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If role-playing games in the spirit of the Super Nintendo-era entries to the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Phantasy Star series are your thing, Kemco should be planted firmly in your radar. The Japanese developer has now released more than 20 RPGs on Android, at varying degrees of old-school.

I decided to finally take the plunge with their latest, Fortuna Magus, which seems to be more of a throwback than other recent releases. It’s a fun and well-conceived adventure, with an engaging battle system and an unconventional story of three children heading out in search of their father a decade after he vanished, but a solid set-up is let down by poor writing and pacing issues.


Draw a Stickman Adds a Twist to Adventure Gamimg

Mobile gaming, as you probably know, is super popular: people play games on mobile. Because of that, there are tons of games for Android; they even have their own section in the Play Store, completely separate from “Apps.” I have my select crop of games, as I’m sure you do. I prefer 2D side-scrollers — they are simple, somewhat mindless games that help me pass the time. However, when I came across Draw a Stickman I was pretty intrigued. It didn’t seem like your run of the mill adventure game, so I downloaded it and gave it a try. What did I think? Let’s take a look!


Gaming on Android has always seemed to lag behind that of the iOS but has recently begun to gain momentum with the launch of dual core devices and support from platforms, such as EA Games and OpenFeint, bringing more polished gaming to the platform. Although many of these games are limited to specific hardware (looking at you Tegra Zone) there have also been quite a few iOS gems ported to Android, one being Mika Mobile’s Battleheart. So, how does this medieval RPG fare on Android? Let’s find out.