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When it comes to note taking and organizing, many services and applications have attempted to create a solution that syncs across platforms and provides an ultimate experience. From the legendary Evernote, to more graphic applications that emulate the look of a notepad or a post-it, to ones that provide a simple .txt editor that synchronizes with Dropbox like Epistle or Todo.txt Touch, the Market abounds with solutions that fit anyone’s needs. One of these services, Springpad, stood out for me thanks to its ability to do more than just notes.

Springpad’s pillar is that it uses “smart notes” divided by type, enhanced by intelligent content and followed up by alerts. This feature transforms Springpad from a simple note application into anything you want it to be: a collection of tasks and thoughts, a shopping list, a personal inventory, a product reminder database, a catalog of your favorite places or recipes… Honestly, there is no easy way to describe what Springpad is, because every person will make it their own. (more…)

Software development is a tricky process. Margins and profits depend upon efficiently managing the team and the time they clock in a project. Agile Project Management is different from the traditional project management methods and AgileSoup is an app designed to manage projects based on Agile methodology.

AgileSoup for Android helps you manage multiple projects more easily while on the go. Let us see how the app helps you and your team get involved in the product life cycle.

Android comes pre-installed with a voice recorder app. I’m sure many of you have given it a whirl and had a similar opinion to mine: largely uninterested and unlikely to use it very often.

I think the main reason behind this is that the default recording application lacks functionality and is by all accounts extremely basic. It doesn’t go out of its way to help the user and as such shouldn’t expect frequent usage.

AndRecorder, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. Within just a few days of downloading it, my views on voice recording notes, memos, and ideas had changed entirely.

TweetDeck is one of the most popular Twitter clients, having started on the desktop before moving onto the web and onto mobile. One of its high points is its ability to create a custom experience tailored to you depending on your usage of social networks.

TweetDeck supports Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare on Android, just like its desktop counterparts. It also fits into TweetDeck’s online sync/accounts system so you can carry your accounts straight onto your handset with minimal setup. (more…)

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