Joe Brown

Games and music are the things that I like most.

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There’s a diverse range of puzzle games on Android, and Train Crisis is my latest favourite. U-Play has developed another snazzy looking game that will have you gripping your phone intensely! It’s a particularly good strategy game that requires quick thinking, quick reflexes and the ability to hold your temper – it can get quite difficult. So put down Angry Birds and hop on board…


AsĀ an avid music listener, I love hearing the crisp sounds that come from CDs and vinyl. But however much I love my HTC, I find listening to music a poor experience; some of the sound quality is always lost and sounds distorted. It’s a great disappointment when I put my Alestorm CDs on my phone and hear back naff sounding shanties.

So I have been roaming the Play Store for some decent equalizers that can boost the sound quality and clarity so it doesn’t sound like the mixing’s been handled by Poundland.