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I have too many people that aren’t my friends on Facebook. Instead of a place that allows me to share my life with my closest friends and family, Facebook feels more like a restaurant where everyone that you have ever known keeps trying to sit at your table. Old friends, friends of friends, and people that I don’t even know have all been added, deleted, replaced, and ignored.

Path aims to solve this problem. Instead of allowing (or encouraging) me to have four hundred friends, Path wants me to share with the people that really, genuinely matter to me. Is this new app (and its philosophy) going to make its way onto your phone? Let’s find out.


Back when I had an iPad, one of my favorite features was an app called Flipboard, which displays your RSS feeds in a great-looking newspaper style. It’s a really beautiful app and one of the only ones I actually miss now that I am using the Galaxy Tab. A few days ago, Google Currents launched in the Android Market, claiming to be a fast, clean way to read publications on your tablet and phone. Curiosity (and hope) got to me and I downloaded the app. Let’s see what I found. (more…)

Ever wondered what that Omega 3 medicine you’re taking contains, whether your Aspirin is causing you nausea, how your colleague’s arrhythmia will affect his life and productivity, or what exactly your doctor wants to do when he suggests an electrocardiogram? Sure, you could always search the internet for answers to these questions, but you will always wonder about the reliability of the information you find.

As a practicing pharmacist, owning and managing my own drug store, I know how important it is to have a great resource in the palm of my hand, and this is why I turn to Medscape, a medical reference for Android, provided by a reliable source: WebMD. (more…)

One of the greatest things about having a handheld device that’s connected to the Internet is having limitless information at your finger tips. We can look up who that guy from the movie we just saw is, or exactly when the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” came out. We can also get the latest news from the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the NY Times, and more.

One thing that was lacking was the ability to get local news. Well, search no more: News Selection gives us access to local newspapers from all around the world. If the newspaper has a website it’s likely listed here. (more…)

Picture this situation: you are out with your friends on a Friday night. You have all been to several pubs and are starting to feel hungry, so need a good place to eat. You know you all want to see a film tonight too, but have no idea what is showing or when. Perhaps you want to keep the party moving, and try out some pubs you haven’t been to before. Poynt is a great application that can handle all this for you.

I doubt there’s a single news organisation in the world that doesn’t receive criticism. It’s part and parcel of the industry; especially today, when everyone can voice opinions online. The butt of many jokes, including their own, is FOX for apparently being biased and sensationalist.

Al Jazeera is flamed quite often as well; some of it just, some of it not. The criticism of Al Jazeera often descends beyond the reasonable and into a ‘dey took ar jobs’ uproar simply because ‘real’ reporting can touch nerves. It’s this realistic reporting that keeps them in my daily news feeds.

As an Android user, their app was one of my most used, but least favoured. It was essentially a skin for their mobile site – and a very old, decrepit skin that should never have seen the light of day in the first place. Their new app however – well, they’ve turned the game around altogether. (more…)

I’ve always been fascinated by activity trackers and GPS technology in general. It surprises me how accurately and effectively it’s done. Once a connection is established to the satellites, it sends a signal to them and calculates the time it takes to respond, then uses math to determine your position on the globe relative to the position of the satellites. This is just a basic explanation on how GPS technology works, to give a general idea. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that – but that’s not what this article’s about!

Today I’d like to cover Endomondo. Yes, it’s another fitness activity tracker; read the rest of the article to learn more about it and find out why I like it more than RunKeeper and the other similar apps.


Have you ever listened to a song, and found yourself singing words understandable only by you, as if written in some strange dead language? Can you speak Spanish but have immense difficulty hearing the individual words of a Latin song? Do you still think the Beatles sang Chicken to Ride?

It has always been possible to go online and look for the lyrics of a song, but this involves the tedious steps of loading a browser and entering the exact names of the song and artist. With TuneWiki, this problem is solved, because when you are listening to a song on your phone, the app gets the lyrics through the internet and displays them in a fun karaoke mode. Furthermore, if you wish, it can translate them into over 40 languages.

But the app is not only a bridge to a complete database of lyrics and songs; it has a few more features that make it very attractive, besides being a powerful media player. (more…)

These days, if you stumble and fall in the mobile app universe, you are sure to land either on a task management or an image sharing app. That isn’t a bad thing entirely, as we get the chance to be very picky. Since a lot of image capturing and sharing happens from mobile phones, it’s a comfort to have such a choice of photo sharing apps at our disposal.

Instead of having tens of mindless photo sharing apps, a couple of apps that focus on certain niche would be immensely helpful. Fancy for Android helps users to show off the things they have/love and to window shop for things they admire. Are you as curious as I am to check out this app?

When it comes to Twitter clients, Android users are really spoilt for choice; there is a wealth on the Market that are worth looking at. You can, of course, go with the default Twitter for Android application, however this is a little lacking in features and you may want try out one of the many third-party offerings available, such as Seesmic, TweetDeck or Tweetcaster. But the burning question is, which one is the best?


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