under Settings used to take over a minute when I was running Sense; now it takes less than 5 seconds.

6. Input Tweaks

Other than haptic feedback personalization, you can set the behavior behind long-pressing the home button to either open an application, or show 8, 12 or 15 of your recent applications. You can also change the search key behavior to launch an application on a short press or a long press. I have personally left the search button intact on a short press as I use it way too often, but a long press launches Twitter, which is one of my most used applications that I’d often like to switch to quickly.

12 Recent Applications And Modified Search Key Behavior

12 Recent Applications and Modified Search Key Behavior

7. Browse Incognito

CM7 brings several improvements to the Android browser, including instantly reflowing the text if you pinch to zoom; inverting the colors for less power usage on AMOLED screens; and selecting a user agent to open pages as if you’re on a Mac, an iPhone, or even IE6. However, the stellar feature is the Incognito mode, which is like the feature of the same name on Chrome, or Private Browsing mode on Firefox. Simply said, it won’t keep track of your browsing or downloading history or your cookies.

8. Notification Bar Power Widget

If you’re as much of a control freak as me, you’ll want to keep tabs on how your phone acts at any given time. WiFi, bluetooth, data, brightness, and other toggles need to be readily accessible, and CM7 brings that to your notification bar. You can set how many toggles appear there, their color, order, and whether or not the notification screen closes after you toggle something. It’s a power user’s dream come true.

Notification Bar Power Widget

Notification Bar Power Widget

9. Performance Improvements

Other than the obvious speed improvements that CM7 brings you out of the box, it also allows you to set the CPU usage and profiles on your phone, for either high performance or a more conservative usage, for example. You can also lock the home screen and the messaging application in the memory so they don’t close if you ever run low on RAM.

10. Features For The Geeks

If the above doesn’t sound geeky enough for you, try looking at what CM7 offers in terms of OpenVPN and DSP Equalizer. Unfortunately, I am not knowledgeable on either of these, but if you’re interested in audio performance or tunneling and VPN tweaking, then this might be right up your alley.

5 Tricks to Stick With CyanogenMod 7

One of the downsides of CM7 that I instantly noticed the moment I flashed it on, was how pathetic the stock Android applications are compared to Sense. Now, you might like the stock effect of CM7, but you have to agree that it’s too boring and many simple functions are just not there. That might even be enough for you to run back screaming to the closest Sense or modded ROM available. Well, that was my instinct, but I learned to live with CM7 thanks to the tricks below.

1. Get a Predictive Dialer

It boggles my mind that there is no predictive dialer in Android. Samsung has it in their TouchWiz, HTC has it in their Sense, so I assumed it was there. Well, it isn’t. Apparently Google expects you to remember the phone numbers of everyone, or open Contacts to call them.

There are many smart dialers on the Market: I searched and installed and removed over 15 of them until I found “the one”: TouchPal Dialer. It’s free, it looks gorgeously clean and it has an integrated call log and contacts viewer. Basically, it’s what a modern phone’s dialer application should be like. Another beautiful alternative is AContact.

TouchPal Dialer

TouchPal Dialer

2. Get QuickPic or Picturen Lite

The Android Gallery is painfully slow, and even that is an understatement. I have copied images to my SD card and never saw them in the Gallery until I rebooted. I have modified folders, moved images, and the changes never appeared in the Gallery. Well, that’s a thing of the past with QuickPic that we reviewed earlier. Right now, it’s my default gallery application, and it works beautifully fast, with a clean UI, the possibility to hide folders and small image editing options. Picturen Lite is a disturbingly similar application, except it lacks the multiple selection option of QuickPic. Both are free, so it wouldn’t hurt to try them.

3. Get Alternatives if You’re Big on Calendar, Messaging or Music

I barely use SMS anymore — it’s been replaced by Gtalk and WhatsApp — but I’ve heard wonders about Handcent SMS and GO SMS. As for Calendar, I personally vouch for Business Calendar, a wonderful calendar replacement application that syncs with your Google Calendar and offers a much nicer UI and way more functions than the default Calendar application. And when it comes to Music, PlayerPro won my heart thanks to its automatic album art download, grid view, and ratings. For other alternatives, you might want to check our previous article about customizing every aspect of your Android experience.

Business Calendar And PlayerPro

Business Calendar and PlayerPro

4. Never Stop Tweaking

Thanks to the oodles of options in CM7, you’ll keep on discovering features and enjoying them. Remind yourself to check your lockscreen gestures every couple of weeks to make sure they are relevant and to add new gestures if the need arises. Also, themes are a wonderful way of keeping your device fresh. Get several CM7 themes and several ADW themes, mix and match, change wallpapers, change your widgets… Go for a minimalist view at times, or a very powerful icons-everywhere look at others. There’s something for everyone and CM7’s advantage is to allow you to switch your device’s personality when you reach that boredom/envy stage where you feel that you badly want a new phone without really needing it.

Different Looks Thanks To CM7 And ADW Themes

Different looks, thanks to CM7 and ADW themes

5. Fill It With Software

The beauty of CM7 is that it can take a beating and still hold strong. No longer should you worry about RAM or speed, even if you have an older generation device. Want several running widgets on your home screen? Get that. How about many games? No one will stop you. CM7 will even allow you to move applications to the SD card, without the need for App2SD. As I said, I have over 115 applications installed on my Desire Z, and there is no sign of it slowing down, even with 10 different live widgets, and over 15 non-system applications running at any given time.

A Last Thought

Amongst the modding and custom ROM community, CyanogenMod continues to be the largest team with the most devices supported and frequent stable updates. They even recently received the endorsement of Samsung who sent their team member a Samsung Galaxy S2 to port CM7 to it. With several tweaks and options, a fast and solid offering, CyanogenMod deserves at least to be run once on your phone if it’s rooted, in order for you to check it out and form your own opinion about it.


A modded ROM for Android, with several tweaks and performance improvements

  • http://samcater.com Sam Cater

    I am hounding eBay to get an HTC Desire HD. If I win one, Cyanogenmod is going on there before I even put my SIM in. I have been waiting for ages for the Wildfire to unlock, and even though HTC have released a new HBOOT, T-Mobile are unlikely to broadcast it in OTA.

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  • http://casabona.org/ Joe Casabona

    I’ve had some trouble with performance and battery life especially on my HTC Incredible. Any suggestions? I’ve looked into new kernals but am not convinced that will help (or maybe just the ones I’ve looked at didn’t convince me).

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Oh, well, I am not geeky enough to know what kernels are, heh, so I never looked into those.
      As for battery & performance issues, there are some niggles with me too, but I had them on Sense before, so I assumed it’s because of my own usage and apps, not because of CM7. A simple reboot usually gets things straight.

    • Issemann

      I use CM7 with my Droid Incredible and I love it!! I’ve even over-clocked it to make it run faster.

    • http://www.casabona.org Joe Casabona

      Thanks Rita- It may very well be my own usage (I’ve noticed the camera is a killer).

      Issemann- How’s the battery life on it? Do you use anything special to manage that?

      • Saurabh

        Juice defender helps a lot in saving battery. give it a go.

    • Nathan

      Use Set CPU under Cyanogen mod and set up profiles, my Desire HD battery lasts 2 days now and there’s always the option to overclock if I want to play any demanding games. It has a profile set where when the screen is off it underclocks it to 250 Mhz, in normal use it’s down to 750 Mhz and when plugged in it overclocks to 1300. It’s totally transformed the way I use my phone and I am going to skip an upgrade this year (first time ever) and will keep it. I cannot really recommend Cyanogen enough.

    • tim

      Cyanogenmod 7 has the longest lasting battery i have seen it does not drain it . i just bought a lg my-touch 4g and it lag ever once in a while but i put the custom rom on it and i get no lag and always have over 230mb of ram open to use. last week i would use pandora radio and half way through the day the battery would be half way gone today i did the same thing and ened up with a 94 percent battery not a 49 percent like before

    • maybe_i_can_help

      I have a LG P509..I am running Mik’s CM7 forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=946354

      http:// before forum
      I know he has done other builds for other devices pretty solid rom.
      Kernel_ im running one of franco’s kernals hes on xda also not really positive about different phones but I am getting great battery life I got about a day and a half when I first installed regular use(none of my crap running) then the widgets etc etc… I did have a gps issue though fixed it with this page on xda took some trial and error though was little bet over my head before i got into. do a search for AGPS PATCH posters name is crypted..

  • http://www.franboud.com Francis Boudreau

    Really interesting article! I’ll try CyanogenMod on my Nexus S.

  • http://www.thepeachdesign.com Peach

    Regarding point 4. Never Stop Tweaking. You all should check out http://www.mycolorscreen.com

    Contributors here take tweak and customization to the next level. :)

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Oh, thanks for the link. Really tons of options there.

  • Jordan

    Awesome stuff, AppStorm.
    I have really come to trust you guys on your app stuff.
    I’ve been following and heeding your advice since Mac AppStorm.
    Always good stuff, and thorough reviews!

    I’m glad PlayerPro made the cut. It has been the default for me since I rooted my device.

    I’m on the G2x, CyanogenMod Nightly build 54. Things have been working smoother now. Before, it was bug-city. It sucked being on the stock ROM, I am surprised it passed inspection. But, nothing that the chefs over at XDA can’t fix.

    And thanks for the TouchPal Dialer! I was using GO Contacts, but it would take a few seconds to load into the dialer, much too long for getting that phone number at the bar!

    Also, I recommend Pocket, its an app like 1Password for Mac. It currently syncs with Dropbox and can hold a wide variety of passwords and usernames and even your glasses prescription! Also has encryption, and a master password. It also generates passwords for you.
    +1 for the interface: It looks so good, you will think you’re on an iPhone.
    (http://bit.ly/iyonxi) — Free, AD Supported
    (http://bit.ly/mpEolR) — $2.14, AD Free

    One trouble I’m having is with Finances apps. I used LohasMoney on the iPhone 4 for a long while. Now I miss the good looking interface. It seems Finanstico has the features I want. But I can’t find a decent app that looks good and does what I need!

    Also, QuickPic was a nice inclusion. I always noticed how Gallery will take forever (even on my dual-core device). Hopefully this will speed things up a bit.

    I love your reviews guys, and this has been a lengthy post. But I felt it was necessary after lurking for so long.

    Keep it up!

    • http://michaeljameswilliams.com/ Michael James Williams

      Hey Jordan, I’m the editor of Android.AppStorm, and I just wanted to say thanks so much for your kind words! I am lucky to have such great authors :)

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Hey Jordan, thank you for the nice words :) I know you meant the whole Android.Appstorm team, but it’s blushing that you commented on my post 😉

      In regards to your quest for finances apps, I also went round and round looking for a decent one, even installing about 15 free ones to see which fitted me best. I ended up with Expense Manager (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.expensemanager) The UI is white, clean, and simple, and the homescreen widget is everything I wanted it to be. It allows for several accounts in many supported currencies, transfers between accounts, categories, graphs… and best of all, it’s free. My best recommendation.

      P.S thanks for the Pocket recommendation. I’ve been on SPB wallet for 2 years now, but it doesn’t hurt to test other waters.

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  • Stoyan Deckoff

    I own both HD2 and DHD and the only thing that has stopped me from rooting my DHD and giving it CM7 is lack of free time to downgrade/root/re-install all apps and HTC weather widget. HD2 has CM7 (unofficial xda version) and I really love it:) I added launcher pro to the mix, and Fancy Widgets to compensate the lack of HTC weather… I really love the notification toggle, profiles, and I found out about lockscreen gestures after reading this article, so I am going to give them a try :)

  • Stoyan Deckoff

    PS. How did you add profile toggle in the notification menu ( i mean this Day -select to toggle … )

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Stoyan, the profile toggle in the notifications menu is from Settings Profiles, a very awesome automated profile application that I use :)

  • Joe

    Been using CM for almost a year now and love it. One question: where can I find that Ubuntu looking theme pictured in the “Never Stop Tweaking” section. Been looking for it. Would love to try it. Thanks.

  • William

    I’m wondering if there are any ROM’s or if CM7 has option for low vision. I’ve been looking for apps and tools to be able to Magnify the App Icons on the Desktop or to Magnify Apps. I’m also been looking for an app that allows BIG ICONS.

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      I don’t know about magnifying inside of apps, but many launchers like ADW allow you to change the size of an icon. Now whether the icon is an svg and stretches or not, that depends, but theoretically, it’s possible. I haven’t tried it though.

    • WARvault

      Easiest way to increase the sizes across the whole android system is to change your dpi/ppi setting. I use LCDDensity from the Marketplace. Higher number, bigger icons/fonts.

  • zack


  • Justin

    I am on a DROID2/CM7 and loving it by the way! This is a great article and one of the reasons why I eventually flashed CM7 – so thanks for the info.

    Question. Anyone know how to remove the text from Home Screen Icons altogether? Is there a blanket option for that – am I just missing something easy?


    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      I was wondering the same and there is a very easy option, so easy that I never saw it until recently. Long click on the app icon as if to edit it, in the name field just delete the app’s name. Tada. The label will be gone altogether.

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  • jamie

    i need help. i have put this on my htc wildfire but dont like it. how do i change back to android 2.2? please please please help

  • DeY

    You didn’t mension built-in DSP manager. It gives you incredibe bass boost and high quality equalizer!

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      I did mention it under point number 10. But I understand nothing about that, so I left it to the imagination and those who do 😉

  • sqid

    Love the mod but i cant get Google’s maps nd a few other paid games to download whilst no prob with others any ideas!

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  • http://lazytechyguy.blogspot.com/ Vahid

    Good article enjoyed and learned. You I’ve been using CM7 on my desire and there’s no way I go back to the Stock. It’s way better. You could mention a good alternative browser as well. The one that comes with CM7 is not that good. Also the camera. I had to install MIUI Camera which is really fast and takes full size photos. I don’t know if there’s any way guys in CM7 bring it and make it the default for CM7.
    A question on Dialer: I don’t like the dialer in CM7 either but after testing and using a few other I had to come back to the stock and the reason was missed call issues. No other dialer can clear/reset the number of missed calls other the default one, did you find any workaround for it?

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Hey Vahid, I use Opera Mini on all my handsets to avoid data usage, so I wouldn’t be very qualified to talk about high-featured browsers (Dolphin or Firefox or Skyfire…) as I do not use them.
      As for the camera, I do not exactly use the Z as my camera, I have a Nokia N8 for that 😎
      And in regards to the dialer, I’m on TouchPal, you’re right it doesn’t consistently work for clearing missed calls, but the T9 dialing option waaaay waaaay outweighs that issue for me.

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  • john b

    Great simple and easy to follow article. I too have a Desire Z in need of new life and your comments about Sense becoming slow after a while are very much true and not an exaggeration. A very nice round up of some key basic and very useful android apps that any newcomer is sure to enjoy regardless of whether they have Cyanogenmod or not.


    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Thanks for the nice words, John :)


    i m getting a force close in DSP manager in CM7.1 rom.. please help..

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  • Yazad Dhunjisha

    I have 409 applications on my phone. I have 53 applications running in the background. I have a Samsung Galaxy S II running Android 2.3.4, stock ROM, 1.2GHz dual core Exynos processor, 1GB RAM. Would CM7 make my phone faster? Should I wait till CM9 seeing as the Galaxy S II is only getting ICS in Q2 2012? Thanks in advance.

  • Chints

    Hi Rita,

    Thanks. This was an amazing article.

    Guess what, am looking up eBay to search for a used Desire/HD so I can start experimenting on it. Once its all done, I hope to switch my SIM to the new old handset and sell my Incredible S !!!

    I love Sense and its slickness but if I can replicate 70% of it and manage 0 lag, whoa !!!

    Thanks a ton.


    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Let us know how that goes for you, Chints :)

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  • david

    i cant download nothing on my cyonogen phone i dont have androide market can someone help me find a hack that i can atleast download apps such as utube facebook etc. for my phone thanks. also i need a antivirus that requires no data plan i only use wifi thanks.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/tiana.katakis Tiana

    My phone’s wi-fi won’t connect, and it’s really starting to make me mad. If someone could send me an e-mail explaining, I’d be so grateful.

    [email protected]

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  • yoan

    i’m using samsung galaxy note. i can find the link for cm7

  • Vaibhav Sharma

    A great article buddy… I have an incredible S.. I dont get any slow downs on my htc sense 3.5 though.. Its a rooted mobile.. Am also of the opinion that Cyanogen is the way to go.. But the only thing stopping me to put cyanogen is the “internet passthrough” feature missing when plugging my mobile thru usb.. Plz lemme know abt it if its tgere.. Cheers mate

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  • http://www.aeronaves.org/ Aeronaves

    Good Work ! I’ll try CyanogenMod on my Nexus S….Thanks!

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  • http://www.mobilcti.com CShan

    You may want to check out another Android application called MobilCTI Power Dialer. It costs only $2.99 and works with Android 2.2 or higher systems.

    This application will turn an Android phone into a powerful dialer for a fraction of cost. Whether you are a politician or a real estate agent or a sales person for a small business or individual searching for a job, you will find it very productive and a must have a tool.

    This application will increase productivity by:
    1)Call contacts one after another from list
    2)Automatically track number of attempts
    3)Schedule/Track callbacks.
    4)Comes with powerful reporting capability to track progress.

    Please search for “Mobile Power Dialer” in the Android Market Place.

  • http://www.itsadam.co.uk ItsAdam

    Worst ROM I’ve ever tried, slow on my DHD, No Android Market or GAPPS As Standard?

    Who the lollipop Are these morons? Why would you buy an android phone to not be able to access the marklet place?

    It also has pathetic bloat like the MiMessenger which you cannot – along with stats.

    I had high hopes for this, but it’s actually dog doodoo.

    Avoid it. MIUI Is far better out of both (Apart from the theme option is hosted on some Turkish 33.6k Internet Connection), other than that lightyears beyond this mess.

  • stukinfrhcb

    I have a kindle fire but as I’m not an american I can’t even load apps, you yanks sure despise exporting, way to destroy your economy, will eventually root and install honeycomb 3.2. Just did a factory reset on my sammy gs GB 2.3.3, it was wasting hundreds of megs of download, put my videos on my 16Gb micro sd card, but they got corrupted. Hspa around here is a excellent, too bad you can’t get buzzbox or fast dilbert any more on android market, or anywhere else, my win 7 64 Athlon II X4 won’t even recognise the hspa wifi gateway, that’s bloatware for you. Look foward to cheap ics quad cores soon, wish I had more ram on my smartphone, 8Gb cost me $66 retail 3 months ago and it runs more than 3 times faster.

  • Joe

    Thank you so much! I was looking for some good tweaks to my current cm7 install.

  • djzkool

    great ! i am new to this much technology…seems alienish to me ! i have an hd2 and i try to learn whatever i can, i never knew i could do all this with cynanogen…i just activated the gestures and changed the locks !

    and this is most probably very blonde but….how did you manage to get your screen look like that on point 4 ! i want my clock display to be like that but i can’t figure out how to do it ! …so i am using the sense analog clock widget instead…i’m using go launcher instead of adw…

    also i am unable to install some apps from market, like youtube or update my facebook app, it keep on saying content not found, and if i try getting it via pc the market says my device isn’t compatible !

  • cgb928

    CM7 is Highly finished ROM -better than [i]any[/i] stock. Great article.

  • http://blog.tangyandbrightdesigns.com Mena

    is using nightly kernels bad or fine ? for CY7 for WildFire S ? it’s done a XDA Developer forum member here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1494480

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  • ___TAKUMI___

    LG P509 Optimus T
    Love you XDA!
    Running Mik’s CM7 which is rad! with fransco’s Kernel.
    Used Crypted’s AGPS PATCH to fix my resent issue with gps thank you!!!!
    Turduken’s(spelling) post on android central walked me through getting my phone recognized as a P509 from the P500 since this is a p500 rom!
    ClockWOrk Recov Rocks Mine isn’t supported for touch yet :{[ So if your listening hook a brotha up yo! I’d like to also give a shout out to my mom for having me and to dad on cell block 6 up state DAD don’t Drop the Soap! And to all those peps at t-mobile that told me I didn’t know what I was talkin about when I first got my phone and the sdcard kept unmounting I like to say #@%#@%&%^^*^*&^%#[email protected]!#$#^$#E suckers!

  • Milton Segura

    Get Gesture Search by Google, it makes searching and calling a contact a breeze

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  • http://administratosphere.wordpress.com/ David

    I tried this out, and was amazed (unfortunately) at how many fixes (and Google searches) were required. I’ve also found it to be much SLOWER than my stock Samsung Froyo install – I’ve chalked it up to having a ton of applications and not enough memory. I’ve had the “incoming call” screen show up seconds AFTER the call has gone away, and have stared at a black screen (except for notification bar) too many times to count.

    Getting rid of an excessive number of background apps seems to help, but when I turn on sync every app seems to want to synchronize all at once.

    I was also (like the author) surprised to see that predictive dialing is not here; this is a step backwards.

    All in all, I’ll stick with CM7 on my Samsung Mesmerize (a/k/a Fascinate, a/k/a SCH-i500). But it’s not for people without a technology background and without a knowledge of how to Google and search for problem resolution.

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  • http://www.hackersthirst.com Wamiq Ali

    Yeah, CM7 works well and fast enough too, But you may need to flash Gapps before full usage 😉

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  • Ted

    Installed on my HTC EVO 4G but three way calling does not work. Is this a kernal issue?

  • Seventh Reign

    I was finally able to Root my Evo 4G and install CM7.2 Yesterday. I cannot believe I didnt do this sooner. Of all the awesome things CM7 has over Sense, my favorite is #8 on the list above.

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  • Whusayne

    cm7 is the bomb, i love it so much, works so great on my HTC Desire Z vision, but i just realized that my browser is not working, am not able to browse anything on my phone since its installation. i also can’t download anything from the market, can anyone please help me out on this, how do i solve this issue please……???

  • chris

    I have cyanogen 7 on my HTC inc. It works great, but 2 drawbacks are the latest version for the inc will not send sms so I havent been able to send pics, kind of annoying and it tells me im out of memory when Im only half full(internal memory) otherwise its worth it

  • shahzaib

    i want to know that my htc explorer is ok for this and will my apps will be installed direct to sd card or not if not it can be done..!!

  • Rob

    Huh, I only wanted to check whether CM was worth getting, but this article gave me way more! Great stuff, thanks.

  • Kris

    tanx, cud anyone tel me hw to install on ma lg optimus hub… can’t wait aftr seeing dis..!!. plz…

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