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Whether it’s at the actual bus stop, or somewhere completely different, you’ve probably experienced a time when there’s a need for casual entertainment to while away the minutes. Boredom is a horrible plague that normally seems uncureable. But, with the dawning of smartphone apps, an entire gaming and entertainment system is built right into a device you take around with you every day.

The Android Market hosts a selection of application categories that can aid your boredom-fighting times, including games, entertainment applications and media. In this review, we’ll be covering some of our favourite apps from these categories in order to banish boredom forever! (more…)

Live wallpapers are one of Android’s most unique and wonderful features. Available for anyone on Android 2.1 or above, they are one of the best ways to customise your Android experience. Today we will be going through some of the best live wallpapers for your Android device, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Where possible I have linked to the free/lite version; as always, if you love it, we encourage you to support the developers and buy the full version.

Be cautious, many of these live wallpapers can drain your battery.

For each wallpaper that had one, I’ve included the developer’s official video below the screenshots.

TV is one of the best forms of entertainment in the USA and around the world. Talk to just about anyone, and they can give you their weekly TV schedule (mine includes 30 Rock, Community, Modern Family, Mr. Sunshine, and a few guilty pleasures). If you watch a lot of TV shows, they can become tough to manage — when is the next new episode on, did the show’s airing time/date change, is there a special viewing on, etc. Luckily, there are several Android apps that can handle these questions and much more.


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