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In last week’s live-streaming Honeycomb event (which we covered here), Google launched their new browser-based Android Market.

Connor Turnbull wrote a great guide to using this: How to Download Apps via Android’s New Web Market. So, how many of you have actually done so?

Let us know by voting in the poll, and leave a comment with your experiences so far.

This week, Justin Stravarius asked, Is the Android Market Refund Window too Short? In this article, he covered the potential impact that the decision to change the refund window from 24 hours to 15 minutes would have on both users and developers.

But I’m curious. How many of you have actually used the refund feature — and has the change in its length altered the amount that you use it?

Vote in the poll, and let us know whether this has affected you!

(If you’re not sure how to claim a refund on an application, it’s actually quite simple: first, open Settings | Applications | Manage Applications, and browse to the app you wish to get your money back for; then, press the “Uninstall & Refund” button. If your 15 minutes are already up, this button will just say “Uninstall”, and you’ll get no money back for pressing it.)

One of the big differences between Android and iOS is the range of choices of handset that Android owners enjoy. Apple fans get four choices: “big or small”, “old or new”, “lots of storage space or even more storage space”, and “black or white”. We have to decide whether to get a hardware keyboard, what screen resolution to go for, how important having two cameras is, … it’s almost too much!

Today we’re just going to focus on one part of that choice. We’re asking you: who manufactures your Android device? Vote in the poll, and let us know what you think!

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