10 Ways MIUI Is Awesome, and 5 Setbacks That Keep It From Perfection

When it comes to community-developed custom ROMs on Android, there are two contenders that you will hear people talk about a lot more than any of the rest: CyanogenMod and MIUI. I previously reviewed CyanogenMod stating 10 of its great features and 5 tricks to improve on its shortcomings.

Despite how much I loved CM7, I have decided to give MIUI a go, and have been running v1.09.16 for over seven weeks on my HTC Desire Z. In the following review, I will share with you my findings, stating the reasons I have loved MIUI and those that are making me consider going back to CyanogenMod.

10 Awesome Features in MIUI ROM

Clean and Beautiful UI

If, after a couple of months with Android, the black backgrounds and white text in all of the menus start to get on your nerves, then MIUI is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s gorgeous. And yes, it looks a bit like the iPhone, but that is far from a bad thing. The tabs are cleaner, and all options menus in applications look revamped, easier on the eyes and just plain beautiful. Try to go back from MIUI to a regular Android installation and you will scream tragedy.

MIUI's settings menu and drop down notification bar

MIUI's settings menu and drop down notification bar


One of the first improvements on stock Android that you will see in MIUI is the lockscreen. It looks different, and finally brings a host of much needed features. Missed calls and new messages are easily accessible from it, even giving you the option to long click to enter the Dialer or the Messaging applications. The lockscreen can also show you a music player widget if you are playing music, and a long press on the home button while locked will launch the flash light. The fact that all of these are accessible without even unlocking your phone is a major benefit.

Default lockscreen and another one showing the music player controls

Default lockscreen and another one showing the music player controls

Themes and Customization

If you have tried CyanogenMod and thought that it was customizable, think again. MIUI brings the concept of themes to a whole new level. You can browse and download from a great collection of themes that change the look of everything on the device: lockscreen and homescreen with their wallpapers, icons, status bar, fonts, messaging application, dialer and contacts, boot animation, and even sounds such as the boot audio, ringtones, notifications and alarms.

However, the awesome part isn’t any of these, but the fact that you can mix and match any elements of any theme in order to get a unique look that fits your needs. You might for example prefer a black status bar and drop-down, but white Dialer and Messaging applications. And if you feel that MIUI is too iPhone-like out of the box, these themes and the level of customization help deter that idea.

MIUI online themes downloads and customizable theme elements

MIUI online themes downloads and customizable theme elements

Better Dialer and Contacts

We tend to often forget it: our Android smartphones are still “phones” underneath all the shine, and the calling feature is quite important. MIUI brings a T9 predictive dialer, which stock Android unbelievably still lacks, with an integrated call log. The Contacts application is also revamped, looking much cleaner, with multiple lines support for email and web addresses, so they don’t look truncated like on stock Android.

It even integrates the call log, and for the first time on an Android ROM, you can actually add a person to a group and manage your groups with them synchronizing back to Google Contacts (correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no way to do that in the stock Android ROM).

MIUI Dialer and contact editing showing support for adding groups

MIUI Dialer and contact editing showing support for adding groups

Great Music Player

Another improved application on MIUI is the Music Player. As a matter of fact, it is so awesome, it exists as a separate application for other ROMs. And what makes it so special, I hear you ask? Aside from the gorgeous UI, it can automatically download album art and lyrics for all of your songs. The fascinating part though is that it can play these lyrics, like a karaoke machine, in sync with the music, in the player itself and in its homescreen widget. Sweetness!

MIUI Music Player main screen and widget with lyrics

MIUI Music Player main screen and widget with lyrics

Built-in Screenshots

While stock Android users have to wait until Ice Cream Sandwich to get built-in screenshot ability, MIUI has had it for quite a while. Press the Menu button and volume down at the same time, and – ta-da – a screenshot is taken and saved to your SD card. Useful for when you want to brag about your latest homescreen setup or show a friend a cool new application or game.

Integrated Task Management

MIUI offers a couple of ways to manage your background applications. First, when leaving an application, you can long-press on the Back button to totally quit it and not just leave it in the background. Second, when you long-press the Menu key to view your most recent 12 applications, MIUI shows a highlight around those that are still running and gives you an App Killer option to terminate all background processes and free some RAM.

Data Monitor and Firewall

This is also one of the promised features of Ice Cream Sandwich, but if you don’t want to wait for it, you can already get it in MIUI. It has an integrated monitor for your data, WiFi, calls and messages usage, with the option to set a notification when you hit a certain percentage of your allowed Data plan. The firewall is another neat addition that helps you deny access to Data and/or WiFi on a per application basis. These two options bundled together are quite useful if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, since you can keep an eye on your usage, as well as limit certain applications to WiFi-only access, for example.

MIUI Data Monitor and Firewall

MIUI Data Monitor and Firewall

DND Mode

MIUI comes with a “Do Not Disturb” mode that allows you to block certain numbers from calling or messaging you. This helps you stay focused when you need to, or only allow access to you from your loved ones if you’re busy. It also saves you from installing third-party software to do this.

A Whole Lot More

MIUI’s slew of great features can hardly be covered in 10 points, as it offers a lot more than the stock Android ROM. The Camera and Gallery are revamped for example. There’s a File Manager that also integrates an FTP server so you can access your SD card from your computer’s browser and transfer files easily. There’s also a Backup function that resembles Titanium Backup, saving your applications and their data so you can easily restore them after you uninstall or after updating ROMs. The drop-down status bar can be personalized to include notification toggles for WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, GPS, Flashlight, Screen rotation, Brightness, and many more… The battery meter can be shown in either graphical design, percentage numbers or as a top bar above the status bar.

All in all, there’s a lot to love and customize in MIUI.

5 Setbacks That Stand Between MIUI and Perfection


For all the customization options in MIUI, the launcher comes as quite a setback. It acts as a launcher and app drawer simultaneously so you can’t remove app icons, just place them in folders. You can add widgets and as many screens as you want, and you can also pick an animation style, but that’s as far as it goes. There are no options to rename apps or remove their labels, to change an app’s icon individually, and the most frustrating feature is how adding widgets work.

The UI presents you with only 4 widgets at a time and you have to swipe (not even scroll) through them, four at a time, to get to the widget you want to add. If you only have a few possibilities, the system works, but if you have something like Minimalistic Text or Beautiful Widgets that add a lot of widget options, then you will be swiping a lot, and missing, and swiping back. They are not even organized alphabetically, which makes it even more horrid.

MIUI Is Terrible on Older Hardware

I have an HTC Desire Z, which is considered slightly older hardware, with an 800MHz processor and 512MB of RAM. CyanogenMod ran perfectly on it, despite my 100+ installed applications and 20+ background processes. MIUI, however, is slow, leaves me with only 30-40MB free RAM on average, and hangs up frequently with a lot of Force Closes. This is a major letdown and quite frankly the only real reason I am going to uninstall MIUI soon.

I can’t speak for other phones, but I know that if you only have 512MB of RAM and run a lot of applications in the background, then you’re going to hit a wall with MIUI.

Lack of Physical Keyboards’ Special Keys Support

If you own a touch slab form factor phone, this is not going to make a difference for you, but I did notice that my Desire Z’s special shortcut keys (which worked perfectly to launch applications quickly on HTC Sense and CyanogenMod) are next to useless on MIUI. I have become accustomed to switching between Twitter and GTalk with these keys and having them stripped of their functionality was quite annoying.

Language Support

The integrated keyboard in MIUI supports only a handful of languages, so if you speak a language that isn’t there, you will have to download and use another keyboard. Also, I have noticed that MIUI fails to display Arabic properly, which is a language that I use frequently. I have come across a few forum threads that mention problems with many other languages on MIUI, as well. As a comparison, CyanogenMod came with an Arabic keyboard and full Arabic reading support out of the box.

Chinese Elements

MIUI began as a Chinese ROM and the community started working on translations to make it available for other languages. The American version for example is almost perfect, aside from some Chinese elements that keep creeping up every now and then. For me, I don’t know why, but the browser seems to be stuck on a Chinese version of webpages, like Google for example.

MIUI: To Try, to Love and to Hate

If your device is rooted, if you love tinkering, or really if you’re just plain bored with your current ROM, MIUI is a refreshingly gorgeous alternative on Android. All the built-in applications have been revamped to add more functions and improve their performance, and you will have a lot of fun downloading themes and customizing the look of every tiny nook on your phone.

However, MIUI has some letdowns – most of which can be cured by some third-party applications, like a different browser, launcher and keyboard. The major drawback is the fact that it remains slow and rather buggy on older hardware, and if you have such a handset, you will find yourself constantly killing tasks and using an application like AutoStarts to prevent some applications from starting uselessly in the background. Personally, I love MIUI’s clean look and its integrated applications, but I will have to switch back to CyanogenMod because of the constant slowness and hangups I keep encountering.


A custom ROM for Android devices bringing a revamped UI and a lot of new options

  • http://www.gregschier.com Gregory Schier

    I’ve been using Miui for months (Galnet Miui to be specific) and have not thought about switching since I first downloaded it.

    Some of the features that I love most are
    – Looks awesome!
    – Very smooth
    – Great battery life
    – App/contacts/messages/etc backup
    – Cloud backup
    – OTA updates
    – Awesome built in apps (file browser, music, dailer)
    – Network data monitors
    – lots lots more!

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Agree with all of these, but then again, it was slow on my Z, so it had to go. Sad thing.

      • Whippler

        MIUI is one of the smoothest roms on my Desire Z, iv been using the Bulletproof version that has virtuos oc/uv controller.

        Tough now i’m testing Galnet MIUI whit ICS framework, no visual diffrence to other miui:s, @least poer and memory management from ICS. Since this is experimental version, even tough it runs fine I’m propably going back to bulletproof as soon as tun4fish gets the next version out.

      • Henk

        I’ve got miui on my desire z too. With the Setcpu app you can overclock it and get up to 1.5 GHz. It very smooth and superfast on my phone now

    • Hulk

      MIUI has the worst Battery Life of all time. 25% for 1 and a half hour is VERY BAD

  • Umberto

    I was very curious about MIUI at first, but CyangenMod gave me plenty of reasons not to try.
    The only setback I now see, is that it says in the article that with older hardware, MIUI tends to kill resources pretty fast. I have a Nexus One (ol’ mighty =D) and I was wondering if that would go as smooth as CM7. Any suggestions?

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Umberto, I’d say do a Nandroid backup and give MIUI an honest try. It might work for you better than it did for me. I’m back on CM7.1 here and loving the speed and lack of Force Closes.

    • Abhijit

      Umberto, I’ve been running MIUI 2.3.23 on my Desire Z for a few weeks now. I couldn’t be happier. I have very few FCs, smooth and almost lag-free UI (as compared to the sloth-like stock ROM with Sense UI)

      Hey, better late than never, man, but if you haven’t tried MIUI yet, you need to do so ASAP. Best ROM I’ve ever used. Better than CM7 by miles, in my opinion.

  • http://about.me/miguelm75 miguelm75

    your forgot about battery life :-) i’ve tried MIUI several times and it was always horrible.

    about launcher: it’s not a big problem, there is a lot of launchers in Market, it’s not hard to switch 😉

  • Pietz

    i’ve 2 drawbacks (SGS2 / MIUI 1.10)

    -apps crash. often. i couldnt get through an hour of usage without crashes.

    -the battery life is terrible! i cant see how Gregory thinks it has good battery life. its known to the entire XDA world, that miui has a terrible battery life.

    • http://www.gregschier.com Gregory

      It might be because I’m using the Galnet MIUI version which supposedly improves battery life over the original MIUI ROM. I’m on a Galaxy S i9000 and after a day of use I’m usually only at about 50% battery drainage.

      • Pietz

        ok ive to admit, i never tried the Galnet version. are chrashes also better on that version?

        dont get me wrong. the looks of miui are gorgious and the build in apps awesome, but ive tried it twice and it just never felt really complete. more like an beta. which is believe it still is on my SGS2 so maybe i’ll give it a few months.

        im running CheckRom Rev 2 with the latest speedmod kernel and im very happy with that. everything is so perfectly smooth, i couldnt believe it. even the iphone 4S has minimalistic lags every now and then, but my sgs2 with checkrom? no way. everthing butter smooth.

      • http://pixelsnsounds.blogspot.com victor nicolescu

        ive just seen your comment … can u pls give me the link for your MIUI version … id love to give it a try if u say that ure getting better battery life …

        if you like you can mail it to me: [email protected]

        ty very much!

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Apps crash on my installation as well, esp ADW launcher that I slapped on top of it to make the launcher usable, and Google+. It was a painful experience when I had a Force Close 1 out of 3 times when going back to my homescreen in ADW.

  • FRF

    I´ve been using MIUI on my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (Brazil version) and it ROCK´s! Really, it is awsome when compared to other versions I´ve tried.

    My battery lasts more, the UI is very cool and stable, the “stock” apps are very useful, etc.

    Currently I have about 50+ apps installed on it and I see no slowness.

    Congrats for the MIUI guys!

    • tobik

      Weird, I have Nexus S which is pretty much Galaxy S and the device is kind of slow. I did a clean install, but it didn’t help much. And I have much less apps then you.

    • Cross

      I’m also changed from CM 7.1 to MIUI and didn’t regret avoid it, it’s amazing, I’ve a Samsung Vibrant (which is old if you compare it with the current hardware) and works really well.

      What I like the most is that is the only ROM that makes the GPS work on my phone!, no kidding… even with the stock rom the GPS didnt lock, with MIUI is just a few seconds and it’s locked in, and working.

      I still prefer the Google search over the “stock” search on MIUI but I love everything else, it’s hard to switch from the traditional app drawer, but you can handle it well.

      For a n00b user, the app drawer of MIUI is even better than the stock because emulates the easy of use of the iPhone.

  • http://pixelsnsounds.blogspot.com victor nicolescu

    what about the battery?? ive tried it a few months ago on my SGS … and it didnt last more than a day … with stock android i get more than 2 days … so that was my biggest disappointment!

  • Darkseid83

    I am on miui right now on a Desire Z and I get 200-215 free ram ALWAYS. What rom are you using and where did you get it from. I am using bulletproofs and its works really well with oc govs. I say go to xda and try that one it changed my perspective on miui drastically.
    Great reads tho..Love to see female perspective on things.

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      As mentioned, I have about 20+ background processes at any given time, with Twitter, Google+, DropSync, Springpad, Gmail, Hotmail, Gtalk, Minimalistic Text, Settings Profiles, ADW launcher, Beautiful Widgets, Widgetsoid, TV Show Favs… So even though I had about 150MB free on boot, I was down to ~40 after less than an hour.

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  • Bruno_AFK

    Is ther any way to install MIUI on xpera mini ST15i? :S

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  • apache

    can we install Launcher Pro on MIUI, and then install the Ultimate iPhone Theme on top of it? Is that possible?
    MIUI ROM, Launcher Pro, Ultimate iPhone theme by iLstone..

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      Yes, I had ADW launcher on top of MIUI to avoid their own launcher, because after a couple of days, I knew that wasn’t going to work. ADW worked quite well and was set as default.

  • http://twitter.com/thwonboy 2$tax

    maybe you should re-do the review using a more update phone for those with 1gb of ram … maybe the nexus s 4g or something like that

  • Damian

    Using the latest mintberry. Runs flawlessly! Not slow at all and never had a force close. Some ports are better than others. I wouldn’t blame miui itself for your issues. Just the port you use.

    • Damian

      Samsung i9000 BTW

  • http://about.me/miguelm75 miguelm75

    i have to say: “I was wrong with the battery life” in MIUI. or maybe devs improved it. i use official MIUI on my i9000 with FuguMod kernel and it’s good :-)

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    I’ve been using MIUI for a day now, and it’s been very smooth and trouble-free. Initially when I installed it I got a ton a force-closes, but a factory reset solved that problem, and I used Titanium Backup to restore all my apps + their data. Having been an iPhone user before switching to Android, it was painful going to a not so well designed OS. WIth MIUI, Android is just as beautiful as iOS, but infinitely more customizable. I’m also using a Desire Z, but I have yet to encounter performance issues. The keys being useless is a bit of a bummer, but I’m pretty sure that can be remedied by messing with the keymaps.

    • Whippler

      iv got nordic kb layout on my desireZ, totally lacks those cu´stom keys. i remember having an app once for customizing he harware kaboerd, u couls set apps for all the buttons on longpress.

    • http://www.ritaelkhoury.com/ Rita El Khoury

      I’m planning on giving MIUI another run a bit later, probably the Galnet version that everyone agrees is the fastest.

      I think the whole issue stems from the plethora of background processes I keep. MIUI doesn’t really keep up with that on the Desire Z (it probably could on other hardware), but CM7 and CM7.1 run happily without any slowdown.

  • RojahUrban

    Wow….Hello all, after reading some of the comments I feel Incline to share a few….
    I have a Nexus S running MIUI 1.11.11 KelLMSKing version. (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1287920) and there’s nothing slow about it what-so-ever. No problems thus far at all.
    Since I have rooted my phone, and found MIUI I’ve been hooked.
    Battery life is pretty decent after a 12 hour day, I still have about 50% left. I use the stock browser, works fine pretty snappy, I use the included backup app, works seamless when restoring apps+data. I guess the right flavor of MIUI makes a world of difference.

    I’ve heard good things about CyangenMod, Never tried it, maybe I will one day….when I grow tired of MIUI, if that ever happens…

  • Sam

    I am using MIUI on an HTC Desire and it is brilliant. It has been very fast, has lots of excellent features i couldn’t do without now and the stability is no worse than any other custom rom i have tried.

    For those having battery life issues with MIUI that is not the fault of the rom, the Desire is not known for good battery life and i could easily get over a day when i first installed MIUI. After replacing the kernel with ManU, overclocking and undervolting i am getting easily 3-4 days of normal use. My phone has been unplugged for 8 hours of heavy use today and is still at 80% so try a different kernel before giving up on it.

  • http://www.grantbarker.com Grant Barker

    I’ve been using MIUI for ages now. Really love it. I’ve tried many roms for my phone which is an HTC Desire HD. MIUI seems a cut above most of them. I keep an up-to-date list of roms on my site and I prefer MIUI so far above all of them. http://www.grantbarker.com/#roms

    • Jordan

      I’m exactly the same! MIUI certainly seems to run best on my Desire HD. If somehow (i know its not really possible) you could have HTC widgets on it, it would truly be the ultimate ROM.

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  • Ginno

    For those having battery drain issues on MIUI:
    Try using batterycalibration.
    it solved my battery drain issues on my defy.

  • Tushar

    You’re right, the MIUI music player is awesome, but not just for the reasons stated above. It is the only (free) music player that allows me to skip a track with a long-press when using a headset.

    I can’t believe that all players don’t support this yet, and resort to an unbelievably fiddly double/triple-click.

  • napo

    i have been using miui for a couple of weeks n i have to say that its great. way better than cm7.1
    the launcher is better than adw in cm7 i think. its more like htc sense. my device is incredible s btw. but the battery life is horrible, u avtually can see it drains while working with ur phone! and another problem thats pissed me off is Titanium Backup keeps crashing after some seconds of running! i cant restore my games and larger apps…
    can anyone explain bulletproof version and some.other mentioned here and maybe put a link here, appreciate it

  • ericmancer

    I have an Incredible 2 and the miui music player just sounds so clean and well balanced it destroys the htc sound enhancer. I don’t know how they made it. I never use my iPod anymore.

  • http://www.avioesavenda.org Avioes a Venda

    Currently I have about 50+ apps installed on it and I see no slowness.

  • http://eurobuecher.com petkove

    I’ve used miui on SG S i9000 and it was perfect
    on SG S2 i9100 I used stock rom for 4 hours… and then switched to miui, but it seems it is not the same as i9000 miui – the status lights are not working (missed calls, sms…)

    is it a setting?

  • Daz

    HI all, when changing ROM it is advisable to reset your battery stats. Check Google! You will find that the battery stats will get messed up time to time when flashing multiple ROMS. It gets out of sync with the true state of the battery. Some ROMS sort out the battery stats during install. Galnet does this I think.

    • TheWierd

      They do.
      “The battery calibration will kick in straight away once flashing this rom, therefore you will find that the battery drains quicker than before. Please allow it to drain to around 5% before recharging fully back to 100% for the perfect calibration.”

  • Chapita

    I love MIUI, everything is smooth and fast in my Desire, but the lack of space just kills me. Even if before install I’ve allocated 2Gb of space to the phone. No way. Don’t know how to handle this.

  • Nicc

    I love MIUI, I use it un SGS i9000 and it gave new life to my phone.

    Battery duration is excellent, interface is smooth use and with tons of personalizations.
    The stock OS use to gave FC, random reboot and was laggy, I was really disappointed with samsung after the first of use of my device.

    Apple is one step ahead because release a new device only if it’s perfectly working, why this is not happening with Samsung? Thanks MIUI guys to make my phone perfect.

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  • dedman

    I installed this on my nexus s 4G and I’m experiencing serious lags between programs. i love the look and use of miui but don’t know that I can keep it.

  • King_Rat

    Motorola Defy – MIUI 2.2.17 :FTW:

    Launcher: ADW EX

    OC’ed: 1.2 GHz

    Themes: Endless options as you can mix & match between any/multiple themes ^^

    Used CM7 on last Android – dunno if I’ll ever go back 😮

  • yeahman45

    i have miui on my old htc desire phone and it works well… surprised u say it does not the more powerful desire z

  • ex

    im surprised the article doesnt mention that app drawers are downloadable from the matket! as for battery life, mines improved over cm 7.1. making full use of my settings. i feel more secure than on a custom rom too. I do however want my swype kboard back, but curve tm seems to be growing on me. as proven by writing this post with it without issue! maybe the developers tested on three sgs more. mine is awesome without a force close to date. Touch wood !!

  • Aiyaz

    Hi guys try out the NDT gingerbread MIUI rom by langhthang Stable Version 6.0 one of the best MIUI custom roms ever made using it from past 4 months now.

  • Giles

    @Rita. I used to follow you a lot in the old SymbianGuru days so happy to rediscover you here, and using custom Android roms…wow.

    I’ve been using Galnet for about 8 or 9 months now. I’ve changed to other roms in that time and gone back to the Samsung/TouchWizz rom but always ended up returning to Galnet in the end. For me on my SGS i9000, Galnet really is the best. But it does have its problems.

    The first problem, and its a biggie, is that MIUI doesn’t seem to be able do deal with system cache very well. I’ve had to install a cache cleaner and I use it once per day to stop FC’s from happening left, right and center.

    Battery life? I’ve never had good battery life with ANY rom that I’ve used. Admittedly I’m an extremely power user. But I find myself looking for a power outlet by lunchtime, which is irritating.

    I have other small problems too, but nothing that i cant deal with. The most important thing for me has been to clear cache and give the phone a reboot at least once a day to keep all its ducks in a line.

  • byte

    MIUI runs just fine on older hardware, had it running on my htc desire a few years ago, and it ran way better than CM could ever dream of.. as far as a iphone feel…you people are foolish, its minimal after first install not iphonish… I HIGHLY recommend MIUI over any other rom for any device…..PERIOD

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  • redgar

    You definitely forgot its biggest drawback, battery life.

    I get about 1/3 the battery life per charge on Miui that i get on any other popular rom. Its awful, and even idle i can’t get through half a day without recharging. Its been an issue on every version of miui I’ve used in the last year and a half, and the reason I can’t use it today.

  • john

    Miui Fastest rom on g2x yet i get 3800 on quadrant benchmark vs the 2000 on cyanogenmod

  • Leakhna

    I use S2 and when I root and use Miui then It keeping force close google app and decopic app which i really love before I root my phone I can download the sim free plays but now I can’t.

    Please help to advice me how to solve force close app as mention above.


  • http://project.crypto.cat june

    how can I reinstall network monitor into miui 1.10.21 without wipe or reflash? I removed with titanium backup pro and after factory data reset and sdhc card replace I am tormented by notifications abouth thresholds but no GUI to disable those! ??

    droidwall is my iptables firewall of choice. I don’t want to track usage. if I upgrade to sgsiii i545 I will similarly disable wifi offer prompts as I paid dearly for unlimited data

    can one extract the apk from a nandroid? or install zip?

    long live PDroid and XMPP supremacy over sms gouging

  • charlize theron

    Guys, Seriously if you miss iPhone that much just sell the Android and get a iPhone… we’ll see how much you can mod that…

    BTW iPhone is pretty cool, but a SGS3 with CyanogenMod I’ll take any day.. Its worth way more than what Samsung is charging!

    …..On a side note, Apple simply sucks…maybe not their products, but Apple definetly sucks bug time. I hope it goes bankrupt before it manages to root out and kill the Innovation they so much brag about…of which they haven’t got a scrap.

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  • phly95

    For HTC EVO 3D, this ROM is State-of-the-art (ICS version). It has all the features without the setbacks of all the other custom ROMs (3D, YouTube, animations, etc.). Compared to stock, Miui is way faster and looks way better.

  • http://www.danielavladimirova.it Daniela Vladimirova

    How about installing another launcher with your MIUI? 😉

    • Alex Apple

      Can you install another launcher on it? sorry if thats a noob question. ive been searching and so far cant find anything..

      • Prat

        You Can install any Launcher Just change install and change preference in setting for default launcher

  • Cherian

    These setbacks are not even relevant anyomore…but the most important setback for MIUI that you overlooked was its closed sources…

    • Saleem

      And it has shit battery life!

  • Lakshmi Vinith

    How do u change the font style in miui?

  • Görög Márton

    Perfect review, I had the same phone and same impressions.

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