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You may very well be one of the lucky few heading to London (or perhaps already in London) for this year’s Olympic games. Since the 2008 games, a lot has changed in the world of technology; it wasn’t until the month after the games that Android 1.0 was released. In fact, London 2012 is being called the first “social media games” and it has come with a number of official Android apps.

We’ve already take a look at how to keep up with the Olympics but you might have a more difficult job navigating your way around London. In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at a bunch of apps useful for those visiting London, even when the Olympics aren’t on.


You know how some apps seem like The Greatest Invention In The World one day, and a waste of your storage space the next? These ones don’t. As the editor of this site, I’ve read every article we’ve published, and checked out a lot more apps that we haven’t covered yet; this roundup covers those rare apps that started awesome and stayed awesome.


Fall Asleep on the Bus? Don’t Miss Your Stop Again!

Don’t Miss Your Stop! is a relatively new app on the Market. Most apps in the Transportation category provide a timetable to help you figure out when you’ll reach your destination, but DMYS! takes a location-focused approach, altering you at the time you need it. If you’re like most people and prone to falling asleep enroute to your destination, then Don’t Miss Your Stop! could be exactly what you need.