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When Apple announced their iPhone 4S, I (like a lot of people) was underwhelmed. I have always felt that the fact they update every year (or less) is overkill for Apple, as they only have major changes every two years.

There is one feature I am very interested in though, and that is Siri. If it works as well as the commercials make it seem, it’s truly impressive. So I, like any good Android owner, took to the Android Market to see if there were any apps out there similar to Siri. A few weeks ago Sam Cater took a look at Iris, one Siri clone. I figured I’d take a look at Jeannie. (more…)

BlueStacks and AMD have teamed up to create an Android app player for Windows; it’s in alpha and could use some UI tune-ups but it delivers what it promises: Android apps running smoothly on Windows 7.

There’s a free and a pro version. The free version will be limited to only allow you to install 26 apps, while the pro version lets you install as many as you like. BlueStacks is first of its kind and I can only imagine what prospects it will have on touch screen Windows Devices like the upcoming Windows 8 tablets – and even the already present Windows Tablets, like the Acer Iconia W500. (more…)

A few months ago, I wrote a round-up article detailing several utilities to help you make the most out of Dropbox on your Android. At the time the article was written, the only synchronization application I mentioned was Titanium Media Sync, which allowed continuous sync from the device to Dropbox folders, but unfortunately was limited to one-shot sync in the opposite direction. All similar utilities were limited by the same pitfall.

Today, things are different. Enter Dropsync, a client that finally brings a decent solution to this problem. (more…)

Google does a lot of great things. But they aren’t good at paying attention to detail, at least when it comes to Android. That’s totally opposite to what Apple does, focusing and polishing the little things. Android Market and iOS App Store are great examples of this conundrum. Google’s shortcomings with the Android Market and the exponential increase in Android adoption has attracted some key players to launch their own app stores. Now, it’s the turn of the crowd favorite GetJar.

GetJar is the world’s largest free app store with over two billion downloads to date. The company distributes more than 150,000 mobile applications across a variety of operating systems including Blackberry, Java, Symbian, Mobile Web and now, Android. Interested to know how great the new app store actually is?

There are some interesting statistics in the world. The average Facebook user has 130 friends; the best selling movie of all time (adjusted for inflation) is Gone with the Wind; most Android users will pay between $3 and $5 for a game.

There are also numbers that change a lot more often, such as the statistic that a baby is born in the USA every eight seconds (Google’s results bring up different answers. This seems to be the most common). As we often use our devices to find information, one that can give us real time stats makes sense and can be a nice tool during conversations. That’s where World Counter comes in. (more…)

QuickDesk is an app that seems so simple in concept, but turns out to be extremely powerful once you begin using it. Once you give it a go, you’ll wonder why it’s not a built-in feature of the Android OS. By providing one-click access to a customizable dashboard, QuickDesk adds a whole different level of efficiency to navigating your device. To put it another way: it allows you to access an app from within an app.

QuickDesk was developed by Faruq Rasid, the man behind Helix Launcher and Calendr+. Given his creations, it seems that Faruq is definitely into being productive and efficient. QuickDesk fits the bill perfectly, allowing you to eliminate unnecessary swiping, tapping, and waiting when trying to get things done on your Android device. (more…)

Elixir 2 is a massively powerful ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of an application that can tell you a great deal about your Android. It gives you quick access to just about every setting, detail and function your device has, in addition to providing you with a set of fully configurable and customisable widgets. If you want to take control of your device like never before, read on for my comprehensive review… (more…)

How often have come you across a situation where a scale or compass was a necessity? Not often, I know. But at times, there might be an odd job and you might have to measure the length of something or check if the angle of a furniture is right. A scale and a protractor are not the tools one would carry in his pocket these days.

But almost all of us carry a mobile phone. Given the ninja chipsets and all capable hot inventions under the hood, it should not sound far-fetched if someone says your mobile can double up as a portable toolbox. Smart Tools is a mobile toolkit that strives to lend a helping hand when you really need one.

The difference between smartphones and computers is continuously diminishing – what with dual core processors, ever more powerful cameras and the host of chips you can get in a phone these days! As our phones become more powerful, the necessity to keep a tab on the internals gets more important. How much of your CPU is being used or how much RAM the running apps are hogging defines how fast or slow your phone will work. If you have an older device, keeping an eye on the available space becomes important before installing new apps. And of course, there are a whole bunch of settings you can change or toggle to ensure your phone experience is customized to your likes and requirements.

Mini Info is designed to make all this information simple to access, either via a single screen “dashboard” in the app or through widgets you can place on your home screen. It has a lot of competition — does it do the job well?


One unique advantage of Android is the openness of the platform. While there is the regulated Android Market for downloading quality apps, this isn’t the only source (unlike the App Store on the iOS ecosystem). Though, true, the Android Market is also regulated and curated by Google and there is very little risk of users being ripped off by spurious apps.

We can download apps from third party sources or homebrew apps by way of sideloading. Sideloading lets you copy apps to the memory card and install them directly, bypassing the Android Market. Easy Installer is an app that helps you install apps from the SD card without any hassles. Follow me after the fold to take a look at the functionalities of the app. (more…)

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