Five of the Best Calendar App Replacements

Calendars have been used throughout the ages as a way of organising one’s work, social, or religious events into a single view. The dawn of mobile applications meant that this could be taken on the go and provide necessary reminders to get things done at ease. For some, especially business users, the calendar is the most important app on their phone.

Android has a built-in calendar app, and some phone manufacturers, who add their own skin on top of vanilla Android, also provide their own calendar app. However, for those looking for something new, there’s also a bunch of alternatives available on Google’s Android Market.

In this roundup, we’ll be taking a look at a handful of the best looking and most functional calendar replacement apps and discussing which is the best.


AnCal is a simple calendar in the style of the old Palm WebOS. The simple design of this app really suits Android and it functions well with handling appointments, tasks and notes. Unfortunately, AnCal does not support Google Calendar sync, which, on Android, is a definite disadvantage.

In particular, I love the user interface in setting new alarms and tasks (as demonstrated in the screenshots below). Selecting timings looks great and works really well with Android’s more basis interface elements.

Ancal for Android costs nothing. It's free!

AnCal is also open source… if you’re into that sort of thing.

Price: Free
Market Link: AnCal
Developer: Piotr.Zagawa

Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant is, in sharp contrast, a paid app that also serves as a replacement calendar app for your Android phone. The app’s feedback suggests the app does not sync with Google Calendar, which is another disappointment, but it uses a similar structure in terms of folders and general organisation.

Pocket Informant boasts many different calendar views including the standard month/week/etc. views and pre-made filters such as completed/uncompleted tasks. Overall, the system seems very similar to Google’s own web-based properties such as the aforementioned calendar app and GMail.

Pocket Informant is available for $5.99.

There’s a massive wealth of various additional/miscellaneous features that I can’t cover because they’re too unnoticeable, but they contribute to an overall intuitive and friendly experience on possibly the best app on this list.

Price: $5.99
Market Link: Pocket Informant
Developer: Web Information Solutions Inc.


Jorte is a practical personal organiser which aims to look and feel much more like a traditional, paper-based planner. This isn’t achieved in a way you’d expect (for example, the style of Apple’s iBooks pages), but rather by bringing across a few elements of traditional calendars.

Jorte boasts additional features such as a landscape view and can even be controlled with Google Voice. There’s also CSV importing if you deem that necessary for business or personal reasons. Jorte’s implementation seems pretty successful, especially for those with larger phones.

Price: Free
Market Link: Jorte
Developer: Jorte


CalenGoo is an app that, from first impressions, looks very much like a scaled down version of Google’s calendar web app. And that’s not just some imitation because there is a lack of synchronization. Oh no! This app actually includes direct sync with Google Calendar and Tasks. Hallelujah!

CalenGoo also comes with built in widgets to be placed on your phone’s homescreen so launching the app can be a rare occasion.

The task and agenda implementation here is probably my favourite feature, as it’s managed with a clean style without too much clutter. Some, however, might completely hate the user interface.

Price: €4.53
Market Link: CalenGoo
Developer: Dominique Andre Gunia


This application has, by far, the cleanest design in a traditional grid-oriented setup. TouchCalendar markets itself as being as easy to work as Google Maps thanks to its intuitive scrolling and zooming gesture interface.

TouchCalendar also syncs with Google Calendar, which is a clear advantage, and keeps many of the customization options such as calendar colours. These little interface tweaks that you created in the web version are all brought down, which is convenient.

Everything is about navigation here with a wide range of gestures being used to move around the calendar and perform actions such as adding new events.

Price: £1.45
Market Link: Touch Calendar
Developer: Oliver Lan

What’s the Best?

Each of these calendar replacement applications are good, but there are some which are great! I’m particularly attracted to PocketInformant which seems the most functional and the most user-friendly with its wide range of features, filters and folders. The only real downfall is its current lack of Google Calendar syncing support. However, since this applications’ public beta featured this option, it could be coming in a future update.

The other app I’m drawn to is Touch Calendar because of its implementation of multi-touch gestures. This just makes it seem so much more like a smartphone app rather than just interacting with a website, which is a clear advantage in the mobile application race.

Hopefully you’ve found a replacement app here that you like. There are many rival calendar apps out there so suggest any in the comments if you prefer others.

  • Brady

    I recently stumbled across Business Calendar Free ( I mainly use it for a few reasons: 1) It’s free. 2) It has a great Agenda widget. 3) You can drag and drop in the calendar app.

    • rajeev

      i also tried out Business Calendar its free and i can sync 3 calendars i prefer it over the stock Android cal

    • Tom

      I have also tried out Business Calendar for a while, but I have recently switched over to DigiCal due to its attractive user interface.

    • tw

      No drag and drop on bizcal

  • Adam

    “as demonstrated in the screenshots below”…

    Um, what screenshots?

  • RK

    As Brady suggests, Business Calendar Free is excellent, easily as good as the ones you mention above. Also Calendar Pad is worth including, though despite buying Calendar Pad Pro I find myself using Business Calendar Free more since finding it.

  • sys

    Wow, this is a horrible review. Business Calender should have definitely been included. Also why the hell would you include calendars that don’t sync with Google Calenders? The whole point of the android system is to integrate Google apps with the phone for a seamless operation.

    • K

      Some of us don’t use (or even Like) Google calendars – I loathe them & never use them… but then I’m probly just weird that way 😉 Thanks for the others… also, tried Business Calendar and for some strange reason couldn’t get it to work – then when I removed it I lost my phone’s regular calendar as well… *sigh* onto others I guess.

  • Diane

    Some of us do not like Google Calendars, sys.

  • Marcus

    I just bought an android phone. I really need to have my business calendar on my phone however I have no desire to upload sensitive calendar data to the google cloud. I’m moving from a blackberry which handled offline calendar sharing between PC and phone beautifully (Blackberry Desktop Manager).

    why is google forcing us to upload business calendars to google. This makes no sense. could be a deal breaker for me

  • Ntrnlerror9

    I really liked Calengoo, so far it is worth the money! Jorte was okay if anyone has tried it, but calengoo is way better, at first its a little intimidating w/ all of the options but once you get past that, I will have to double check the business calender.

  • cat205

    There is a new calendar on the android market called Timewise. I dont use my google calendar on my pc too much, as I am always out and about, so use my phone mostly to schedule appts. This app has a sporadic event entry that is totally a time saver if you have to enter one event with a bunch of dates associated with it. Plus it has voice recognition which is very cool. I have pi as well but switched to timewise for now!

  • James Peterson

    A modification the the built in calendar I have been working on.

    I have added Week Start days
    Colors to the Month View
    Horizontal swipe action to go to selected week
    Auto stacking events in the week and day views.

    I plan to add search and many other features in the coming future….

  • Steve V

    How about the option to add a reminder like google calendar already has but allow any audio file instead of the default notifications it allows which don’t wake me up. a 1 second audio clip I sleep right on through. I need it to play a whole song!

    • Steve V

      How about the option to add a reminder like google calendar already has but allow any audio file instead of the default notifications it allows which don’t wake me up. a 1 second audio clip I sleep right on through. I need it to play a whole song!
      like this app was supposed to do but its a failure.

    • Steve V

      lets try that again. lol
      like this app is supposed to do but it FCs soon as I run it.

  • StylezSoft

    Just to mention that StylezSoft has brought you ClickCalPro and ClickCalPro Widget. These apps change the way you look at calendaring. Events can be made out of photos (a paper document for example) and audio voice recordings.

  • lexa

    new to droid from treo and so far not pleased to find (1) my contact info transfer was terrible (lost lots of data–bdays etc) (2) calendar—no color codes for biz/personal/other;(3) from what i can tell no tasks/notes built in…sprint guy added aknotepad.(4) don’t know how to ‘back up’ the data

    does anyone know if there is an app that handles all the above before i Fix all my contacts which is huge (perhaps there is an app to fix such??), would like to only do it once.
    thanks so much for any insight.

    • bill

      I too am migratig fom palm to droid. the single best calendar i ever have seen is the dateBk6 that i use with my treo. Tthat is the single reason i havent switched yet. so easy to identify different types of appointments or events on a month view – hands down the best.
      anybody find a calendar app with these features for droid? anybdyy find a way to transfer years of events past and future to a droid based calendar? Please point me in the right direction…

      • Gerald Jones

        Did anyone come up with an answer to your request? I have just made the switch from my Treo and really miss my calendar functions.

        • pgyh_ca

          I also need a solution, do you found one ?

        • ggp

          I have a Nexus 7 and am also very hopeful that someone has found a replacement for Palm…long time user of Desktop and spoiled. I too don’t care about syncing with Google Calendar.

    • pgyh_ca

      Hi Lexa, I also need to do a one shoot transfer from Palm Desktop (6.2.2) to Android for Calendar, Contact and Memo. Worst case, I can do Memo by hand, but the rest would be a nightmare. Do you found a solution ?

  • herman weerman

    pocket informant is bad: it does not sync with google calendar. Jorti says it does sync, but is does not work on my sony ericsson xperia arc. TouchCalendard works without any problems it syncs with google calendar, i can search the whole agenda (google calendar cannot search – terrible fault!) , and it works offline too (most calendar search apps only work when i’m online, e.g. calendar companion).

  • Jim

    I like lots of features on the Android calender that came with my Samsung Fascinate. However, limitations are:
    1. Can’t use ahead-of-time alarms on repetitive events.
    2. Alarm times are adjusted automatically for time zone changes. So if an alarm is set for a specific time, and then travel from west coast to east coast, the appointment is changed by three hours. Example: if daily alarms are set to take time-sensitive medications, those times will be off by three hours when traveling cross-country, requiring each to be adjusted.
    3. Cannot edit the date for a repetitive event.

  • Ross

    And here is another interesting application

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    You can quickly and easily create orders, send them to the performers (your employees) and to track status.
    Sending orders through SMS or E-mail (at your option).
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    Any time you can in a few minutes to check lists of orders already in progress or already made – or not yet distributed to performers.

  • Caerbannog

    I love CalendarPad. There’s a paid version, but I can’t find anything the free one doesn’t do for me. It just crams lots of info on the page so you can actually see what’s going on, plus several really good widgets.

  • Ben

    And magically the ones you recommend are the ones you get affiliate income for. Bravo!

    • Michael James Williams

      What? Affiliate income? These aren’t affiliate links.

  • Eyas

    I am looking for a calendar replacement app that I can enter the tasks and events in my desktop and synchronize it with the android phone so it will appear on my mobile phone. and vice versa.
    Does “Pocket Informant” have this feature??
    the second question if i want to try pocket informant is there a Free version to start with.
    Thanx for this nice article which i found it useful too much.

  • Xemle

    You should also add aCalendar to your list. Tiny, intuitive, fast! Give it a try!

  • Mike

    These are cool! Another cool one is called Splister. It Use VOICE RECOGNITION to
    to create Calendar entries AND Lists & Notes without having to type anything! Check it out:

  • duke696m
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  • Barb

    What I want is simple, and something that has been available for yeaes on Palm Pilots. I want to be able to delete one occurence of a repeating event without deleting all the occurences of this event in the future. Unfortunately, Palm Pilot seems to have bit the dust. Is there any calendar app out there that can do this simple thing?

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  • Michael Blackmore

    I have used Pocket Informant on an iPOD Touch and it is very good. The problem with the Android version (which does sync with G calendars) is that the alarms don’t “wake up” the phone as they do with IOS and when the alarm goes off thee is no indication of the event to which it relates. This is a really useful feature for me. Does anyone know a calendar program that will provide this?

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