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For many people, the only thing holding Android back as a gaming platform is its lack of physical buttons. There’s a limited range of inputs possible with a touch screen, and even then accuracy tends to lag way behind a controller or a keyboard and mouse. That’s why MOGA exists. It’s a line of game controllers by PowerA specifically designed for Android.

As a companion piece to my review of the MOGA Pocket, I interviewed MOGA Game Content Test Lead Mike Sindona over email about the benefits of MOGA’s controllers for developers and gamers, the differences between products in the line (there are currently two models, with two more on the way), mobile gaming, and more.

Blogging is no longer an activity which requires a seat in front of a desk, and mobile writing apps are now an essential part of the online writer’s toolbox. A shining Android example in this genre is LightPaper, the Markdown-compatible, feature laden baby of the folks at Clockwork Engine.

Adam Morgan of Clockwork Engine recently spared me some of his time to talk about his company’s work and Android development in general…


Since the demise of Google Reader, RSS has seriously entered the spotlight. Some Reader clients have died away, whilst others have been upgraded, improved and have become immensely popular as a result. An app that has made it into the latter camp is Press, the first, and only, product of two-man development team, TwentyFiveSquares.

To accompany our review of the latest version of Press, I recently managed to quiz Jordan Beck, one of the co-founders of TwentyFiveSquares, on Press, RSS and future plans….