Zombie Flick is the a new game from developers Full Fat, who have impressed the Google Play Store with several popular games such as NFL Flick Quarterback and Flick Golf. This new title, Zombie Flick, is like an interactive 1970s Zombie movie where, surrounded by the living dead, you must defend yourself by throwing household objects.

Immersive, easy-to-play and above all fun, Zombie Flick is a great addition to the series and demonstrates that the Play Store’s zombie fetish is far from over. Lock all your doors, board up your windows and read on for more…


Cheezia: Gears of Fur is an engaging and fun platform game with some very cool physics elements thrown in. Your job is to help Manu, a mouse housed within a wall-climbing cogwheel of some kind, save some important recipes from the grip of an Evil Kiwinel bird. So, this adventure is all about food, then: cheese, mainly.

If you like dairy, and also like your games Mario-esque and dripping in cheese, this is the game you’ve been waiting for. Grab a cracker or some nachos and read on for more…

Read all about it! If there’s one genre of app that continues to be massively popular in the Google Play Store, it is the humble news app. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news- whether it be national, international, technology, topical, sports or even celebrity gossip(!) there are dozens of apps out there to help you do so on your mobile Android device.

We thought it would be a rather cracking idea to round some of the better news apps for your perusal. This has been split up into 5 sections: Titles, this includes newspapers, TV stations and specialist news sources. Then there’s a section on dedicated Technology and Science news apps. Sports news is very important to a wide range of people so there’s a small section for apps that specialise in top sports news apps. There is also a section especially for news aggregators; hugely popular in the Google Play Store these are usually highly customisable apps that collate your favourite sources into one handy and readable format. Finally, if you have a sense of humour, I’m sure you’ll appreciate our small section on humour and news parody apps.

Read on then for a bumper collection of brilliant news apps, ready for you to download…

Whether it be for reviewing purposes or just for personal usage I end up installing plenty of apps during any given week. After getting a new phone recently, which features Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, app design has become a really important factor. I’ve been especially looking into apps that follow some of the ICS design principals and use the ‘Holo’ thematic as inspiration. What I’ve tended to notice is that, using apps like this feel far more ‘native’ within ICS itself and make for a really nice user experience. As recently as yesterday someone sent me an awesome link to a site called ‘Holo Everywhere‘, which blogs solely about about apps designed in this way.

I’m now trying to see if these apps are good enough to replace some of more commonly used applications, to make as much of my Android experience as Ice Cream Sandwich flavoured as possible. I might even have to report back with my findings! You’ll see a couple of examples within this list of ‘apps that have made my week’, most notably Pocket (formerly ReadItLater) which has now been given a big overhaul and ‘Ice Cream Sandwiched’ in terms of design. AppAware too is not only a great little discovery tool, it’s also clearly inspired by ICS. For these and a few other apps that have really caught my attention this week, read on for more. (more…)

Riptide GP is a beautiful, high-powered, jet ski-racing graphics-fest that splashes itself across the screen of your Tegra 3 powered device, sometimes quite literally. So, if you rock a new HTC One X, the Asus Transformer Prime, or perhaps are thinking about getting a high-powered device in the near future, this is something you’ll want to check out. Read on for more…


Galaxy Pool features a blend of familiar gameplay and addictive challenge. In a nutshell it’s a kind of space physics game where you must direct a small space craft in the direction of a planet. You will need to utilise strategy, guile, good timing and a liberal dose of good luck to traverse the various obstacle in the way and levels only get more challenging as you progress.

If you’re fond of games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope (and let’s be honest, enough people are), this might well be your next addiction!


Retro games are big in the Google Play Store. While lush 3D visuals are able to seduce many gamers, solid, fun and addictive gameplay can be found even in titles devoid of buttery visuals and the need for a Tegra 3 chip. Games like Tiny Tower, Game Dev Story and R:Type have racked up both huge downloads figures and positive reviews. Generation-defining classics such as PAC-MAN, Tetris and Sonic CD have also made their way onto the Android platform, and these have literally been around for decades.

It’s obvious that nostalgia gaming is massively popular. Furthermore, people are willing to pay for the pleasure. Developers like Kairosoft charge almost top dollar for their full titles, despite the fact they are made of the blocky retro graphics of the 80’s and 90’s. It was thought high time therefore to group some of these together into a comprehensive round up. From Asteroid clones and RPGs to vertical scrolling shooters and addictive platformers… they’re all here. So, put down that Rubix cube and cast your mind back to dusty arcade cabinets, pockets full of loose change and blistered thumbs – here’s a bumper roundup of retro games available on Android.


This article was originally posted in November 2011. This week, Instagram was finally released on Android; some people love it, but others are unimpressed. We’ll have a full review for you soon, but in the meantime, if you were underwhelmed, you might like to check out the alternatives…

Photo-sharing is a booming market on mobile platforms, with all manner of services popping up almost on a weekly basis. Many such apps, especially on Android, are perhaps the ripples from the splash created by the iPhone photo-sharing titan Instagram. The good news is that Instagram plan an Android release in the future. However, until we see what they have to offer us Android users, there is still a huge interest in sharing pictures effectively.

This round-up aims to present an overview of arguably the best photo-sharing platforms available on Android. Now, this includes apps that focus most heavily on pictures, rather than the far larger social networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter which serve a wider purpose. These apps are more dedicated to sharing pictures, and make it as easy as possible to do so from your mobile phone. This round-up also doesn’t include purely photo-editing apps; apps like Pixlr-o-matic and BeFunky are very cool, but there is less focus on sharing and do not provide the same kind of platform to share pictures on.

Here you’ll see some big names, some new names, and some names you might not have heard of… until now. Read on for some truly excellent photo-sharing apps you’ll want to check out! (more…)

If you haven’t heard of Dude Perfect, it definitely time you checked them out. Essentially they are a excited rabble of YouTubers who pull off some truly incredible basketball trick shots. Have a look at their YouTube channel but be sure to come back, okay?

Back? Great! The Dudes thought it high time to release an official mobile game based on their bodacious basketballing exploits. Dude Perfect, available on both Android and iOS, is the result, and it’s a neat little game that fans of titles like Angry Birds should be flocking to.

Essentially it’s your turn to complete some genuinely awesome basketball shots in a variety of diverse locations. But is it actually ‘perfect’? Read on for my analysis…

NFL Flick Quarterback brings American Football arcade action to your Android device in a brilliantly simple way. Part of Full Fat’s growing range of ‘Flick’ games, NFL Flick Quarterback is all about throwing the ball to a receiver as accurately as possible. While it doesn’t bring the strategy you have with games like Madden NFL 12, it still packs a punch with superb 3D graphics, atmospheric sound and challenging gameplay.

I’ve played quite a few ‘Flick’ games and, despite being British, actually understand the rules of American Football! Read on for my post match analysis…


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