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When we did our first roundup of wallpapers for Android just over a year ago, the response was pretty overwhelming. It wasn’t very surprising given how much emphasis most of us put on choosing the right wallpaper for our screens – mobile, desktop or anything in between. Since it is the most visible part of your Android home screen and is most probably what you see first every time you look at the phone or tablet, to expect to see something beautiful there is quite natural.

Here we are then, a year later and with a fresh batch of 60 more wallpaper images for your phone (or tablet or even your desktop for that matter). A lot of the images we have linked below are available in a variety of resolutions and will therefore suit your needs just fine. Given the crazy variety of screen sizes and resolutions on Android today, you will most probably need to crop the image to fit your screen. Shouldn’t be a problem though, since the OS should take care of letting you do that at the right time.


Ringtones have different purposes for different people. For some, they are simply a way of discerning their ringer from everyone else’s; for others, they’re used to be able to listen to their favourite song whenever someone contacts them; and for a few, they’re picked for their comedic value.

For years the word “ringtone” was associated with a small handful of jingles – particularly Nokia’s (in)famous one – but in the smartphone age notification tones can range from T-Pain’s newest song to Yoda informing you of a new email. Whatever you look for in a ringtone, you’re bound to find one you’ll love with this selection of ringtone apps.


If you’ve read other articles here at Android.AppStorm, you’ll notice that we absolutely love the way we can customize our phones’ user interface. The overall look, however, can be attributed to a certain theme for a specified launcher, depending on which one you have installed.

The themes I personally prefer are those that have fewer graphics and more texture; I find that these make it easier for you to view your app icons, and make your home screens look cleaner and clutter-free.

Here are 40 highly recommended themes for launchers like GoLauncher EX, Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher. All these themes are free on the Market.


Who says Android has to be dull and ugly? This is a misconception that has been perpetuated since the days of the T-Mobile G1 and the first version of Android. The UI might have been basic and quite square back then, but fortunately this isn’t the case now. Thanks to the openness of the ecosystem, a slew of launchers and themes, and various mods, it is now possible to customize every single nook and cranny inside your phone.

As a matter of fact, this world of customization is the main reason I love Android and never get bored of it, even after a year of tinkering. Below, you will find an assortment of tools to help you get started, improve and even master the art of modding your Android interface.

BAZINGA! The Sheldon Cooper homescreen, one of my own setups

BAZINGA! The Sheldon Cooper homescreen, one of my own setups


CyanogenMod 7 is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for Android phones today. Apart from its great community and fast new feature deployment it also is extremely customisable. With the themes below you can completely change your phone’s look, very easily!

Some of the themes can simply be installed from the Market whereas some others can only be downloaded from XDA. But fret not; getting the themes from XDA onto your phone is as simple as copying them onto your phone and using your File Manager of choice to install it. Than, as with the Market themes, just pick it from Theme Chooser. (more…)

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