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When I think of Android devices, I typically think of tablets and slate phones, with the occasional sliding or fold-out keyboard. But because of Android’s flexible, open-source nature, it’s not been restricted to rectangles with big screens; the OS has been crammed on to all sorts of hardware.

Sometimes this can be a bad thing, as when hasty manufacturers stuck a phone version of Android onto cheap tablets without polishing it up. But other times, this can be really cool, and genuinely innovative.

In this article, I’d like to celebrate the range of hardware features that Android has let manufacturers experiment with – even if they weren’t all successful!


Tablets are becoming increasingly popular, but with Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab starting at around $400, what are the options for those who aren’t looking to spend a small fortune but still want a full-featured tablet? This is where Archos comes in.

Archos is notorious for making tablets that are surprisingly affordable. On top of that, the folks at Archos always make sure that media is the top focus of their tablet line. Due to this, you will usually find much more hard drive space on an Archos tablet than on a competitor’s model. This is because in addition to traditional flash drive models, Archos also has a full line of tablets that include full-size HDDs.

Let’s take a closer look at these tablets…