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Thanks to the advent of digital cameras, the experience of shooting and sharing photos has become so effortless and inexpensive. Mobile phone cameras make the entire process of capturing important life moments further more convenient. However, at the end of the day we end up with a whole bunch of images and sharing them all becomes a painful task.

Email attachments are way too clumsy. Facebook and Twitter are way too open. The solution lies somewhere in the middle. That’s where LiveShare comes in. LiveShare makes it quick and easy for groups to share photos live either privately or publicly. Ready to take it for a spin?


UberMusic is a music player inspired by the Metro UI and Zune Player for Windows Phone 7, and it is the most gorgeous music player you will find in the Android Market. It mimics the Zune player even in the animations. This skinnable music player, made by the same developer of LauncherPro, is gaining fast popularity in the Android Market; in less than a week out of beta it’s already sold almost 10,000 copies of. Lets see why this app is growing so fast, and why it’s really worth it!


I love space. Floor space. Closet space. Memory space. But most of all I love space; the one up there, out there or whichever way you want to put it. That big hollow abyss conversely filled with such energy and wonder. One of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done was to drink a cup of coffee with the intention of working through the night. However, writer’s block set in and the words would not come. I lay in a state of self-induced insomnia staring up out at the universe feeling like the smallest drop in the ocean.

As any self-respecting human knows, NASA are somewhat of an authority on all things space. So when they released an Android application last month it pretty much made my morning. I’ve been a fan of their ISS feeds, web shows and news blogs for many years so having an application could only be a good thing.


The sky and the stars that twinkle remain a constant source of fun for people of all ages. Despite being a lazy pastime, stargazing is a great hobby that serves as food for thought. Spotting stars, planets, and constellations is no easy business. You might have to brush up on basic astronomy — and to tell the truth, reading about the stars isn’t half as fun as watching them.

Google does a splendid job charting out the terrain of Earth with its Maps and Earth apps. To help star gazers and to educate people venturing into that domain, there is Google Sky Map. Is it really simple to use and understand? Let’s go check out!


JEFIT is a professional bodybuilding, weight training, and workout app for Android. The most downloaded weight training and workout app, it allows you to track your workouts and sync your progress to the cloud.

If you’re one of those who choose to pick things up and put them down as your chosen method of exercise, JEFIT is for you.  It does an excellent job of helping bodybuilders, strength trainers, powerlifters, and anyone else who needs to track reps and sets. JEFIT lets you focus on your workout and takes care of all the counting and tracking that can sometimes take all the fun out of a good workout. It also tracks your progress, pushes you to beat your personal best, and provides basic instruction on performing hundreds of exercises safely.


A couple of years ago, it seemed like a ridiculous idea to let other people know where you exactly are. Privacy and security were paramount concerns. Tune in today, and not only is everyone quite happy to broadcast their location but also to take a peek at where others are visiting. Thanks to this trend, we now have a bunch location based startups (LBS) with really crazy valuations.

Foursquare and Gowalla stand out in the crowd of LBS apps. And, even though it’s a distant second to Foursquare in the LBS game, Gowalla is a compelling alternative that has its own strong suits. After the break let us take a look at how helpful the app really is.

my6sense uses a magic formula to serve up exactly what you want to read. They call this formula Digital Intuition and it makes finding cool content a snap. No more digging through RSS readers, search engines, or flipping from site to site; just fire up my6sense or glance at the my6sense home screen widget and it’s all right there.

Established in 2007 by CEO Avinoam Rubinstain, and Chairman/Visionary Geek Barak Hachamov, my6sense is a privately funded startup that aims to help you manage the ridiculous amount of information available via the web. Their innovative ‘Digital Intuition’ solution is the key to their success.


It used to be that when you wanted a comic, you saved up your pennies, raided the piggy bank, then went down to the local shop to get it. I remember the sheer excitement when I went down to my local newsagent every Saturday to buy that week’s copy of The Beano and I used to spend most of the afternoon reading it and doing all the puzzles.

Nowadays, things are obviously a little more high-tech; that’s the way the publishing market is going. Most newspapers are read online for free, Twitter has become the new way of keeping up to date with the world, and the surge in the popularity of e-books and devices such as the Kindle show that people are willing to ditch traditional methods for the fancier (and potentially more convenient) solution.

Graphicly aims to do just this with comic books. Instead of buying print copies, you can either buy or download them for free from their online store, making them available for immediate reading on whatever device you are using. The range is certainly pretty impressive, but the question is: will Graphicly replace that feeling of buying a printed comic from the shop? Read on for my thoughts. (more…)

I’ve been searching for a quality Android app that lets me manage my Xbox Live profile on the go — and at last I’ve found one.

Spark 360 is a fully featured Xbox Live management client for Android users on firmware 1.5  and up. Although it is a paid application (costing $1.50) it obliterates the competition. While writing this review I also took the time to give some other similar apps a try, including XBOX Live Statistics and 360 Live; these apps will run you $1.49 and $1.99 respectively. Simply put, the developer, Akop Karapetyan, has created a cleaner, faster, and easier to use tool for catching up on everything I need to know when I’m away from my Xbox 360. Check out the nitty gritty after the break…

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