15 Apps for Programming on Android

Learning to program is awesome. You can make yourself think in very different ways, and learn a trade that will be extremely useful in years to come. Plus, it’s fun!

There are plenty of programs on desktop computers for writing and compiling code – but what about on Android? Here are 15 apps that will hopefully make your life easier while programming, whether you are just beginning, or have been programming your whole life. Productivity is extremely important in programming, so maybe a few of these apps will help you be on your way to being a coding maniac!

Once you’ve built your app, it’s a good idea to look at an application performance monitoring software. Apps such as Stackify and New Relic allow you to test how well your app is running and investigate error logs. You’ll find though that many of these apps have their own debugging and testing environments included and many don’t even require programming knowledge in order to get started.

SalesForce 1

The Salesforce1 Platform is an industry standard PaaS solution that’s used by thousands of major businesses worldwide. SalesForce1 allows you to develop your own Android applications to help improve sales and efficiency within you’re company. This can be anything from analytical tools, to tools to enhance the way your sales team work out in the field and apps to improve customer support. Its not aimed at beginners though and you’ll need to be a developer that is a member of Force.com and Database.com in order to use it.



Canvas is most commonly used to develop Android applications for field service workers that are constantly on the move and filling out paper forms. Some of the fields where Canvas is regularly utilized are Oil and Gas mining safety inspections, daily reports for construction, logistics, HVAC, plumbing and roofing.

Any company that deals with form-filling tasks could see improved efficiency with applications developed in Canvas that allow workers to edit checklists, inspections, work orders, surveys, invoices and inventories on their Android device.


Field Squared

Field Squared is cloud-based and allows you to create customizable native mobile apps and back office tools for field business services. The idea of Field Squared is to help field employees work more efficiently on tablets and phones and remove the need for paperwork.

Apps developed on Android in Field Squared can also be used to improve the efficiency of your company’s activities via such uses as job status tracking, route optimization, and asset tracking. You can use apps developed in Field Squared online and offline, protect communications with AES and SSL encryption and use 2-way data sync. You can also integrate GPS into any services you develop on your Android device but if you do choose to use this, it does kill the battery very quickly.


JScrambler’s focus is developing secure Android applications and markets itself as one of the most secure solutions out there. JScrambler is aimed more at advanced Android programmers and gives you lots of different JavaScript source code transformations including function outlining, string obfuscation and also provides several code locks other security features that keep your valuable Javascript code safe from being stolen.



Zengine is a cloud-based platform that’s aimed at non technical users to build custom business applications for Android. For more seasoned developers, you can also extend the application through the use of integrations and other complex functionality.

Zengine’s makes things easier with pre-configured templates (such as CRM, Project Management or Recruiting) and then a simple​​ ​​drag and drop form builder to create applications. ​Alternatively, i​f you already have data in a spreadsheet or other tool, you can import it into Zengine and you can contract the developers to create an app for you.


WorkXpress Build from Scratch

WorkXpress is designed for building Android apps for small or large businesses and makes it easy enough for anyone to get started with. There’s no programming knowledge or complicated setup procedure so its definitely suitable for beginners to programming on Android.
WorkXpress is still pretty powerful and features include search and replace, undo and redo, and on-screen keyboard helpers. If you’re new to programming on android and need an easy place to start, WorkXpress is worth checking out.



Como is another user-friendly platform that simplifies app creation on Android and helps you create feature rich apps. Como has a particular focus on e-commerce and makes it easier to create apps for selling goods on Android devices. It also includes tools to help you market and promote any apps that you create on it.



Knack is another Android programming app aimed at non-technical users to build online database apps. You don’t need any prior programming or IT background and there’s plenty of online support if you get stuck.

Knack aims to help novices build their own off-the-shelf applications that are difficult to reproduce in standalone solutions although it obviously lacks some of the power features of programming applications designed for pro. The nice thing about Knack though is that it actually manages to make learning Android programming fun.


Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is an easy-to-use Android programming app which aims to get your application and database rolled out ASAP.  Zoho takes care of security, uptime, backups and upgrades so that you can focus on creating your app. One good thing about Zoho is the pricing model because its a pay-as-you-go service with no long term contracts. You pay monthly, quarterly or yearly and you can cancel at anytime which is more flexible than most similar app. You can also create unlimited database applications with Zoho creator and share the account with up to 3 users.


OutSystems Platform

OutSystems Platform is designed to help you develop and deploy apps in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid model. Although you can develop on Android, it’s designed to produce something that can be deployed in the Cloud for all devices to access and use. It’s suitable for developing User Interfaces, Business Logic, Business Processes, Databases, Integration Components, Web Services, Security Rules and Scheduling activities.

OutSystems Platform uses an attractive and easy to follow visual development environment to rapidly develop and change mobile and web applications. OutSystems Platform helps you sketch out what can of app you want by letting you assemble all the components necessary to define mobile and web apps before you have to write any code.


Caspio is not for those new to programming. It’s quite complicated for those new to programming on Android and is aimed more at power users than those looking for an attractive looking IDE.

Amongst the many things you can create with Caspio are Online Forms, Embed Anywhere Deployment, Basic and Advanced Reporting, Map Mashup, Easy Data Import/Export: Excel, Access, TXT, XML, CSV, SSL Deployment, One-Click Language Localization, SEO Deployment, Password Protection and CAPTCHAS.



Snappii aims to help you create feature packed native mobile business apps for Android but with no coding knowledge. It’s designed to help you design, build and deploy enterprise grade secure mobile business as quickly as possible rather than having to hire a dedicated development team. Snappii allows you to integrate your apps with the Cloud and also shows you how you can connect apps you design in it to your enterprises’ back-end systems for more secure data transfers.


iON Interactive

iON Interactive is all about trying to grab user attention by helping you create interactive content on your Android device. iON Interactive is a good choice if you want to create an app that’s going to be heavily involved in social marketing, email marketing and advertising campaigns.

iON’s is most commonly used to create assessments, quizzes, ebooks, interactive white papers and other marketing tools that try to increase engagement, boost sales and improve conversions.


Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is another ready-to-go Android programming app with lots of templates, designs and tutorials to help you create your own apps. Bizness Apps includes tons of useful features that you can easily add to your apps including GPS Directions, Advanced Push Notifications, Tell-A-Friend, Food Ordering and Mobile Shopping Carts.

You can also add Mobile Reservations, Music Player, Loyalty Card, Custom Email Forms, Video Integration, Event Attendance, Bizness CRM tracking tools, Event Listings, Business Information, Points of Interest, GPS Coupons, Fan Wall, Mailing List, 3rd Party Social & Tool Integration, One Touch Calling and more.



Finally, if its not programming your want but a spot of web design on your Android device, take a look at Webflow. Webflow is actually a WYSIWYG visual website builder that’s not about building apps, but about using your Android device to build websites. Webflow is designed to create professional, responsive sites suitable for enterprises large and small and customers include Groupon, MTV, Pinterest and IBM. Although you can code with it if you want, no coding knowledge is required at all to create sites on your Android device. You can either design a site from scratch or use one of the many business templates available to create a site as quickly as possible.


Update: This post was updated on August 12th 2015.

  • TomVal

    Jota Text Editor can do syntax highlighting too, and can handle very long text files

    • Matthew

      Jota’s awesome — also integrates with SL4A (another good utility that should probably be up here). It’s a shame they’re no longer actively developing it though — at least, no new features, just bug fixes.

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  • egghead

    Add RFO BASIC (Laughton.com/basic) to the list.

    • http://michaeljameswilliams.com/ Michael James Williams

      Oh, cool app, thanks!

  • Porridge

    Check out Frink Programming language for android – it is extremely powerful and can create, edit and run programs from an android directly.

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  • http://www.androidapplicationdevelopmentindia.com/services.html Aadam Gibson

    I want to suggest you “Touchqode” Application; you can add this in your list. It is free available in google play. Touchqode is a true mobile code editor that comes with syntax highlighting, autocomplete and other features found in a desktop IDE. We support Java, HTML, JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, Ruby and PHP. Now, with integrated FTP and SFTP client.

    • Raja Sekar

      Just want to create one application in android and i want keyboard only for entering numbers alone the below image shows the type of keyboard. Let me to know how i want to create that and also suggest sample code for that…

  • idea

    who can make the App that will turn off power mic. it will bee sensation antiapp for audition actions. some phones bugging by mic when it is not using! this new program must turn off mic power . if someone makes it please send me one copy for my idea! :)

  • http://www.softessential.com softessential

    really nice work .. i like it thankss for this .

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  • abdullah

    Nice work than a lot :)

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  • http://caron.yann.free.fr/algoid CyaNn

    I am actually developing another language and an IDE to program (and learn programing) on android platform.

    The program is Algoid, you can find it here :

    I think (humbly I hope) that this app has it’s place on this kind of list.

    • FJR

      Awesome app!! thanks for sharing!

      • Yann Caron

        No problem 😉

        Thanks for app’reciate it…. lol !!!!

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  • Pratik Butani

    Nice and Awesome Apps………

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  • XGouchet

    For XML files you can check out my app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.xgouchet.xmleditor

    This app is quite usefull (In my not so objective opinion) and open source.

  • kenius0101

    Ok, Noticed someone posted RFO Basic as a good choice and it has yet to be added here.

    Funny how some people still think Basic is a bad language isnt it?!!

    Well anyways, I’m telling anyone that comes here for advice, get RFO Basic!!!!!

    Its easy to use, and saying easy as in, I mean you click a demo program and run it!!!. and it has graphic commands, remember those?

    it actually sets up a graphics screen for you!!! and you wont spend hours trying to debug some Java program thats 10000 lines long that could have been done in RFO basic in about 10 lines.

    Dont Believe me? go download it. Install it to your Droid, Hell you dont even have to go to an App store to get it, its right on their site, they have an APK that installs it for you.

    Maybe this Brian guy will update his page to show you how cool RFO basic is, but I highly doubt it, some people cant face the fact that todays Basics are just as cool, and as powerful as C or Java,

    and that RFO basic is a hell of a lot easier to use than both of these languages!

    The truth is there, one try with RFO Basic and you’ll never use any of these other ones Brian is showing you!

    Maybe Brian can do a tutorial to show you all how to write a “hello world” in Java or C on your droid, good luck with that, you’ll be three days tryin to get it to work, trust me, get RFO, if you dont.., well …

    as Harry Potter said to Valdemort, ,” I feel sorry for you “.

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  • disqus_NXJ1IvYznN

    There is also a nice IDE called Bright MIDE. It is similar to AIDE but the editor has a lot more features:

  • The Ken

    Ok, DroidEdit is great , own it , use it for HTML5 , cool as hell.

    ,…But No mention at all about “RFO BASIC” ???


    Anyone that wants to actually make something on their Droid , and I do
    mean more than just a “Hello World” print statement, should go download
    RFO Basic NOW!!!!.

    IT IS FREE as in FREE, and I do mean FREE!

    It is not your Grandfathers basic!. this puppy is POWERFUL , You can make games with this bad boy!!. I’m working on one now.

    Why RFO Basic is not on this list is beyond me????.

    It behooves me, befuddles me, astounds me , you get the picture…

    All I can guess is the Author must not check back to this page
    ever to see the lovely comments about this Amazing “RFO Basic” language
    that is almost as fast as java on a Droid?…,

    And yes,I am making a game with RFO Basic, and yes, it is that powerful,

    One can read any input device with its commands, it has GPS commands,
    Networking commands, Browser commands ,Touch input commands, Cool
    Graphics commands, Sound, Music, a great IDE,

    And Many examples come with RFO Basic, and is fast as hell!.

    i’m leaving some exciting commands and features out of this list for you to go find,

    Oh and was developed by the same guy that made Atari Basic for the Atari
    800 home computer back in the early 80’s so he knows a bit about

    Oh and did I mention RFO Basic is fast? I mean, make a cool game on the Droid and see it fly fast!

    so google RFO Basic, install it, get the PDF book, try the Examples… ,

    The one of Cartman flipping over and over will do for a game template, oh
    and re-save it as a different name , so as not to mess up Cartman 1.0
    up,, he hates that!.

    And dear author of this fine list, Brian… ,

    Please add RFO Basic to the list, it is really the only option you
    have, or else I am gonna Bribe Santa’s Elves to poo in your stocking
    this year, you have been warned!!

    AND THE REST OF YOU… Go get RFO Basic, what the hell are you waiting for?

    its free, and we all like free, Its crazy powerful, will make any program
    you can think of, and unlike most of the IDE’s on this list, this is a full language, not just a cool IDE only, a full language, that you too can make cool stuff with!

    So in closing.., have fun , make that next Angry birds ,Or “Hello World!!!” the Multi-player game , whatever your imagination can handle .

    As a wise man once said,
    “why invent the wheel when we have perfectly square blocks right here?”
    and “are my pants down?, I feel a draft”

    Later true believers, and Go RFO Basic for the win !!!

    Oh and P.s. …Buy one of those Droid flap/cover keyboards for 10 bucks, makes programming a tablet way easy, Nuff Said!

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