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DSP Manager is a fantastic application which can be used to achieve vibrating bass even with your stock headphones.

DSP Manager is like the HTC Beats sound enhancer, but taken to a whole new level. Sadly, this awesome application is not available in the Google Play store and you will need to put in a little bit more effort in order to get it working for your phone. Why? Because it’s part of CyanogenMod and will not work on stock ROMs by default.

However, in this article, I’ll show you how you can install the app on vanilla Android and HTC Sense, which should help you get it running on your own device regardless of which ROM you’re running – as long as you have root access.


Whether you have a Mac as a main computer or you use an iPod or an iPhone to complement your Android device, there’s a good chance that your music collection is all organized and kept in iTunes. Out of the box, your Android smartphone isn’t supposed to play nicely with iTunes to sync music and playlists, but, if you follow this tutorial, your phone and iTunes will become the best of friends.

iTunes isn’t exclusively for iPod and iPhone users, but that doesn’t mean it has any Android syncing features built in. iSyncr is a great app for keeping your iTunes library synced to your Android handset, wirelessly. It supports selective playlist sync and automatic syncing. Read on to learn more…


I remember when I was a 14 year old kid that I had a curious fascination with album cover art. Whether it came with the albums or I made them myself for my mix CD’s, my albums always had some sort of a cover.

Nowadays you buy a digital copy of your favorite albums and you typically get a cover embedded in it or included as a separate PDF or JPEG file. You can put those files on virtually any kind of media player and you’ve got your favorite music everywhere. But what happens when you put your music albums to your Android device and for some reason your player doesn’t see the cover art? You get Cover Art Downloader from the Android Market and fix it.


It’s raining media players in the Android ecosystem. All popular free, open source, and premium media players that we have cherished on the desktop are available for download in the Android Market. Well-known open source media player Songbird has an Android app too, and helps you sync with your iTunes and song library from the desktop.

Songbird comes also with a couple of interesting social features built right into the player. After the break, let us take a look how the media player can help making your on-the-go music experience awesome. (more…)

Have you ever been in a bar, coffee shop, lift, supermarket or anywhere else that plays music and been bewildered at the currently playing track? Well, no longer. Two apps are available on the Android marketplace, with both free and paid versions, that aim to abolish that irritating moment forever.

Shazam is the popular iPhone and iPad app, which made its way onto Android, that listens to a short clip of a song and “tags” it. The tag reveals the song name, artist, album and several options such as purchasing it (from iTunes on iOS or AmazonMP3 on Android). It comes free on Android with a five song limit per month, while a paid “Encore” version is also available with extra features, including unlimited tagging.

SoundHound is a rival app which is also available on both iOS and Android. It too matches your recorded music clip from its database whether it’s a real song playing or something you’re singing yourself! They claim to be the first app in the world to recognize human-generated humming or singing for tagging purposes. (more…)