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Do you run a fitness, travel or hospitality business? Reckon your business management system is ready for the inevitable upsurge in bookings during the post-holiday season? If you’re finding it difficult to wrangle with reservations then perhaps it’s time you switched to a web-based online booking and reservation software. The best ones have their own Android app, meaning you can manage your schedule and customers from wherever you go on your phone or tablet. These online booking apps for Android allow you to start taking and making reservations through your website and social media channels within minutes.

These Android reservation apps are suitable for many different areas of the health, leisure and hospitality industries including hotels, tour operators, bars, hairdressers, restaurants, and even one-off courses or events. Some even allow customers to book and pay for your services or products with a credit card (with card readers usually supplied separately) wherever they are with no need to use the phone or contact sales staff. This online booking software is subscription-based, meaning that you’ll need to pay a monthly fee, although most offer free trials.

So, without further ado here are five of the best Android reservation apps for hospitality and travel.


If you’re a remote worker, freelancer, or travel a lot for business then I bet you’re sick of having to log your time and expenses the whole time. Fear not, because there are a whole bunch of cloud-based expenses and time tracking apps for Android that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Today on AppStorm I’m going to round up seven of the best Android time tracking and expense applications. Through these applications users can ensure that themselves or their employees are paid for the work they do and the process of creating timesheets is made an awful lot easier. These expenses and time tracking apps are subscription-based, though most come with free trials so you can figure out which one is right for you.

Read on the find out how you can use your Android device to help manage time and expenses on the go!


Run a retail business? Got an Android device? Then listen up, because there are some great retail apps for Android that can help transform the way you do business.

In this article I’m going to take a look at Workplace Mobile, Erply, Pepperi, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, and Shopify, five of the best retail apps for Android.

Retail management apps for Android come in many forms with Point of Sale (POS) systems, employee management and inventory management tools being the most widely used. POS systems have become increasingly popular as they allow for a more accessible cash register on both tablet and mobile devices. These solutions are also incredibly cost effective and integrate easily with your existing software choices.

All of these retail apps for Android are based around SaaS retail management software. This web-based solutions normally come with a monthly subscription plan, though the apps are free to download and most services come with a trial.

Read on to find out more.


Salesforce is responsible for powering some of the planet’s most successful sales teams. Its flagship applications that help you to manage your sales and marketing efforts are accessible on Android devices through one unified application, Salesforce1. Plus, there are a bunch of other Salesforce apps for Android that can bolster your business’ productivity.

In this article I’m going to look at how Salesforce1 and SalesforceA can help you to harness the power of the Salesforce suite of applications. I will then look at SalesforceIQ, and, two Salesforce apps for Android that are available as standalone apps.

Read on to discover how you can benefit from Android Salesforce apps!


Human resources work isn’t generally perceived as being fun or exciting, but with Android HR software you can at least make the process quick and easy. HR apps for Android do this by reducing the need for face-to-face meetings and giving managers the opportunity to gain a quick overview of employee operations.

In general, the best human resources software for Android comes from the major players in the cloud HR applications world. Often the functionality is stripped out a bit in the Android version, but the apps offer a quick and simple way to access employee information and manage basic human resources tasks through a compact interface. There are even HR apps for Android that help you with recruitment and applicant tracking processes.

Read on to discover our seven favourite Android HR applications!


If you’re a busy person the last thing you want to do is chain yourself to your desk to do your accounts. The good news is that thanks to cloud-based accounting software, you now have the freedom to manage your accounts on the move.

The great thing is that most of the top accounting software vendors produce their own spin-off Android accounting software, offering a simple way to send invoices, track expenses, and access your business’ bank account information from your Android device.

Here we take a look at the biggest players in the Android accounting software game, exploring the features of each app and giving you an idea of how much each app will set you back if you decide to take up the subscription.


Web design apps often neglect to include eCommerce booking functions. TrekkSoft is a booking website builder which puts business needs at the center of web design. TrekkSoft allows tour operators and other booking-based businesses to build an integrated reservation system into their websites.

The company has a solid track record with booking systems, having been around since 2010 and claims to have processed over a million guests and more than 5,000 activities to-date. TrekkSoft is designed to work on any platform and, once setup, allows you to monitor and manage your booking system remotely. Note that the TrekkSoft Android app is only useful if you’ve already setup a booking system for TrekkSoft using the web app – the mobile app is simply to manage what you’ve already created.


Great news folks: AppStorm is back! After more than a year in limbo, the popular app review network has a new owner, a new team of eager writers, and a fresh new outlook.

As you may know, AppStorm closed shop back in January 2014. However, the network has now been taken over by business app discovery network, Nubera. We’ve been long-time admirers of AppStorm and the insightful reviews and useful advice it offers on Mac, Web, Windows, and mobile applications. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to continue the great work put in by previous owner Envato and its team of talented writers and reviewers.


As we enter the final days of 2013, we quickly approach the culmination of one of Android’s biggest years to date. We’ve seen major new hardware, new software and corporate changes at Google that set up an exciting future for the year ahead. In this special final instalment of This Week In Android, we’re going to take a look back at the last 12 months and some highlights of the Android news that filled them. (more…)

As we approach the last week before the last week before Christmas, Google has dropped an early gift in the form a bunch of new and updated Google Play edition products ensuring this festive season is a robotic one. Let’s take a look at This Week in Android! (more…)

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