Screencast Video Recorder Makes It Easy

From the time Android came to the market, geeks have been looking for ways to record screencasts and take screenshots. If you like to show off apps, show how to do something neat, or even help troubleshoot issues, being able to share your screen is imperative.

There are apps that make taking screenshots simple and now even many models of Android devices have key combinations for taking screenshots on their own without needing extra apps. That’s all fine and good – but what about recording video screencasts? There are several apps for this, but few are as simple as Screencast Video Recorder.

Note: This app requires you to have root access, and doesn’t work on all devices (for instance, it won’t work on the Galaxy Nexus or the Tegra 2 or 3).

Screencast Video Recorder takes screenshots as well as screencasts and it makes mincemeat of either task. Give it a try and you’ll agree (there’s a free version if you want to give it a short run before purchasing).


Now there is an app on the market that makes screencasting simple; there’s no need to connect your device to your computer or follow any complicated installation processes (besides rooting your phone, which is admittedly a big deal for some people). Using it is as simple as opening the app, tapping the Recording icon in the list of icons along the top, and then pressing the Record button.

screencast - start recording

screencast – start recording

After you finish your recording, it’s saved as an MP4 file. You’ll find it in your gallery in a folder called Screencast. Here’s a quick test run so you can see an example:


As someone who loves writing all things about Androids, taking screenshots is often a major part of my day. Some Android models have special ways to take screenshots built right in but many times the button combinations can be a bit complicated. Taking a screenshot with the Screencast Video Recorder, however, is as simple as tapping a shortcut.

Other Tools

Screencast Video Recorder has a couple more tools besides screencasting and screenshooting:


If you’d rather not keep switching out of the app and to your device’s gallery, it has a gallery built right in for you.

Screencast - gallery

Screencast – gallery

If you mostly take screenshots, you probably won’t find much use for this feature above your default gallery app, but if you are more into recording screencasts directly from the app it could come in handy.

Benchmark Tester

The benchmark tester allows you to see what kind of FPS you’ll get with the current settings.

Screencast - benchmark tool

Screencast – benchmark tool

As you know, Android devices come in many different shapes, sizes, and specs. Each device will give you different results and tweaking the settings may help to get the best results as possible. The benchmark tools help with this.

Widgets and Shortcuts

Just to make the app even easier to use, they went and added widgets and shortcuts for easier accessibility. Seriously, you can put a big fat button on one of your homescreens to start and stop recording.

Screencast - homescreen widget

Screencast – homescreen widget

You can easily resize the widget to your liking and when you stop recording, you’re not even bothered by the app opening. The file’s just saved in the gallery like normal.

As far as shortcuts go, if your device has a Search button, you can choose to make a long-press toggle a recording, or take a screenshot.

Screencast - shortcuts

Hold Search to see this menu

Recording and screen capturing can therefore be easily done on the fly.


The Screencast Video Recorder app has a packed Settings panel. From there you can make numerous changes, including:

  • Video resolution settings: switch between normal and high resolution, but remember that if you have an older device, you might want to stick with norma.l
  • Video orientation: choose between Auto (my favorite), No Rotation, Rotating Right and Rotating Left.
  • Frames per second: the accuracy of the numbers depends on your device’s performance.
  • Timelapse: you can actually record a long video, such as someone drawing on their tablet, and condense it into a much shorter, fast-forward style time lapse video.
  • Touch pointer: choose the icon you want to appear as your pointer.
  • Default filename: set a prefix for the file names.
  • Append date to name: makes it easy to tell when you made the recording later.
  • Record audio (Mic): handy if you want to describe what you’re doing as the recording is being made.
Screencast - settings

Screencast – settings

There’s also a very similar list of settings for taking screenshots.


For its ability to record what you’re doing on your Android, Screencast Video Recorder really does hit a home run.

There are a few negatives though, as there are with almost any app:

  • First, you have to be rooted. For many of us that is no hindrance at all, but for others it’s a game changer. If you don’t have a rooted Android device, you may be in for the search of your life to find an app that records and snaps shots as well as this app does.
  • Second, there are some devices that this app won’t work at all on, such as the Galaxy Nexus and Tegra 2/3.

All in all, this Android writer has been heavily relying on this app for quite some time. It works, it’s easy to use, and at $3.99 it is well worth the price. There’s a demo version also in the Play Store that limits the video lengths but at least lets you give it a test run. For me, Screencast Video Recorder is a life saver.


Screencast Video Recorder allows you to easily grab screenshots and record screencasts on your rooted Android device.

  • Mikemick

    Really?!? I read through the whole article, and you wait until the very end to tell me you have to root your device? Lesson learned, I guess I need to start reading the conclusion before the actual article from now on. Same with Nexus and Tegra devices. I know you don’t want to harp on the negatives in the opening paragraph, but you could’ve cleared a lot of red tape with a sentence or two letting people know what to expect as far as compatibility is concerned.

    • Michael James Williams

      Hey, sorry, we did consider this, and it is actually mentioned near the top (the post is tagged “requires root” and the fourth paragraph acknowledges you have to have root). But you’re right, it could be clearer; I’ll add a Tip box to make it so.

      • Mikemick

        You are a gentleman and a scholar :) Thanks.

        I must’ve been in scan reading mode, because I missed those details.

    • lexaustrie

      are u mental or retarded in the very beginning it says “Note: This app requires you to have root access, and doesn’t work on all devices (for instance, it won’t work on the Galaxy Nexus or the Tegra 2 or 3).” read carefully dumbass

  • Sean

    Tried this a few days ago, works fine on my first generation Galaxy Tab, but not on my Galaxy S2 LTE from Rogers. Both are rooted, the S2 is running official Rogers. ICS 4.0.4. Sent an email to the developer but haven’t heard any news.

    • Tim

      Thanks for letting us know. Maybe rate the app in the Play Market and mention it as a comment so others can know.

  • Jain

    Hello there.
    Thanks for the great review. I have a galaxy s3 phone, rooted and I purchased the app started downloading normally but there was a problem, all videos I record cannot be played even though I downloaded moobo player! Any idea what might be the cause? Thanks in advance.

  • wedger

    I too have this issue, S3, bought theapp, downloaded mobo, I can’t play the mp4s and can’t play them in VLC on my laptop.

  • DeanW

    App looks amazing, but unfortunately (so far) can’t get any audio on my HP Touchpad running the latest CyanogenMod 9 nightly. I saw one post indicating success running CM7, might have to go to an old backup for a while.

  • justin

    Hey iv downloaded this on my note 10.1and it runs perfectly fine when i record but as soon as i open a game to record, it records but when i look at the video, it opens the app then the screen is black, idk why it wont capture my game footage anybody got some help??

  • plasmalinker

    Same problem with me on my galaxy s3 rooted

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  • James

    Hi, I have had this app a couple of days now and am having issues recording games that use landscape mode. It records fine when on the home screen and flicking through the other screens but when a game loads it records the part up to where the game is in portrait mode but when the game goes to landscape the recording freezes. The sound and pointer still work fine and when the game is closed the recorder carries on recording OK. I am not sure if I can post a link in here to my recording but if it does work could someone please offer a fix or work around to help fix the issue.

    I have a galaxy s3 factory unlocked and fully rooted.

  • Minibixx

    Hi, i bought this app and I’m really pleased with it, for me the only thing missing is a possibility to chose the destination folder for the video captures. I have to. Send them manually to my ext sd card using another app. Any way to set another folder?

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