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Angry Birds is a tough act to follow. Little surprise, then, that for two and a half years after its release, Rovio stuck to more iterations of the same franchise: Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space.

Amazing Alex is Rovio’s first new franchise since the one that made it famous, and personally, I love it. This game retains the same essence as Angry Birds, but improves upon it. Don’t get me wrong – I love Angry Birds, but Amazing Alex has captivated me more than that ever did. Let’s see how!


As a writer I need to be able to write wherever and whenever I can. However, a problem I recently came across was how can I write without an internet connection? After purchasing a Nexus 7 I desired a word processor with ability to express my ideas offline – but unlike iOS, Android doesn’t come with an integrated notepad app.

This was a problem, and I needed a solution. Fortunately, I came across Write, a notepad app which was designed specifically for tablets. I was impressed, and happy to fork out the couple of dollars it cost.


I don’t know about you, but when I’m listening to music I tend to pick tracks that reflect the kind of mood I’m in. If I’m happy I have a playlist of upbeat music; if I’m sad I have a playlist to try and make me feel better. However, I often have times when I’m not sure which music to listen to. That’s the problem Stereomood aims to solve.

Stereomood is a free music app that lets you choose between tracks depending on the mood you’re in. It saves you the hassle of searching, while also introducing you to new music!


I’ve been playing Pokémon since I was able to crawl. I love the whole structure of the game: being able to collect pets, train them and fight in duels is a great experience which I still love today. I’ve always followed the notion that a strong game will last forever, whatever age it is. Codemon proves this, while adding a couple of nice twists to the game we all love.

Codemon combines the concepts of Pokémon, Barcode Battler and Pet Collection into a single fun and free game. When I first saw this I was excited – and you should be too!


Last week, my Nexus 7 arrived. I decided with its powerful ‘Quad-core Tegra 3 processor”, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play some of the best Android games around. So, I made a resolution to myself: “time to write more gaming articles” – and here we go!

Drive With Zombies is a 3D driving game which takes a basic concept and adds intense game play, creating a highly entertaining game.


The Olympics. A time where the entire world comes together to share their love (or at least tolerance) of sport, urging to find out the results and view the spectacle. Personally, I love the Olympics, not just because it’s in my home country this year, but also because it shows what our countries can do. It creates heroes, champions and memories.

This year the London Olympics kick off on the 27th July, and Olympic fever has swept through England, with people all over the country wanting to embrace some of the action. However, keeping track of all the dates, venues and events is hard while trying to control the rest of your life. Don’t fear, though – we have the Official London 2012 App to help us!


The world we live in is beautiful. Photographs allow you to see far more of it than you could ever dream. Occasionally, I come across one or two fantastic pictures of great scenes that amaze and astounding me. Till now, it’s been hard to find a tool which compiles all of these into one database – but 500px could be it. Transferring the quality and class over from the popular webpage, this new Android app has a promising future.

500px gives you an enormous variety of images, all high quality and superb. Taken from an enormous amount of photographers you can easily pick out the best.


You always want to be in the best shape possible; feeling fit and healthy increases confidence and decreases stress – and of course keeping yourself healthy is important for avoiding nasty diseases and physical pain. However, it can be hard to achieve this without the right support.

Today I’ll be looking at 50 applications that will help you to get fitter. Each of these apps can easily fit into your everyday life, and their assistance in small amounts over a period of time can be a great boost!


I have seen countless applications released on Android months or even years later than on iOS. This seems to be a strange choice for the developers to take, as statistics show that it may actually harm their profits. In this article I will discuss my views, and share the evidence that supports them.


Everyone loves a good laugh, and many of us find “memes” hilarious. (In case you’re not familiar with memes, I’ll give you a brief introduction below.) If you, like me, can’t get enough of them, then read on to find my favourite meme-related Android apps.

(“X all the Y” meme image originally from Hyperbole and a Half.)


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