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Playboard: My Trusted App Curation and Discovery Tool

Let’s be honest, we are both app addicts — me, because i’m the editor of a site called Android.Appstorm, and you because you’re reading this. We are smitten by new apps, we like finding them, trying them, reviewing or reading about them, and we enjoy the process almost as much as we enjoy unwrapping presents on Christmas day. That’s why, as a trusted member of the App Addict Club, I’ll let you in on my top secret app discovery and curation tool: Playboard.

I have been using the service and app for several months now, almost from its first days on Android, and it has quickly become the Robin to my Batman, the ultimate tool in my arsenal as an editor of this site and an app addict. And with the recent update to version 2.0, Playboard has become a little more awesome than before, so it’s time that I take a few moments to tell you about it.


App Disco is yet another addition to the long list of app discovery software for Android, further proving there are never too many ways to browse and find apps or games in the vast Android ecosystem. Being a new player and still in beta, it did quite well with setting itself apart from all that came before it, which is to say it’s unlike any other app we’ve seen so far. Let’s see how AppDisco fares compared to the others, and what it has to offer for the savvy Android app addict.


One of the many things I like about Android is the vastness of its app ecosystem. If you want something specific to work on your phone, you can be sure there are dozens of apps to match your needs. While this is a good thing, it can also be problematic. Not all apps are created equal in the Android universe, and chances are some of them are sub-standard, outdated or even hold security threats for your data. Thankfully, there are apps made to actually help you look for more apps.