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Nathan is an experienced music composer and consequently a freelance audio producer . He is an avid reader, recreational guitarist and fitness enthusiast. To converse about freelance audio work, contact him at [email protected], where he'll be happy to give you anything you need.

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Compared to iOS in the distant past, Android wasn’t really that much of a gaming platform, as it lacked the diversity of apps and the more powerful hardware to play them on. Now however, Android has a massive 25 billion downloads to date, a figure Apple hit only half a year ago, showing how much Google’s ecosystem has developed as more and more people begin to use the software.

But what I’m mostly interested in are racing games. Being both an iOS and Android user, I found my fair share of quality racers present on the iOS App Store, so I was curious to see if the Play Store could match up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that most if not all of my favorite iOS racers were here on Android, as well as some games I hadn’t seen before. Below, I will take a look at the 10 Android racing games that were a cut above the rest.


Board games remain some of the time-tested classics of the gaming world today, despite the advances in technology. What’s even better about them is that you can get a whole bunch of them right there on your Android device.

The digitization of board games is an incredible feat, but not all were ported successfully; this roundup contains only what we think are the best digital alternatives while on the fly or away from the real thing.


Android devices are often overlooked as tools for musical production. While the selection of suitable apps lacks some of the diversity and big names present in the iOS App Store, there are still ample ways to translate your musical thoughts to reality.

In this roundup, I’m going to highlight some of the best ways to turn your Android into something of a music mate. The apps aren’t all solely for composing, but will provide musical assistance where required and all will fit perfectly on any musician’s device.