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You can’t talk about automating your Android without mentioning Tasker, which basically allows you to fully automate your Android device based on your every whim.

Once Tasker is mentioned in conversation, there is usually discussion about how utterly powerful and flexible it is. Shortly after this, there is further discussion about how all this power resides in an app that is not all that user-friendly. There is some truth to this.

Tasker is insanely useful and configurable, but it can get overwhelming. However, I believe that anyone can understand and use Tasker without getting a second degree. We’ve previously covered the basic concepts and features of Tasker, so this post will go into detail on how to make Tasker work for you. (more…)

How many times have you been out with your friends showing them your latest and greatest apps, but then had to go through the trouble of spelling it out because there are ten other apps with similar names.

ShareMyApps is here to help! It’s a fast and easy way to share app info with your friends.

What’s the name of that app? How is it spelt? Did you get the free version or the paid version? It was this one, right?

All these questions and your friend has yet to even download the application! There must be an easier way! That’s where ShareMyApps steps in. (more…)

Todo.txt Touch is a native Android app for Gina Trapani’s open source command line interface, Todo.txt — a simple tool that lets you manage a todo list based around a single plaintext file. From the website:

Typing commands on your mobile phone isn’t easy or fun, and neither is syncing files from your phone back to your computer. Currently coupled with Dropbox, Todo.txt Touch helps you manage your todo.txt on the go and automatically syncs the file to all your devices.

In this review, we’ll take a look at Todo.txt Touch and what it has to offer.

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