Tanay Sood

I am currently a freshman at Rutgers University, planning to major in Business Analytics and Information Technology. My interest in technology started early and I have been part of the Android comunity ever since I got my first phone, a Motorola Milestone XT720. I now own a HTC Sensation 4G running the ARHD ROM. I am also a DJ and have my own radio show at Rutgers Radio.

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Almost everyone has had the experience of planning for an upcoming trip or holiday. Making plans for a couple who are visiting one location might be easy, but increase the number of people to four and the number of destinations to more than two, and you will certainly have a real headache trying to sort and keep all your travel plans organized.

TripIt, as it says proudly on its webpage, serves to do all this organization for you, with minimal effort on your part. Let’s get it set up and see how it performs.


Let me start by asking a simple question: currently, what is the quickest way to switch between apps on Android?

If you have already opened the app, then simply pressing and holding the home button on your phone will show you it on a list of recent apps. (If your phone came with ICS, it may even have a dedicated button just for this.) But every time you restart your phone, the recent apps list is emptied – and sometimes, of course, you’ll want to switch to an app that you haven’t opened recently. In either case, you’ll have to open up the app drawer and scroll through the multitude of apps residing in there to find the one you want.

SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump is a much better solution. It allows you to “launch anything from within any app”, as the developers, Calcium Ion, put it. But don’t be fooled; this app’s functionality exceeds just switching between applications…

As you know, changing the launcher and lock screen of your phone can give you a completely revamped experience and make your phone feel brand new. Go Locker (developed and offered by the same great dev team behind Go Launcher and Go SMS, and which we reviewed here) is the most popular lock screen replacement app in the Play Store.

Although it currently doesn’t offer the customizability present in WidgetLocker Lockscreen, Go Locker can be modded with a variety of free and paid themes available for download in the Play Store as well. In this roundup, I’ll show you a few of my favourite such mods.


HTC has always held a place of honor in the Android community in general. Since the launch of the Dream, they have grown bigger and stronger and have not looked back. While still holding an extremely influential place in the smartphone industry, they have evolved from their humble beginnings into one of the industry’s largest innovators.

However, at this year’s Mobile World Congress, HTC’s launch of the One series of smartphones signalled a shift in philosophies that had served them well for the past couple of years, but was starting to show signs of weakness. I believe that this change is definitely for the better, and indicates exciting times ahead for HTC, consumers and developers.