35 Android Apps to Monitor Usage Stats and Tweak System Utilities

Every proud new owner of a smartphone will end up frustrated with the short battery life and memory issues. I am no exception and naturally I have scoured the Android Market for “System Utilities” to help me handle some these issues. There are some really amazing apps that can boost memory, improve battery life and improve device performance significantly, but many of these “All in One” solutions require rooted phones and some may not work in all phone models.

In this article we will explore 35 apps currently available on the Market that are very useful for monitoring your Android phone usage, tweaking, the system and taking control of how you use your device. Some of these apps will help you understand your Android phone performance and advanced features. The apps I like the most are those that show detailed infographics: graphical displays of usage statistics and system performance. Many of these apps have really helped me to fine-tune my phone’s performance.

A note about Task Killers: starting from Android 2.2 there is no need for Task Killers (already included as core app) but it helps to have some extra functionality from third party apps.

Norton Mobile Utilities (Beta)

Price: Free
Developer: NortonMobile

My favorite app in this list is Norton Mobile Utilities. Although currently in beta, and admittedly with room for improvement, its absolutely stunning user interface and graphical representation of data makes it very attractive. It provides detailed information on the behavior of individual apps, such as battery usage, CPU time, system time, user time, memory usage, and permissions. It also packs an installer, a move to SD card feature, system info, network monitor and other features. I think future versions will solve many of the issues, like the way it calculates minutes and data usage.

Norton Mobile Utilities

System Panel App / Task Manager

Price: $2.99
Market Link to Free / Lite Version
Developer says both versions support Android 2.2 / Froyo
Developer: NextApp Inc

SystemPanel integrates a task manager, app manager (installer/uninstaller with multi-version APK archival), and system monitor. The most useful feature is the background monitoring service to record long-term CPU usage by individual apps. This gives the ability to record device usage history over a period of time (up to one week), so that you can determine what applications and usage patterns have the greatest impact on battery life. The historical consumption data are shown as bar charts over a timescale. You can compare the charts before and after Task Management to see the difference in battery life. Also there is an option to disable background monitoring if you don’t want it running all the time.

System Panel App / Task Manager

Wifi Analyzer

Price: Free
Developer: farproc

Wi-Fi Analyzer is an amazingly simple app that takes you by surprise. At first I was just looking for an app to show some extra information about my Wi-Fi setup at home. I discovered this app purely because it has more than a million installs from the Market. It shows your Wi-Fi signal in a dynamic “color coded area plot” and the best part is that it shows overlapping signals from your neighbors. You can manually assign channels to your Wi-Fi receiver in your phone to boost the signal strength and less crowded zone. I don’t know if it works for all phones but I strongly recommend everyone to at least give it a try.

Wifi Analyzer

ZDbox (All-in-One toolbox)

Price: Free
Developer: ZDworks Co Ltd
Full Review: ZDBox

ZDbox is one of those All-in-One apps that really delivers what it promises. I like the notification bar quick access to useful info like remaining battery time, running apps, how much data traffic is left and whether app lock is active or not. In addition to featuring the usual set of tools like task killer, move to SD and traffic monitor, it also gives two unique tools: “do not disturb mode” (more control over silent or airplane mode) and App Lock (to protect sensitive information).


Android Status

Price: Free; Ad free version available for $0.99
Developer: androidstatus

Android Status is yet another app with a really simple user interface. It features CPU Memory usage, Process List, Mobile Network information, Internet Connections, Network Info (IP Address, Gateway, MAC Address), Wi-Fi Status, Battery Status, Storage(SD card) Usage, Routing Info, and /proc Viewer. The unique feature is that it offers equivalent of linux/unix commands like ps, pstree, netstat, ifconfig and route, which some might find very useful.

Android Status

Speedtest.net Mobile

Price: Free
Developer: OOKLA

Speedtest.net Mobile is the native Android version of the most popular broadband speed test on the Internet. I really like the speedometer-style user interface and its overall performance. There are some minor bugs and I am sure future updates will solve most of these issues. If you want to monitor your mobile broadband speed and keep a track of it then this will be a very useful tool. I wish the developers would add a ‘move to SD card’ option in future updates.

Speed Test


Price: Free
Developer: Tamas Barta

Elixir is a system information application with highly configurable widgets. This app is very popular with lots of good reviews. It is a collection of widgets for almost everything you need, from Wi-Fi switch to auto-sync switch. I recommend the personal add-on if you have this app already and don’t mind giving access to personal info like SMS and call usage.


Gemini App Manager

Price: Free
Developer: Grace Liu

This app is really useful in terms of managing your apps and boosting system memory. It has the usual collection of tools such as task management and auto kill processes. The unique feature is that it can show “risk info”, like which apps can call outgoing, or can send out SMS, or can use Camera, or can find your location, and so on. It offers batch install / uninstall, the ability to backup APK files and move to SD card options to easily manage your apps. I like the way it helps you to sort your downloaded apps, filter the good ones and remove unwanted apps easily. Advanced features are available for rooted phones.

Gemini App Manager

History Eraser Pro

Price: $1.49; Free version available

This app is by far the best tool to erase your history on Android devices (click the title for correct url as there are a lot of similar apps in the Market). It does a fantastic job at cleaning up your phone, delete your search history, remove your call log, delete sms, clean up your clipboard, clear all apps’ cache files, clear frequently called, erase market search history and much more. Going ad-free for an extra buck is entirely your preference. I love this app and use it every day, mainly to clear cache files for apps like Feedly and USAtoday with just once click.

History Eraser Pro

JuiceDefender – Battery Saver

Price: Free; Plus add-on for enhanced features costs $2.83; Ultimate add-on for more advanced features costs $7.10.
Developer: Latedroid
Full Review: JuiceDefender

JuiceDefender is very good at managing your battery life. It is fully customizable and helps you to easily manage Mobile Data, Wi-Fi and CPU speed, so you can keep power consumption under control (e.g. by disabling connectivity when the battery runs low), schedule regular Synchronization events, enable or disable connectivity for specific apps, auto-toggle Wi-Fi depending on your location, and much more. The feature I like the most is the location-aware Wi-Fi toggle. The key is to choose the correct preset that works for you.

Juice Defender Pro

Battery Monitor Widget

Price: Free
Developer: 3C

Batery Monitor Widget offers complete battery monitoring with notification icon, history, graphics and alarms, battery capacity, charge/discharge (mA & mW), voltage, temperature and remaining time estimates. It gives one-click access to detailed graphical display about battery consumption.

Battery Monitor Widget

BatteryLife Widget

Price: Free
Developer: CurveFish

This is a beautiful battery widget (2×1) with customizable interface (different colors) for the standard Home Screen. If all you need is a simple widget to show battery consumption this is an excellent choice. Check out other great widgets from the same developer.

Batterylife Widget

OnOff Widgets Pack

Price: Free
Developer: CurveFish

I am a big fan of toggle switches. This pack contains toggles for Airplane Mode, APN, Auto-Rotate, Auto-Sync, Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS, Lock Screen, Network 2G/3G, Screen Timeout, Silent Mode and Wi-Fi

OnOff Widgets Pack

Gauge Battery Widget

Price: Free
Developer: Tomas Hubalek

This is yet another battery widget that is hugely popular due to its analog (gauge) visual representation of battery usage. It features small, medium and large versions with high quality graphics; battery percent in widget (shows percentage of battery life left); battery status in status bar (can be turned off!); configurable battery widget color options; and temperature and voltage display in status bar

Gauge Battery Widget


Price: Free
Developer: Latedroid

Another one of my favorites from the developer Latedroid and a nice addition to JuiceDefender discussed above. It is basically a battery usage graph that combines full at-a-glance information about your battery consumption with sheer beauty. The colored bands along the graph show your screen brightness, radio usage, charging status and battery temperature and it includes an accurate widget that shows how long until battery is fully drained/recharged.


Power Control Plus (Widget Pack)

Price: Free
Developer: Sirius Applications Ltd

This is yet another widget pack to let you to turn on or off almost any setting on your phone, right from your home screen. Every aspect of Power Control Plus’s widgets are customizable, including color, size and behavior. The main features are its Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) compatibility, seven different widget sizes (including vertical widgets), nine different indicator light colors, and ability to save battery life by not running all the time in the background. Also, you can change background transparency and add shortcuts to any app on the widget.

Power Control Plus

Quick Settings

Price: Free; Quicker (paid version) gives extra controls for $1.41
Developer: Sergej Shafarenka

Quick Settings does what it says, offering a quick and easy way to control your phone settings via widgets. It also promises to control battery consumption. It has a nice clean UI and works great. The screen brightness slider control is very handy if you want to go for the paid version.

Quick Settings

SD Tools

Price: Free
Developer: Veluscek Ales

SD Tools is not your regular system app but it is really useful to check your microSD card information (Name, Date, MID, OEMID,…). You can also check whether your card is fake, by checking its serial number, MID and OEMID. The feature I like most is the benchmark option, which evaluates your device’s SD card writing and reading speeds (so you’ll know when it’s time to buy a new SD card with more capacity). It may not be a daily use app, but it is worth trying it at least once.

SD Tools


Price: Free; SeePU++ paid version offers extra features for $2.77
Developer: Latedroid

SeePU shows the current CPU, RAM and data network utilization in the notification area. There are a lot of CPU apps but most require rooted phones. It was refreshing to see something that doesn’t require root. The paid version offers a graphical display of the CPU and memory usage.


Android Booster Free

Price: Free
Developer: NetQin Mobile Inc

Nothing fancy here, just a bunch of features: Task Killer, Battery Saver, Memory Booster, Uninstaller, File Manager, Network Manager and Process Manager.

Netqin Android Booster

Mini Info

Price: Free
Developer: Dynotes
Full Review: Mini Info

Mini Info gives one click access to system info via widgets. Check out our full review for more details..

Mini Info

Droid Stats

Price: Free
Developer: Michael Ludwig

This app gives you the ability to control your call minutes, number of SMS messages and data traffic. You can set limits for each, track your costs, and get much more information and statistics about them. I love the widgets, which show stats for your phone usage.

This app may not be of much use if you already have a carrier like T-Mobile or AT&T that provides official versions of usage tracking “My Account” apps. The actual numbers may not be accurate depending on your phone plan (free nights and weekends minutes or in-network minutes may be added to overall stats).

Droid Stats

Fast Reboot

Price: Free; Paid version for $1.42
Developer: Great Bytes Software

This app helps your phone to quickly “reboot” to free up memory. It does not require root and the paid version offer some advanced settings like auto reboot and ability to exclude apps. The idea behind this is instead of killing the process, it is omitted from running by doing a reboot. It is very quick and the results are dramatic in terms of battery consumption and phone performance.

Fast Reboot

Usage Timelines

Price: Free; Paid ad free version for $2.43
Developer: Dr Achim Leubner

This is a very handy tool to monitor your CPU usage. The best part is the graphical display of your usage timeline. But the free version has ads that consume CPU power so you really need to go pro for best performance. It might not work on all phone models so check out the free version before you pay for it.

Usage Timelines Pro

Traffic Monitor

Price: Free
Developer: RadioOpt Gmbh

This app measures data traffic consumed by your Wi-Fi and cellular interface. Download and upload throughput as well as ping durations can be measured via an integrated speed test. Traffic stats per application, history of data usage, tethering traffic (for mobile hotspot), geolocation based traffic stats, battery status and task killer make it a great app for taking control of your data usage.

Traffic Monitor

Sensorly (4G, CDMA, GSM & WiFi)

Price: Free
Developer: Sensorly.com

Sensorly is a unique approach to data usage tracking; it detects cell tower identfication or BSSID, signal strength (RSSI), and so on. As the name suggests, it works for CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi. It helps you to check your mobile service coverage and also compare with other carriers. It will work better as more people uses it and the coverage maps become more accurate.


Open Signal Maps

Price: Free
Developer: Staircase 3, Inc.

This app is truly the ultimate Wi-Fi and signal finding tool. It supports GSM, CDMA, 4G, 3G, 2G. It detects signal direction, shows signal strength, displays map and radar views of cell towers and Wi-Fi routers, gives detailed signal strength data, and lets you save all this data to the SD card.

Open Signal Maps

Phone Usage

Price: Free
Developer: Jupiter Apps

This app helps you to monitor your phone call, text and network data usage. The graphs are simply amazing and make this one of the best among similar apps.

Phone Usage

Traffic Counter Extended

Price: Free; Pro version for $2.87 offers extra features
Developer: Carl Hopf

This is a really light weight app to monitor data usage and it runs very smoothly in the background without costing battery or CPU performance. You get detailed statistics with the All/Month/Week/Today setting. It can also track sms and call usage. It can monitor how much each app consumes data so you can manage data usage more efficiently. There is scope for improvement, like adding easy access to kill those data hogging apps instead of opening another task killer app.

Traffic Counter

3G Watchdog Pro

Price: Free; Pro version with advanced features costs $3.25
Developer: Richard Gruet

This app keeps track of your mobile Internet usage. I recommend the Pro version mainly for features like advanced data usage prediction; seting your own billing rules (which is a must as each cellular carrier is different); seeing the usage history with graphs and options to export the data in CSV format (very useful for developers); and the backup and restore options. It can also track data usage per app (Android 2.2+, unavailable on Dell Streak). It is recommended not to uninstall the free version until you import the settings to pro version when you upgrade.

3G Watchdog

Advanced Task Killer

Price: Free; Pro version for $4.99 is ad free
Developer: ReChild

Advanced Task Killer started out as one of the pioneer apps for managing your apps when the native Android OS did not have these features. After Android 2.2 many of the functions have become redundant. The most recent version has been improved a lot and offers some extra features, like the ability to change “auto kill” to execute only when device is awake; an option to ignore service and front app for Android 2.2 and later version; and being compiled under the Android 3.1 platform so that it works for tablets too. However, as mentioned in the introduction, remember that we don’t want to kill all processes — especially system processes that need to run all the time for things like email sync and widgets on your home screen.

Advanced Task Killer

Android Assistant (15 Features)

Price: Free
Developer: Aaron

Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive management tools to improve your phone’s performance. It speeds up your phone’s running speed and saves battery through its 15 top features including a monitor status (CPU, memory, battery), a process manager, and a cache cleaner. I find the startup manager very useful as it prevents useless apps from system startup, therefore improving the system running speed and saving more battery power. Other good features of this app include the aatch uninstall option and a handy widget that shows the number of processes that can be killed to save memory.

Android Assistant

Watchdog Task Manager Lite

Price: Free; Full version for $3.49 is ad-free and has blacklist option
Developer: Zamut, Inc.

Watchdog is an alternative to Advanced Task Killer but takes a different approach to killing tasks. The primary goal is to watch your phone’s apps instead of killing them randomly. It helps you to monitor the activity of each app and make a blacklist that can be killed with just one click.


Quick Boot (Reboot)

Price: Free; requires root
Developer: Sirius Applications Ltd.

There are some really amazing things you can do when you have a rooted phone. Some examples are setting CPU clock speed and changing system settings. Quick Boot is one such very useful utility app for rooted phones. It can quickly and easily reboot your device, power off your device, or boot your device into recovery or bootloader mode. (Compare this to Fast Reboot discussed above which works for non-root phones as well.) Quick Boot helps you to significantly reduce system startup time and save memory. You can also create shortcuts on your home screen to reboot with one click. Note that this may not be needed, depending on what ROM you have installed in your rooted phone (CyanogenMod 7 includes a Reboot option in the Power Button menu).



Price: Free
Developer: ipop Dev

SuperBox is a 10 tools in 1 app – a Swiss Army knife for Android. It includes a memory/CPU monitor, battery information, app installer, a cache cleaner, another task killer, a file manager/SDcard manager, app safeguard, and more. If you feel like you don’t need multiple apps in your phone just to control the system, then this kind of all-in-one app will be the right choice for you.



We have reviewed 35 apps currently available in the Market that help you to take control of your Android phone system settings and monitor phone usage statistics. Our list is diverse, ranging from Wi-Fi analyzers to all-in-one apps. I wish that we could cover every single app on this topic, but it’s impossible — I have revised this list three times since I started writing it as newer updates had to be included! My ultimate goal is to convince you the reader to start exploring some of these apps for enhancing your everyday Android experience. Let me know if you find some other great ones.

  • http://ashish.bogawat.com Ashish Bogawat

    For regular phone usage tracking – like number of calls, messages to specific contacts, photos & emails on certain dates or even at specific locations, etc. – nothing beats Friday (http://android.appstorm.net/reviews/utilities/friday-a-comprehensive-personal-analytics-tool/). I’m a big fan of the existing Alpha version and their next version is supposed to be a major update.

    • http://wedesignapps.com Shibi Kannan

      Thank you for reminding me about “Friday” – I just signed up for the beta invite

  • Mark Kropf

    You forgot about “autokiller metmory optimizer” its not your ordinary task manager!

  • http://chris.dickinson.ch Chris

    Thanks for this great review!
    Did you test OS Monitor? That’s what I’ve always been using until now. Doesn’t require root either.

  • http://www.appleumbrella.com Apple Umbrella

    really thanks for useful roundup with helping apps.

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  • https://market.android.com/details?id=com.smartappers.appusage William Tam

    This app lets you know how much time you spend using your apps, very accurate. (free without ads)


  • Petro

    Thanks, i was looking for a list with these types of apps. Much appreciated

  • Pavv

    I tried KidLogger for Android – it monitor phone usage (calls, apps, sms, web, network) and allows to watch reports online, ! it also track photos and records phone conversations.

  • Will Buck

    Total commander, Astro, Appmonster, GPS Test, Quick GPS Info are a few suggestions :) certainly total commander and astro, no?

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  • cbaker

    Anybody know if using more than one task manager is ok?
    I just got a new Thunderbolt and have Juice Defender and System Panel Light running at the same
    I set Juice Defender on auto and use SPL to kill at will.
    So far it seems to be ok. It doubled the battery life. Am I playing with fire, overtaxing the systems or is it acceptable? Please email me an answer.
    Thank you!

  • Andy Williams

    Excellent article — many jewels here. I have a particular tracking need. Where I currently live (Ethiopia) ALL internet access of any speed goes “over the air” — land-based ADSL is low quality & low speed. We use EVDO dongles, and the cost for 2 Gig/month is c. USD 35 i.e. expensive. My new Samsung Tab 10.1 is eating up my data allowance very quickly but I don’t yet know why. I suspect there are are apps (I am experimenting with many) connecting in the background, presumably to sync various things (mails, social messages, news, etc.). What I need is an app that will show at a minimum which apps are connecting, with their data demands — aggregate usage stats — the commonest presentation format — are no help to me, I need specifics. From your list is seems that Traffic Monitor will do this? Is that so? Are there any other apps that you have come across that would help me? I BADLY need something to show me what to kill as right now my data allowance is just evaporating!

    • Andy Williams

      I have answered my own question, once I knew what to look for. As always the trick is you need to know what question to ask to find the app! To track data usage typical terms will be “data usage”, “data manager”, “data plan”, “data monitor”. The apps I found, in no order of priority or implied recommendations, included the following:
      – 3G Watchdog/3G Watchdog Pro
      – Onavo
      – Data Detective
      – My Data Manager
      – Traffic monitor
      – Data Traffic Monitor
      – Network Traffic Monitor
      They all have their own characteristics (Hint: A review of these would be really interesting!). Some only track 3G, not Wi-Fi(I need ALL data usage). Some are aggregate totals, others show individual usage (I need the latter). Seems I am not alone in wanting to know where my Mb go!

  • http://apptro.com krish

    I tried apptro for Android – it monitor app usage and also we can share usage details in facebook and twitter. Apptro having alot of more feature still exploring..

  • http://apptro.com krish
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  • http://s40theme.info Dsta

    Thanks u guy….

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  • Chaoticist

    I have a Samsung Fascinate I-500, and this list led me to some great apps that helped me clear up a lot of things that were eating my processor power. Like a Power Widget that, while stylish and extremely useful, was using processor power just to be displayed. So I got Quick Settings off of this list, and it does exactly the same thing, toggling wifi, airplane mode, sound, with sliders for all sound settings, and a toggle switch for screen timeout/always on. I also got Quick Boot (not quick reboot, I already had that, very VERY useful, especially in conjunction with Go Taskmanager EX Pro, which I use along with Go Locker and Go Launcher EX) which lets me turn my phone off or reboot it to see if changes I’ve made have worked without taking forever waiting for it to reboot.

  • yogesh

    i want to buy good android phone with 1 GHz or more processor but before that i want to see cpu max clock speed please tell me free version for the same .

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  • Ester

    You missed out on App Monitor Pro. It has several other features over Watchdog. Its a must buy app for every Android user!

  • gerry

    Just great help. Thanks so much. Someone now needs to start a list of known battery draining apps. With everything set properly a list that grows with recommendations of apps that consume inordinately large amounts of battery life. That would be a big help too.

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=msd.n2g.n3g Honza

    Hi, I believe that Network Monitor can provide much more information in nice design. Check it by yourself. There are two versions (LITE/FULL).

  • -Irislalala
  • http://www.gamingtron.com Sohil Memon

    Awesome apps thanks for it :)

  • Steve Kelem

    Is there an app that will list how much space (data+app) an app is using in the main memory and on the SD card? I would like to export that data to a spreadsheet.

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